Fragile Blossoms of Spring

March 24 - Cages

Neji had always described himself as a caged bird. And, in a way, he was. He was bound by the cursed seal on his forehead to always do the Hyuugas' bidding, and bound by his own inner torment to never change his destiny. But he trained, and developed his talents, and in a matter of time he was a genius – number one rookie of Konoha, assigned to all the dangerous missions, leader of his genin team.

Hinata, although she didn't describe herself in that way, was also a caged bird. She was trapped by her family's expectations for her, the legacy she had to live up to. She trained, and tried her best, but she was not skilled to the point of being a genius. In her cousin Neji's words, she was a failure. Hinata could be considered even more of a caged bird than her cousin – she, unlike him, had no room to even stretch her wings.

A/N: Dedicated to xMendoukusai for giving me this wonderful idea. hehe