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Synopsis: Kyana is just getting over Jake, when something big happens. She is forced to trust him, but she still doesn't want to. Why is it that every time life is almost normal, something drastic happens? Why does it seem that someone is always out to get her?

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence, some kissing

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla, John/Elizabeth, Kyana/Jake

Spoilers: Any episodes with Genii (particularly Kolya) in them.

Title: Love's Enduring Struggle

Series/Sequel: Takes place five days after "The Day of Love" written by fyd818. Sixth in the Aeternus Amo AU series.

Author: Dia.Dahling

Part 1/?

Author's notes: fyd818 and I decided to switch off on stories. I wrote this story with fyd818 as my beta. So, this is the next story in the series started by fyd818. I hope you like it!

Love's Enduring Struggle



Chapter 1

"Are you sure that I have to go?" Kyana Dex wasn't happy about going to yet another ceremony, banquet, party, or whatever they call it. She wasn't sure what this one was about, all that she knew was that meant yet another day of sitting up straight and looking pretty.

She always had pressure to act her best, but she knew that it came with being the daughter of Teyla Emmagan. Another thing that came with being her daughter was hearing her speeches. She knew what was coming.

"I know how you feel about this, but this is the lunar festival. Everyone must be there."

That's right. That's it. The lunar festival. The one where it not only takes all day, but all night! Kyana was less than pleased at that thought.

"I know that you are not happy about his, but at least you get to wear the new outfit Kayla gave you for your birthday. . ." Right now, Teyla was grasping at straws. She was willing to do anything at this point just to rush the stubborn girl along. "Look, Kyana. This bracelet that Jake gave you matches the outfit perfectly." She held the piece of jewelry against Kyana's dress to demonstrate.

Kyana's stomach flopped unhappily. Why did she have to mention his name? Right now, I am so mad at him that I could. . . Well, I don't know, but I am mad! And, in truth, she had every right to be. He hadn't talked to her for five days, which was unusual compared to their typical daily meetings.

The last time that she saw him was on Valentine's Day when he gave her that dumb bracelet; that beautiful, thoughtful, flawless bracelet.

Teyla knew her daughter well enough to know that this was the final, cruel jab that would finally make her give in, or so she thought. Kyana hadn't even heard his name until just now; that only made her want to delay the coming torture even more. There is no way that he could have an excuse for something like this! She fumed inwardly."There is no way that I am wearing that . . . thing!" She protested aloud, her tone barely within the limits of acceptable.

She didn't even try to hide her hostility; she merely sauntered over to her mother, examining the shimmer of the bracelet up against the dress. Well, it does look awfully good with the dress. It's like he knew. As if he picked it out especially for the outfit. . . "Well, I guess that it wouldn't hurt to wear it. It's not like he will be there to see me wearing it."

"I think that would be very mature of you." Teyla could think of many better things to say, but she knew that they just meant more precious time to be wasted. There was not that much time until the Jumper left the city, and they needed to be on it. In fact, at this point, she was willing to take Kyana in her pajamas, but she knew that it was unacceptable. So, with quite a bit of rushing, they made it to the Jumper bay, where they met up with Kyana's father, Ronon Dex, and her ten-year-old brother, Jadin.

They arrived early, in fact, and the festivities were grand. Kyana never saw it coming, but she was almost enjoying herself. She was laughing and having a fun time, because everything about it; the conversations, the dancing, the food, it all made her warm inside and out. It helped her realize how neat her mother's culture really was.

Kyana was sitting sipping on a cup of warm Athosian tea and taking a break from the festivities when Ariana walked up. She and Ariana always had a strange relationship; they had a lot of respect for each other. They were friends from the time that they met, even though all they did was talk. Kyana always loved talking with the Athosian girl and knew this is what she would be doing with the rest of her eve.

"So how have you been doing here on the mainland?" Kyana questioned, setting her tea aside for more interesting things.

This was how most of their conversations started, just general small talk. "It is going quite well, each day brings more peace. Things are progressing nicely. How is your life? You sure look good." Ariana always seemed to pay attention to Kyana, almost as if she wanted to be like her.

"I am doing . . . fine." She didn't want to seem too happy; after all, she was just dumped by the guy that she liked and he didn't even have the guts to tell her why.

"Just fine, you look perfect. Everything about you is perfect from your hair, to your dress, to your jewelry," Ariana bubbled, eyes sparkling.

The second that her friend said that, Kyana hid her bracelet as if ashamed of it. She didn't want it to be the main topic of conversation.

"What's wrong? Are you ok?" Ariana's smile disappeared in favor of a concerned expression.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't want to talk about it." She averted her green eyes and frowned.

"What happened?" Ariana always closely watched over Kyana, and was somewhat interested in gossip.

Kyana knew that there was no getting past it. Just as she started to explain, she heard a voice; a comforting, yet frustrating voice. Unable to resist, she stopped to listen in.

". . . .this is really important. I need to know."

