Summary:Bruised, tired and mentally exhausted from their previous hunt, the boys decide to take a break before they look for the next one. Unfortunately for them, their next hunt finds them first. Contains mature material.

AN:Well I said I'd be back. I was so thrilled with the response from my first fiction, it left me reeling to write more…Thank you so much for those who read it. Now this is just one of the many ideas in this crazy head of mine, it's a 'Vamp fic' with a twist. Without giving too much away, there will be Sam and Dean Angst, but mostly Sammy and more protective Dean. Basically Sam's on the menu. They like to play with their food first…. It's a bit of a slow start but will pick up quickly.

My wonderful beta Michelle has stuck with it, so a big thanks to her for all her work!

Disclaimer: sigh No, I don't own them, I don't own much, in fact there have been questions surrounding the ownership of my mind. However, saying that, any characters you don't recognize have been derived from my head.


On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha,

you can listen to your car's engine moanin' out its single song.

You can think about the woman or the girl

you knew the night before,

but your thoughts will soon be wandering,

the way they always do

when you're ridin' sixteen hours

and there's nothin' much to do

and you don't feel much like ridin',

you just wish the trip was through.

"Turn the Page" by Bob Seger.

The rumble of the Impala's engine filled the inside of car, its deep vibrations blending with the low muffled sound of Metallica protruding through car stereo. After the second time through, Dean had turned the music to a low hum playing in the background. His head was throbbing. He scrunched his eyes tightly shut, before opening them wide. He turned the warm temperature over to the other end so that the blowers shot out a cool breeze.

In a matter of seconds, the car was filled with cold air that upon making contact with his bare skin caused his hairs to stand and goose bumps formed on his arms. Still, the uncomfortable temperature was needed. After four hours of continuous driving, coupled with injuries and the day that they'd had, his adrenaline levels had almost completely left his system exhausted and fatigued.

"Shit." He muttered, forcing his heavy eyes open a little wider.

They needed to stop. Find somewhere to recuperate and repair and mend their bodies, not to mention their minds. The last hunt had not gone according to plan. The demon they had expelled from a young boy had not gone down without a fight.

Dean turned to his sleeping brother and shook his head. Sam had taken the brunt of it. Dean gazed at Sam once more. Sam's head was against the window, a patch of condensation creeping across the glass was the only sign that he was still breathing. His hair was caked with blood where his head had made contact with a wall. Dean was sure it had caused a bad concussion as he had battled for most of the trip to keep his little brother awake. In the last hour he had allowed Sam to close his eyes for ten minute intervals before waking him and forcing the younger man to recite his age, name and gender. The latter Dean had added for his own amusement.
He watched Sam concentrate for an answer before realising the question. On receiving the correct answers, including the slurred curse, he had let his exhausted little brother sleep, it was clear that staying awake was not only difficult but also painful.

Yawning loudly, Dean's eyes widened at the site of the sign that whizzed past his view.

"Motel, one mile." Dean replied to himself.

The older hunter straightened in his seat and sighed in relief. He concentrated on getting Sam, himself and car there in one piece.


They arrived at ten minutes to midnight. The motel manager was an old, moody and very inquisitive man. He looked Dean up and down, questioning him about the bruises on his face and why he had blood on his shirt. The young, experienced hunter had answers ready on the tip of his tongue. The questioning hadn't stopped there, he asked about their destination, their purpose for being in town, their occupation, it went on and on. Dean's patience and tolerance for the man had grown dangerously thin and if it wasn't for the state that he and his brother were in, he would have told the old man where to shove his questions and snide remarks before abruptly turning and walking out.

However, the position of he and his brother took priority and that meant they had to stop for the night before he caused an accident somewhere on the highway between the motel and the next town.

Looking back at his car, Dean did the only thing he could and fed the man a string of lies that satisfied him enough to finally hand over the room keys for the night.

'What a dick! Tomorrow we find another motel.' He thought as he walked over to the car, he roughly got in slammed the door, cursing as he saw his brother flinch.

"Sorry Sammy." After the very short trip around to the side of the motel, Dean removed the key from the ignition and exhaled loudly.

He patted Sam on the shoulder before getting out of the car. Dean tapped the passenger window lightly while he walked around to the back to collect their belongings.

