Summary: Bruised, tired and mentally exhausted from their previous hunt, the boys decide to take a break before they look for the next one. Unfortunately for them, their next hunt finds them first. Contains mature material.

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Hold my hand
I need you now
Slow me down
I don't know how

Are you living the feeling
The heights are they worth seeking
Nothing like believing
Are your drugs healing

Are you really living
Or do you seek loving
Are you happy being
Or do you search for meaning

Are you ever asking
Questions they need answering
You're not really hearing
You really need releasing

A million pieces broken
A million secrets unspoken

Unkle – Hold my hand


"Now this is the last time I'm gonna say this to you, pull yourself together and get climbing… oh and when we get out of here, you are going to bring me to this brother of yours." Dean shot daggers towards Tristan.

"No." Tristan's eyes began to water as he quivered.

"What!?!" Dean drew closer with his fists clenched.

Dean was face to face in a stand off with the man before him. Sounds of Sam's moans, and the dripping of water filled the room, it was coupled with the odd shriek from the rats that crawled from the small pipe. The stand off only lasted a minute before they both heard it.

Both men turned their heads in shock as they watched someone emerge from the other adjacent sewer tunnel. The man lifted himself out in one smooth movement and smirked at the shocked men before him.

Tristan's jaw clenched and he was shocked further into silence than either Dean or Sam.

"Lucas." Tristan whispered quietly.

Chapter 20

Lucas snarled at the older hunter. He lowered his head, but broke no eye contact as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. A black rectangular lighter was held in his other hand, he calmly shook out a stick and rested it on his lip. Lucas huffed on noticing the tension in the hunter's clenched fists.

"Now, now Deany." He mumbled around the cigarette that he lit and took a long drag on, "Play nice." The tall man walked closer to the hunter and blew out smoke in front of his face.

Dean stood firm ignoring the intoxicating flume that tickled his sore throat, instead he smiled at the man, nodding his head while he bit hard on his lip. "I'm gonna take great pleasure in killing you." Lucas returned and he took a step closer.

Both men were now toe to toe, their bodies stiff, teeth grit down hard and nostrils flared in rage. Tristan slid away from the tension that permeated the air, he stopped when he came into contact with the wall behind him. Dean's head hung low, but his eyes had a clear vision of the man in front of him. His chest slowly rose and fell as he breathed deeply, his expression was intense and filled with ire. He was under the influence of pure anger; he could feel it in his blood, his temperature rose with every minute that went by and it was close to boiling point. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep hold of himself any longer.

Lucas turned away and sniggered, he rested his gaze on Sam, who had edged further into the far corner of the small, damp room. Lucas lowered his head and smiled at the younger hunter.

Lucas? On hearing the unspoken call, he sharply turned his attention towards Tristan, who appeared still, very stunned at the situation.

"Come here!" He ordered sharply. Tristan's body twitched at the aggressive command made towards him, he felt on edge and not quite with it, none the less he walked towards the tall older man who now held out a hand in front of him.

Tristan hesitated as he drew closer, he looked at the hand while he slowly walked into Lucas's embrace.

"What's wrong brother, why so tense? I've told you before, you need to relax." Lucas looked into Tristan's watery eyes, he took out the cigarette and pressed his lips roughly onto his forehead before harshly pushing the young dazed man away from him. Tristan stumbled back and tripped as his feet struggled to steady in the shallow water.

Dean saw a gap and made a dive towards Sam. He was promptly stopped by a strong hand that clasped around his neck. The hunter kicked out in defence, crippling the tall man enough to edge closer and place himself in front of his brother.

Lucas gripped onto Dean's neck once more and pressed the lit cigarette butt into the scar tissue of Dean's burned arm, the older hunter cried out in agony, Lucas pressed harder until the hunter's skin sizzled, sending loud volumes of pain through Dean's body.

"What d'you think you're gonna do huh? Try anything like that again and I'll continue the 'activities' on your Sammy there." Lucas turned to face Sam who held a pained, but stern face of hatred. Lucas sniggered and faced the hunter in his grip, "Now, have I made myself clear?"

Dean exhaled and hugged his burned arm into his bare stomach, the cold flesh offered some comfort to the burning pain. He began to straighten his body, uncurling as the throbbing eased slightly. He panted and looked up to where Lucas stood, he knew that he made a risky move but it was worth it, he was standing in the position he had wanted, in front of his injured brother, protecting him and shielding him from the danger before them.


