This just came to me like…last night so I don't have all the details worked out exactly but I hope you all enjoy it. It's going to take place over a course of 6 months (the story that is) and hopefully it won't keep me from updating The Deadliest Secret. This is a father son(s) type of story just so you know.

Dedication: To my own Dad who first discovered my love of writing when I accidentally left a notebook behind at his house. He read it (much to my embarrassment), thought I had talent, and encouraged me to keep up this hobby I had kept in the dark for so long. This is to you Dad; I wish you were here more often.

Daddy Dearest

Chapter 1

Devastating News

"Zack, can you please get the phone?"

"Busy," his lump of a brother grunted.

Cody scoffed. "Busy? Doing what? Turning into a couch potato? Oh, yeah that's real productive. Look will you please just do me this one favor and answer the phone? It's breaking my concentration. I need to finish this book before-,''

"You're breaking my concentration," Zack cut in, turning up the volume on his MP3 player, drowning out the persistent phone and Cody's voice.

"Oh, you are such an ass," Cody growled angrily, even though his brother was deaf to the stream of insults pouring out of his mouth.

Furious, he jerked away form the kitchen table and resisting the strong temptation to give Zack a firm smack upside the head, answered the phone.

Smirking, Zack flipped onto his stomach to watch his twin yank the cordless off the base. Cody narrowed his eyes in disgust at his brother and gave the receiver a stiff "Hello?" while turning his back on the lazy boy, he was reluctant to call brother.

Zack popped one of his ear phones out, curious to see who was calling at this time. While, Nickelback, Leader of Men, blared in one ear the other was in tuned to the conversation Cody was suddenly immersed in.

"Who is it?" he shouted, not caring if the caller could here him on the other end.

Cody frantically flapped his arms at him, motioning him to shut up. His face had suddenly gone pale and his eyes were wide and stunned. He gripped the cordless so tightly it was a sheer miracle the thing didn't crack in protest. His eyes flicked to his brother who had lost interest and was nonchalantly plugging the other ear phone back in. He didn't know of the horror Cody was having to listen to as the sympathetic officer gently told him his mother was dead.

"Hit and run," the officer explained, unaware that the fifteen year old boy, son of the dead woman, was no longer listening.

The phone slid through his numb fingers and fell, caught in slow motion, as it slowly tumbled the short distance to the floor.

"Zack," he whispered, his previous fury with his twin vanquished, replaced with a deep abiding grief and agony as he looked at the brother who didn't know. Didn't know he was suddenly motherless.

"Zack," he sobbed, stumbling blindly over to the couch where his twin laid. He collapsed in a heap beside the sofa and trembling, touched Zack's shoulder.

"What?" he snapped irritably, jerking both ear phones out this time and turning to stare at his twin.

"What?" he repeated, this time more gently when he saw the tears streaming down Cody's cheeks and the sobs racking his body.

"Zack, Mom-Mom…Sh-shes-s-s dead!"

To be continued…

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