Dean sighed as he returned to find a still sleeping brother huddled against the door. With everything they needed, now in their room, all that was left was his little brother, who seemed unwilling to co-operate.

"Okay Sammy, you may be my little brother, but you sure ain't little anymore and I'm not carrying you!" Dean watched from the open driver side as Sam curled in on himself in response.

He placed his hand on Sam's shoulder and shook him lightly as he spoke, "Come on Sammy, there's a nice warm bed waiting for you!" He smiled when he saw Sam's eyes flicker.

"I'll even get you a nice warm coco, maybe read you a story and tuck you in if you're good boy." Dean grinned.

"Jerk!" Sam mumbled while attempting to open his door.


Sam sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed his eyes shut. Even whilst sitting, he could feel the room moving beneath his feet. He had eventually made it from the car to their room in one piece thanks to the assistance of his brother, who was now rummaging through the first aid kit. He swallowed the bile rising in his throat, sucking in a deep breath, he held it and hoped the nausea would pass. After two seconds he exhaled and found no comfort in doing so as the nausea still boiled in his stomach.

Now panting, he opened his eyes to focus on locating the bathroom. The light dazed his vision and he tried to follow the sound of his brother's voice. Dean! He had to warn Dean. Another minute passed and he knew his time was running out. He had to find a bathroom before he decorated the carpet with the contents of his stomach.

"You okay?" Dean stood in front of Sam, looking down with a concerned expression.

Sam looked up and regretted the movement, groaning in response, he clapped his hand over his mouth.

---- 30 minutes later---

The room was drenched in an uncomfortable silence.

"You owe me big time Sam! That was just… disgusting!" Dean made a face while pulling on a clean shirt.

After he had taken care of Sam, he'd jumped in the shower to clean up a little. Sam lay still, in bed, on his back, with his arm draped over his face.

"Urg …I said I'm sorry, Dean." Turning to lie on his side, Sam faced the young man that stood at the other end of the room. Dean walked over to Sam's bed and using his foot, he slid a bin closer to him.

"If you throw up in your bed, you're on your own, got it?" Dean spoke with his face still scrunched in disgust.

"Gee Thanks!" The younger man groaned and shoved his face deeper into the pillow.

"You're welcome, now get some rest, it's late. I'll take a better look at your head in the morning." Dean slid into the cool crisp sheets of his own bed and paused before turning out the light. He looked over to Sam and shook his head.


"Ow! Dammit Sam!" Dean spat and gritted his teeth against the pain.

"Stop being a baby and try and stay still, Dean!" Sam responded, his face deep in concentration over the task at hand.

"God dammit! Watch it Sam!" Dean whined.

"I have to make sure it's tight, Dean." Sam shot his older brother a frustrated look.

"Whatever. Just hurry the hell up will ya!" Dean begged.

Sam stopped and shot another look towards the older man.

"Do you want me to do this properly or not, Dean?"

Dean opened and closed his mouth without saying anything else. He was in too much pain to get into a fight, again.

Both brothers had woken up in pain and that put them both in foul moods. Sam had woken and attempted to clean up after himself. However, he hadn't gotten very far and was found with his face pasted to the bathroom floor by his big brother.

Dean woke up sluggish, having not had a lot of sleep, thanks to their neighbours and the cardboard walls. This place was a real dump. Every inch of his body ached, only adding to his irritation.

On discovering the empty pain medication, the two men's frustrations had turned to anger.

Dean hadn't forgotten to remind his younger brother of his 'throwing up all over him' incident, to which the younger man apologised until he'd had enough. It was then that Sam's comment about Dean's lack of responsibility in replenishing their kit flared them into a full blown argument.

It lasted until they had drained their already weakened bodies. They had laid on their beds for half an hour until a silent truce was announced and they began to patch each other up the best they could.

"Food or Meds first?" Dean questioned, trying to ease the tension.

"Ah, food, not that I'm hungry, but you can't take the pain meds on an empty stomach." Sam finished and stood up slowly grasping the bed for support.

"Right, err …Thanks for…" Dean gestured to his bound chest a little uncomfortable with the situation. Sam nodded and responded with his own unspoken appreciation, followed by an extended period of awkward silence.

"Let's just go!" Dean replied finally and pushed himself up.


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