Sam felt as though his heart was in his throat. Horrified, he watched the events that played out before him, it infuriated him that Lucas was hurting his brother in front of him and there was nothing he could do about it. Even as he called out for Lucas to stop, he realised that even that was something he wasn't able to do.

Sam pulled his legs closer to his body. He let his face fall into the gap between his knees, breathing was now too much of a painful task, he just needed this all to be over. The younger Winchester closed his eyes, but could still hear movement and the presence of his brother who was situated in front of him. That alone gave him some sense of hope that Dean was protecting him.

Oh Sammy?

Sam squirmed but kept his eyes closed, he knew there was no point in opening them, the voice he heard was in his head. He choked on a sob.

Come on Sam, I think we're well acquainted by now

"Hey Sammy, what's wrong?" Dean turned on hearing Sam groan behind him.

Sam could feel Lucas invading his head, his thoughts, it was a violation he knew too well and he didn't know how to stop it. Dean's hand offered little to focus on to try to ignore the taunting of Lucas's voice in is head.

It wasn't long before Dean worked out what was going on. He sharply turned to Lucas and stood tall in front of him, his teeth grit down hard and fists clenched.

"Leave my brother alone!" The oldest hunter spat out with vehemence. His voice was deep and laboured, but rang clearly through the small room.


Lucas sneered at him and took a step forward.

"Get out of the way!"

Dean huffed, and stood his ground. "Never! You have to get through me first!"

"You're willing to die for him?" Lucas stared at the hunter before him analysing his intentions and response. Nodding his head he continued.

"Ah you're breaking my heart, God you're stupider than I thought. I'm going to break you in half, like a twig and drain you dry, I fancy a good feed!" Lucas stated, he licked his lips while he stretched and cracked his fingers in front of the hunter.

Dean calmly nodded his head. "…hmm…right."

Without warning, Dean planted his knuckles into Lucas's Jaw and another into his chest. The man staggered back but stayed up right, as he regained his balance Lucas shot daggers at Dean and growled in anger, his sharp fangs now fully exposed.

Dean watched as the vampire's eyes filled with anger, followed closely by complete shock, then by fear that blended seamlessly to shame. It soon become clear what had caused the mixture of expression on Lucas's face, Dean watched the bloody and protruding piece of wood appear from the Vampire's chest. The sharp object slid out through the broken flesh and through the torn fabric of the creature before him.

Lucas released a gasped cry before he fell to ground, leaving Tristan, standing with bloody hands and tears in his eyes.

All three men soaked in the eerie silence of the room.


Tristan was first to move, he dropped to his knees and placed a trembling hand on the dead man on the ground. "Lucas?" His breathing became frantic as he shook the body slightly.

"Lucas!?!" Tristan let the tears flow freely.

Dean watched Tristan breaking before him, he carefully edged closer, confirming with his eyes that Lucas had stabbed him through the heart with a hand made wooden stake that had indeed 'killed' the vampire.

The hunter relaxed his stance as he heard Tristan cry out his dead brother's name repeatedly, the scene made him more than uncomfortable, and he truly felt bad for Tristan. Tristan looked up towards the older hunter pleadingly with tears spilling from his eyes. Dean softened his face as he stared down at the broken man before him, he had no words for Tristan, and for a second saw a vulnerable boy sobbing over his brother. The older Winchester quivered before snapping from his musings, it was clear that Tristan was hurting, but more importantly, so was Sam and Sam always comes first. The smoke in the room clouded his vision and told him they needed to move and fast, he left Tristan to have a few more minutes as he tended to his own broken brother.


Sam lifted his head from his arms to see Dean's hand held out in front of him. "Let's get outta here dude."

Sam's pain seemed to return from wherever it had gone with vengeance. He gripped with all he had onto Dean's hand and attempted to lift his body up. Failing miserably, he gasped in pain.

"Easy." Dean used his body to lift his brother the rest of the way, doing so gently upon seeing how weak his brother had become.

