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Chapter 4

Silence Speaks the Loudest

-Flashback. Nine hours previously-

"LET GO OF ME!" Fifteen teen year old Zack screamed, vainly trying to weaken the officer's hold around his chest. He kicked and fought and screamed until his throat burned and his eyes watered but it was to no prevail. Officer Dickens refused to release him. Refused to let him go on another rampage. Refused to let him hurt himself again.

Cody watched, horrified as the young officer wrestled a struggling Zack to the ground, pining him to the tiled floor with his knees and called frantically to another fellow officer to get a light sedative.

"Get OFF of me!" Zack snarled violently, his face red with compressed rage. His blond hair was nothing but a yellow tangle upon his forehead, half hiding the smoldering furry burning in his hazel eyes.

The phone dangled, forgotten from Cody's hand. His fathers words had set the worst of his worries at ease and had provided, surprisingly, comfort. They had the exact opposite effect on his brother however (who had been listening to the conversation, undetected, by feigning sleep). Springing up from his seat at the front desk by his brother, he went absolutely berserk, startling Cody and several deputy's nearby. Zack had kicked over the receptionist's chair and yanked the phone from the wall, muttering incoherent words that Cody had been unable to translate save for a few words. He had no idea what set Zack off but he had seen medical shows of patients going insane with grief and he feared that was what was happening to his twin. Zack was unreachable. No words of comfort could sway him from his fit of violence.

"Calm down son, everything's going to be alright," the officer tried to assure the writhing boy beneath his knees but Zack was beyond assuring.

"No its not! Were orphans! Your gonna throw us out in the streets first chance you get," tears of frustration were falling once again.

"Calm down son, your not orphans. You've still got a father,"

And then if you can believe it, Zack laughed. Maniacal laughter exploded from the crazed boy making speech difficult. The helpless officer looked utterly confused and somewhat timid as the teenager shook with mirth and uncontrollable fits of giggles. His shoulders slumped in relief when the officer he had called to returned with a syringe of sedatives.

The laughter slowly died from Zack's face as the drugs took effect. Officer Dickens released the boy and moved away as Cody dropped, shaking and nervous, to his knees beside his twin.

-End of Flashback-

"He'll be here. He'll be here. He'll be here," Cody muttered continuously under his breath, tapping a nervous beat against his knee caps. He craned his neck to peer out the department window, searching for his father's car. Beside him, Zack gave a lifeless sigh and hugged his knees tighter to his chest, his bloodshot eyes staring emptily into space. He shivered looking sick, lost and defeated all at once.

"He'll be here," Cody repeated firmly, sensing Zack's lack of faith.

Zack said nothing, merely glanced pointedly at the clock. 2:42. Their father was already two-about to make it three-hours late.

Cody slumped back against the bench, annoyed. Zack's irritating silence was really getting to him. He almost half wished he could have the Zack that complained without shame and voiced his strongly opinionated mind. This silent, disgruntled Zack was highly discouraging and poor company at that.

Unable to take Zack's long suffering silence, Cody jumped up, intending to get a pop or something from the dispenser across the hall.

"You want one?" he offered shaking a five dollar bill in his twin's face.

Zack shrugged carelessly, silently. Cody sighed, defeated and walked away. He was unsure whether Zack really wanted anything or not. A simple shrug could mean anything for Christ's sake! Shaking his head in slight frustration he inserted the five into the machine, opting to get Zack something anyway.

Selecting a Pepsi for himself and a small bag of Barbecue Lays for Zack (he couldn't stomach anything solid himself and he figured Zack could do with some food in him) he returned to the hard wooden bench and collapsed in it, tossing Zack the chips as he did so.

The bottle hissed as he unscrewed the cap and took a testing sip (cringing as the stinging taste hit his taste buds full blast). Plastic crinkled as Zack palmed the bag of Lays turning it so he could examine the colorful label. Tugging on the corners, he ripped open the top and almost immediately the sweet scent of barbeque hit his nose head on. In response his stomach growled hungrily, begging for the chips Zack didn't want. It had been…had it really been twelve hours since he had last eaten? That was half a day!

While Cody resumed his post as look out Zack slowly yet eagerly began to consume the chips his body craved. He closed his eyes in silent pleasure enjoying the Barbeque Lays even though it felt so wrong…

"He's here!"

Cody leapt to his feet, discarding the half full Pepsi bottle and ran at the door.

"Dad!" he cried all dignity forgotten as he ran into his father's open arms like he used to when he was little.

"Hey bud,"

Zack watched their reunion but made no move to climb to his feet and greet his father. His appetite suddenly lost, he set the chips aside and folded his arms delicately almost defiantly across his chest.

"What took you so long?" Cody asked, frowning slightly as Kurt released him from the massive bear hug he had given his son.

"…Traffic," Kurt lied.

"Really? This early?" said Cody skeptically.

"Well you know people got to work Codester," Kurt answered ruffling his son's hair.

Cody didn't look convinced but he let it slide. No sense picking at something that didn't matter anymore.

"Where's Zack?"

"Over there," Cody motioned to where his brother remained upon the bench, unmoving and glaring at the pair of them.

"Zackster!" Kurt held his arms open expectantly waiting for Zack to come running at him like his twin did. Zack didn't budge only deepened his glare. Sheepishly, Kurt let his arms fall back to his sides and passed a hand through his combed hair.

"He's mad isn't he?"

Cody only shrugged.

To be continued…

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