She jerked her head around, confusion and fury warring in her heart. "Jake?" Surely this is not happening! "What . . .?"

He spun around to face her at the sound of her incredulous exclamation. "Kya!" He knew that it was dangerous to interrupt her, and even more dangerous to use her nickname, but there were more important things to be done.

Where does he get off? All this time; all of these emotions and he cuts me off? Wait . . . he sounded caring and sweet. What is going on? OK, I have thought this one out a thousand times with a lot of different scenarios, and none of them ended like this! Then again, this might be a good thing. . ."Where—?" She paused and drew in a deep breath to keep from irrationally yelling at him. "Where were you?" She figured that, just in case, it was best to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He didn't say anything, he just looked at her with that look that he got when he just wanted to reach out and hug her.

She cleared her throat, somewhat uncomfortably. "Why?" The word just seemed to fall out of her mouth, and then she wished that she could swallow it back. What? Where did that come from? I sounded like I am sad or worried. Am I? What could he possibly say to make this better?

"Kyana, we are in trouble." Oh how much he wanted to say so many other things! He wanted to hug her and tell her everything, but he knew that there was a lot more to be done.

"Huh?" She expected something more eloquent to come out, but the response was still valid. Out of all of the answers that she expected from him, 'we are in trouble' was not one of them.

"Come with me, and lay low." He grabbed her hand and led her away from her people and friend.


"Well, are we ready?" Elizabeth asked as she put away the outfit she had decided not to wear to the Athosians' lunar festival.

It seemed like she had spent all day in her office with her paperwork, computer, and everything else. The one bright spot was the fact that John had come in to keep her company towards the end of the day. Now, after finally having a chance to leave her office and get dressed, she was finally ready to head out.

"Yeah, let's go." John was actually excited about the festival, and his boyish enthusiasm was making her look forward to the festival even more.

Then she realized how quiet their quarters were. "Where are the kids?" She said with an almost panicked look on her face, feeling bad for having completely forgotten their twin children in all the rush and excitement.

"Relax, Elizabeth. They're with Rodney. We'll meet up with them at the Jumper Bay in ah . . . ooh 5 minutes. We gotta leave!" It didn't take them long to gather the rest of their items and depart from their quarters, heading to the Jumper bay.

"So how long is this one going to last?" Rodney McKay had never like these festivals; but for some reason, he hadn't missed one yet.

"I think that it will be all night, Rodney, why do you ask?" Elizabeth really didn't care; she just wanted to keep the peace. She already had to deal with two children, she didn't need another.

McKay didn't answer. Obviously he had intended it to be a snotty and rhetorical question, and didn't have a response.

"Does that mean that we get to stay up?" Alex Sheppard, John and Elizabeth's little girl, piped in. Judging by the look on her and her brother's faces, the twins liked the sound of this arrangement!

"No, that means that there weren't any available sitters. We'll see how the staying-up thing works out." John took charge of the situation and gave the best answer that he could think of as he guided the Jumper across the expanse of ocean between Atlantis and the mainland.

"Yay! Mom and Dad said that we could stay up tonight!" Skye and Alex grinned at each other and slapped a high-five from their seats in the rear bay of Jumper 1.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to comment just as John eased the Jumper down next to the others on the mainland. She decided that it wasn't that important. I'll discuss this with them later.


"So, are you enjoying your time with your people?" Ronon, always endeavoring to be sweet to Teyla, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple.

"Yes, I love these times. There is so much joy around; I have missed this." She leaned her head against Ronon's shoulder, her smile melting away. "I fear for Kyana, though. Something is not right with her. I fear that Jake's absence has hurt her." She couldn't help the note of maternal concern that crept into her voice.

"I'm sure that she has realized that either there is a sensible explanation, or he isn't worth the worry. She is strong; really strong." Ronon always thought of his daughter more as a warrior then a vulnerable woman, and also had grown accustomed to her varying moods.

"It is not that simple." Teyla understood her daughter's moods better than her husband, and thus had sympathy. However, she chose not to press the matter, knowing that it was really Kyana's issue and talking about it would be an invasion of her privacy.

That conversation was ended and Ronon strongly felt the need to start a new one. "So, when are Dr. Weir and Sheppard supposed to get here?"

"They radioed about 10 minutes ago saying that they had left. They should be here any minute. I feel honored that they care enough to attend every event." Teyla smiled as Jinto went swirling past, dancing with Kyana's best friend, Kayla Mitchell.

"Something is wrong." Ronon's rumbling voice took on a deeper note as he stiffened next to her, gaze focused on the woods on the other side of the settlement.

"What do you see?" Teyla knew her husband better than to second guess him, and was also aware of the fact that if he said something was wrong, then they needed to take measures of caution. She stood on her tiptoes and strained her neck, but couldn't see anything past the sea of people between her and the woods.

Ronon looked grim. "Over there, in the woods. We have a guest, and not a welcome one."

To Be Continued. . .