Sam let himself be lifted by Dean and was grateful that he was there to pick him up. Dean was always there to pick him up, he thought about this as he contemplated on where he'd be without Dean. The younger hunter watched Tristan curl in on himself, the young man's body trembling. Sam swallowed hard, the hairs on back of his neck stood on edge, he rode out a shudder that trickled over his body. Tristan must have been communicating with him again because for a moment he not only saw, but felt his pain, the hunter's eyes stung with unshed tears. His heart felt heavy, he drew in a strangled breath of air before speaking, "Dean" Sam motioned his head at Tristan who was still on the floor, engulfed in emotion.

"Yeah." Dean walked over to Tristan and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Tristan, man, I'm … sorry."

He stepped back a little, "Can't imagine how you feel right now, but you did the right th... shit….look… we gotta get outta here." Dean waited for a few seconds, "I'll give you a minute to get yourself together."


It had only been five minutes but the room was saturated with thick smoke. Both Winchester men were ready to begin the climb out of smoke filled sewer.

"Tristan?" Dean called out to where Tristan stood.

Tristan nodded and walked over to the hunters and looked Dean in the eye, waiting for directions and instructions of what do next.

"We need to get out of here." Dean watched the man nod again, the desperate and trusting gaze made the older Winchester slightly uneasy, but he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the man. Awakened from his thoughts, Dean squinted towards Tristan before giving Sam another once over.

"Ready?" The older hunter questioned.

Tristan cleared his throat, "Yeah."

"Listen … Err you go up first Dean, I promise I'll watch out for Sam." Tristan looked sincerely at the older Winchester, "I'll make sure he doesn't fall."

Dean questionably eyed the man before him, even after everything that had happened and the sacrifice Tristan had made for their safety, he still found it hard to trust anyone with Sam's life.

"Kay." Dean nodded, "Stay close and watch him."

Dean walked over to the ladder, he pulled and tested his weight on the first couple of steps leading the way up. He bounced on the handles making sure they could handle the weight of all three men.

Satisfied, he climbed back down, splashing into the water below and walked towards his younger brother who tiredly leaned his body against the damp, moss ridden wall, his arm laid over his mouth from the growing toxic fumes.

"Okay Sammy, last hurdle, I hope. You gotta give this all you've got, I know you can do this, just keep looking up, you don't look down." With outstretched arms Dean hugged Sam's shoulders and gave him a firm, but gentle shake.

Sam moaned his understanding. He didn't think he had anything left in him and if he could have had the energy to speak, he would have expressed this to his brother. But he didn't, and the thought of getting out of the sewer and ending the whole ordeal offered some miraculous spurt of will to continue. He looked into Dean's eyes, seeing the genuine faith his brother had in him and suddenly it was enough. The younger Winchester nodded and moved towards the ladder, sloshing his aching body through the shallow water, to where he needed to be, ready to climb.

"Let's do this." Dean stated as he begin to ascent followed closely by Sam and then Tristan, all three men moving slow, up towards the light.


Sam felt sweat drip down the side of his face, trailing down his neck and resting on the collar of Dean's shirt. His muscles shook with the effort of holding on, he could feel his fingers slide on the creeping vegetation that had grown around the handles, Dean had done his best to rub the metal free of the slippery substance but it was intertwined around the handles, adding more difficultly in keeping gripped. Sam's main fear was that he would fall and not only leave Dean, but also take the man below with him.

"Nearly there Sam." Sam looked up and saw that the light was not only brighter, but shone its welcomed rays that warmed his skin.

"This is it." Dean lowered his gaze and gripped harder onto the handle. The enclosed wall around him seemed to pull away from him and he shook away the overwhelming vertigo that plagued him.

"S'okay Sammy, this lid's heavier than I thought, but I got it..." Dean's voice grew further away as he climbed out and disappeared into the light.

Sam closed his eyes and took a long deep breath, he looked down, shit! He knew he shouldn't have looked down. His body swayed, he felt his grip loosen involuntarily and all he could do was groan a cry for help.

Before he could figure out what had happened, he felt strong arms hook under his arm pits and pull hard, up towards the warm light. Sam squirmed as the pulling and scraping shot pain through his body, he tried to call out to Dean, but his mouth refused to work properly. The world around him still swirled before his eyes so he kept them closed.

"I gotcha Sammy."

Tristan climbed out a few seconds later, panting and gasping for air. He lowered his body to the ground to catch his breath.

