I seem to write a lot of short stories lately. No worries though I do have an idea for a song fic soon so just hang on tight.

Tohru's POV


"Kyo? KYO! Kyo don't leave me!" She screamed as she ran searching.

"I'm sorry." Came Kyo's small voice.

"Kyo! Don't leave me!" She screamed in panic.

:End of Dream:

All of the sudden I sat bolt right, in a cold sweat with tears streaming down my face, breathing hard. 'Just a dream, just a dream." I said over and over in my head. I then lay back down on my pillow and closed my eyes.



:End of Dream:

My eyes snapped open. It was obvious that I was not going to get any sleep. I breathed to relax myself. When I looked out my window I noticed that it was still dark.

Just then I heard a thump from outside. I looked out the window again and noticed that there was a man standing outside on my balcony. I started to scream.

He darted inside and covered my mouth, his orange hair matted to his head with sweat, or water, I could tell and hie eyes scared.

I sighed and managed to clam myself down. He slowly pulled his hand away. "Sorry about that. I'll go now." He said as he got up.

"Wait!" I called grabbing his hand and getting up to stand in front of him. "Kyo, why were you watching me?"

He froze, dropped my hand and ran out my window and jumped onto the roof.

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