Sam knew he was laying on concrete, facing the sky, the sun washing over him, he breathed in the welcomed clean, fresh air that filled his aching lungs.

"Do you think you can walk?" Dean spoke softly. He hovered over his brother's face, Sam could feel it by the shade that covered him. The younger Winchester made another unsuccessful attempt to voice his answer.

Dean chuckled lightly, "Okay dude, I'll take that as a no. Just don't move." When Sam made another attempt to answer and failed yet again, Dean patted his brother's shoulder in understanding.

"Right, you won't be running off any time soon. Back soon." Dean stated.

The older hunter stood over Tristan who immediately felt the shadow of Dean's body over him, "You good?" He asked.

"Yeah." Tristan breathed out, he covered his eyes and coughed into his arm. "I'm good." Nodding, Dean returned to Sam's side.

Sam flinched as he felt the tension of Dean's hand in his jeans pocket, he then relaxed almost immediately when he heard his brother's voice and remembered what he had told him.

"Easy, It's just me dude… I can see the car, I'm gonna get the keys from your, I mean, my pocket and make a run to bring her here, I'll be less than a few minutes okay?" Dean stated as he jingled the keys and dashed off towards the Impala parked about two hundred yards away.

Sam began to calm, the fresh air appeared to soothe him just a little. He felt immense relief that they were finally out, all of them, including Tristan.

"I'm sorry Sam, for all of it, you and your brother take care okay?" Sam processed the words and slipped his eyes open. He squeezed his eyes shut immediately and shielded them with his less injured arm, slitting them open once again, Sam saw that Tristan was nowhere in sight, the younger Winchester scanned the surroundings, he could not only see, but also hear the Impala coming towards him. It screeched to a stop and heard the unmistakable sound of the door open and close. Dean was at his side in less than a minute.

"Where's Tristan?"

Sam tried to sit up, to tell Dean that Tristan had gone, but it seemed that there was no need to as Dean made that conclusion for himself, plus the fact that his weakened body protested from the strain and he fell back down. Where had Tristan gone?

"Lets get you outta here Sammy." Dean pulled his brother up and brought Sam's arm over his shoulder, he took most of the weight as they crossed the small gap to the warm, roaring Impala.


Sam could feel the rumble of the Impala's engine vibrate within him and although he welcomed the familiar surroundings, the motion and movements made his stomach churn and head spin.

Sam swallowed for the fifth time in the same second, he couldn't fight the urge any longer nor could he manage to voice the dilemma, so he did all he could at that moment and groaned.


The younger Winchester swallowed quickly again, he kept his eyes closed but moved his hand over his lower stomach.

"Hang on Sam, I'm pulling over…"

Sam opened his eyes for a spilt second to see the world tilt before him, he promptly closed them again and waited for the car to come a stop. The younger Winchester couldn't remember how he got there but before he knew it, he was on his knees on the ground being held up from the puddle pooling in front of him. His throat burned again as his stomach violently expelled its meagre contents.

"I gotcha Sammy."

Sam struggled to breathe and he convulsed once again, the pain riddled its way through him, each wave sending his body screaming in agony that was just too much for the younger Winchester to handle, so he let his eyes close and melted into the strong, supporting arms.


Dean stood over the bed watching his brother's chest rise and fall.

The last couple of days had been hell, so much for 'taking a break', he thought to himself. After bringing in the supplies the older Winchester contemplated the best way to clean and tend to his brother's wounds.

Sam's body was covered in cuts and injuries all over and it would be too much of a task to clean them on the bed. He glanced over to the bathroom then quickly back at his unconscious brother.

Darting his eyes back and forth between the two, he made his decision, "Yep, bath time it is Sammy." He stated to himself as he slowly made his way to prepare the bathroom.


Dean returned and looked down at his brother, he exhaled loudly and rubbed his hand over his eyes. The throbbing in his head was increasing and the trip from the car to the room had been not only tricky but also taxing on his own injuries.

"Okay." Dean panted.

He unbuckled the belt and began removing the jeans from Sam's body; he did the same with the shirt and left only the boxers intact.

"You're way too old and freakishly tall for this dude! Probably a good thing you're unconscious, cause this is just too weird man, and talk about awkward…" Dean continued to mumble to himself as he lifted Sam's limp body into a fireman's carry over his stronger shoulder. A few choice curses followed as he stumbled his way into the bathroom where he placed Sam on the closed toilet seat.

Sam was difficult to handle when physically injured but handling Sam when unconscious was not only strenuous, but also practically impossible. "God Damn it… Sam…Ugh." Dean struggled to lean Sam's body against the wall. He lifted him, sliding his arms under Sam's, he moved him over to the edge of the bathtub. Dean hugged Sam's bobbing frame close to his own body so he could strategically lift one leg at a time into the shallow and treated water.

"Kay." Dean blew out a breath before lifting Sam's whole body and sliding him the rest of the way into the warm water.

Dean used one arm to hold Sam's torso up as he folded Sam's long legs, with the other, to fit more comfortably in the bath. It made him smile slightly at the sight, Sam had long ago outgrown the length of the conventional bath tub and it was clear why the youngest Winchester naturally preferred showers.

By now Dean's head was spinning. His own injuries needed tending to, but he was too exhausted to even consider that when he hadn't even began looking at Sam.

As the older Winchester looked Sam's body over, he realised again just how badly they had tortured his brother. There wasn't one part of Sam's body that didn't have a scrape, cut, bruise, burn or puncture wound on it. The older hunter knew he would need to clean these injuries well, the last thing Sam needed was for any of them to get infected. Dean had already poured some antiseptic into the shallow, warm water, he used a small towel that he soaked in antiseptic fluid, with a little soap, that he applied directly onto the wounds.

After the long and tedious task of cleaning the wounds, the older Winchester groaned and scrunched his face with exhaustion. He rested his head on his arm that was leaned on the rim of the bath tub, the other hand held Sam's back against the tub. He lifted his head on hearing Sam moan his way into consciousness.

"Yeah, great timing Sammy." Dean teased, he panted and rested his head back down onto his arm. The nausea hit him hard and fast as the older Winchester struggled to crawl to the toilet before gagging and vomiting into the porcelain. "Fuck!" He let his head rest on his arm again, he just didn't have the energy to move.

"Dean?...Dean you okay?" Sam's hoarse and weak voice echoed against the tiled walls of the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'll be fine Sammy, Just give me a minute here." The young man spat.


A minute turned into ten, then to twenty and it wasn't until a whole hour had passed that Dean managed to ward off the nausea enough to move. He turned around to see that Sam had passed out again and was still sitting in the tub of water that was most definitely cold by now.

The older Winchester groaned loudly as he used the wall to steady himself to stand. When he was sure he wouldn't return to the ground he crossed the short distance to Sam. As Dean cursed himself for leaving his brother in this way for so long, he realised it was going to be another feat to get him out and on to the bed.

"Sammy?" Dean roused Sam by gently shaking him.

"Hey Sam, I'm sorry for leaving you hanging dude… not feeling too great myself." Dean sighed when his brother simply moaned and squirmed under the touch.

"Come on. Let's get you dry." Dean didn't wait for a response as he began gripping his brother under his shoulders. He took a deep breath and heaved his brother up to sit on the edge of the tub.

Thankfully for Dean Sam started to show some signs of consciousness and physical cooperation, with help from Dean Sam got up and managed to lift his legs out while still sitting on the rim of the bathtub.

"You gonna be able to walk to the bed dude?" Dean asked flatly, exhausted and drained. He watched Sam's forlorn eyes and spoke again before he could answer.

"With my help of course." Dean added lightly.

"Come on Dude, we've spent way too much time together in this bathroom."Dean smirked. With that he wrapped Sam's arm around his neck and lifted him up. Sam wavered, but found his footing, the two slowly and unsteadily made their way back to the bedroom.


Dean did the best he could to finish tending to Sam's wounds before he too gave in and decided to get some rest. He made sure his brother was as comfortable as possible and set the alarm on his phone to wake him up in an hour. He had asked Sam to wake him if he was up, but they were now both not in good shape and thought it would be better not to leave anything to chance.


Sam opened his eyes to the pale avocado coloured ceiling of their current room. He blinked a few times to clear the blurred vision before turning his head to the bed next to him. Dean was facing him asleep on his side, his face was blanched and pallid, he looked exhausted even in sleep.

Sam hauled himself up grimacing with the effort, he ached, but it was now more of a dull ache, it was probably the drugs Sam concluded. He didn't remember taking them, but knew and could feel the padding down effect it had on the physical pain he felt before. He eyed himself up and down as smelt the antiseptic on his body, he could tell he had required some damage repair. Smiling, he realised his brother's good work and was grateful to have Dean caring for him. It was then that he remembered Dean throwing up, his memory was still a blur, but it was slowly coming back in patches. He remembered his brother had mumbled something about concussion earlier and judging by Dean's appearance he was still suffering from the effects.

The youngest Winchester swung his legs over and sat still for a few minutes, he took a couple of deep long breaths before standing and walking over to Dean's bed. Sam placed a hand on his forehead and sighed at the warm touch.

"Dean? Hey man wake up." Sam gently gripped his brother's shoulder and gave a firm shake. He waited until he received a mumbled response from his brother that sounded like 'I'm tired.' Either way Sam ignored it, if Dean was concussed then he needed to wake him as a precaution.

"Yeah, I know Dean but you have to wake up, okay?" Sam gave his brother another gentle and firm shake that Dean moaned in response to, satisfied that Dean was conscious enough, Sam gave him a few minutes to shake the sleep.

Sam rubbed a sore spot on his arm, hell his whole body was sore, yes they both came out wounded, but he was just glad that they got out of the situation alive. Even if he did feel his physical wounds would heal far quicker than his mental ones. That was still something he felt he was not ready to deal with just yet. Sam felt himself gag at the thought of what had happened, he hoped that Dean would understand and not push the issue until he was ready. He pushed the tormenting thoughts down and did a quick scan of the room. He stopped towards the door and squinted to get better view of the white piece of paper lying on the floor.

Sam inhaled deeply and slowly moved towards the letter on the floor, it appeared to have been pushed through from the outside. Sam slowly unfolded to paper and began reading the scribbled and fairly childlike writing:

I have been knocking on your door for ages, you're lucky I didn't just let myself in, but I know you are in there as your car is parked outside.

Some person came asking for you, same guy as last time, and paid your room for two nights. One night has gone and you owed a night before that so now you need to pay up or LEAVE!

If I do not get payment by 12 noon today, you better have left or I will call the police to have you vacated!

The letter was signed and dated. Sam glanced at clock hanging on the wall and noted that they didn't have much time left. He digested the letter and began trying to formulate a plan of action. He and Dean were still not in good shape but he knew they were low if not almost out of cash and card. Not to mention that they needed to get away from the dump that was the current town they were in. With his mind made up, he slowly grimaced his way back to the bed where his brother lay still on his side.


"I'm up Sammy, I'm up, just gimme a minute." The older Winchester rolled over to his back and placed his arm over his eyes.

"How you feeling bro?" Sam asked as he eased his way to sit opposite his brother's bed.

"I should be asking you that." He paused, moaned and sat up, "I'm fine."

Sam smiled while handing him the letter, "We need to go." He inhaled and held his breath for a few minutes, he could feel the effects of the drugs wearing off.

Dean read the letter and crunched it in his hand, he shook his head, looked at his watch and stared at Sam. "It was Tristan, wasn't it." It was more of a statement than a question, that Sam nodded to slowly.

"How you doing?" Dean questioned as he stood and placed a hand on Sam's shoulder waiting for an answer.

"I'm…alright, but I think I need more pain medicine" Sam answered with a grimace.

"There's a few left in the first aid kit, lets pack up and get out of this shit hole, I would love nothing better right now than to see the back of this town." Dean walked off into the bathroom and back out with a small packet and a glass of water.

The Winchester 's gathered their belongings and left the room to pack the car. They didn't bother to check out; Sam sat in the car and waited for Dean to do a last, quick check. The older Winchester slammed the door of their room and plonked himself into the driver seat. "You ready?" He asked as he nudged Sam from his daze.

Sam startled, not realising Dean had come into the car. He looked at his brother for a long moment, it was a look filled with sadness, pain and defeat but most importantly, hope. And that was enough for Dean, enough for now, he keyed the ignition, the Impala roared to life, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. The dust cleared to reveal a man standing there, Tristan watched them leave and lowered his head before walking away with a small smile.



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