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I. "First Time"

"I'll take my leave now," Ulquiorra droned, hand poised on the doorknob.

"Wait," she called meekly, reaching a hand out and wrapping her fingers around his wrist. "I have a favor to ask you."

"I do not do favors," he told her shortly, shaking her hand off him. Despite his words, he turned and looked at her expectantly.

"It's late," she told him, glancing uncomfortably out the window. A pink flush crept onto her cheeks and she couldn't meet his eyes. Instead she opted to gaze intently at her feet, watching her toes furl nervously. "Could you stay?"

"Why would I do that?" he asked flatly. "I've more important matters to see to than your entertainment."

He reached again for the door handle, but she quickly moved in front of him and barred the exit with her body. Her arms spread on either side of her, back pressed against the doorframe, she looked at him with a mix of impatience, insistence and desperation. "Please stay."

"Why?" he asked, feeling only the slightest tinge of interest in her motives. He could toss her to the side as if she were a feather, but instead he put his hands in his pockets and awaited a response.

"I want you," she began, her voice tremulous with the weight of her words, "I-I want you to sleep with me."

Ulquiorra blinked, taken a little off guard – not something he was accustomed to. "Pardon?"

She looked up at him pleadingly. "I-I've never done it before, and I don't really want to but… I'm afraid that if I wait, someone else will take it…"

He loathed the way she spoke of her virginity, like some precious treasure, but kept listening.

"That one Arrancar," she continued, and he was almost impressed at her will to keep eye contact, "Noitora, I think his name is. He… he gives me these looks. And yesterday, while I was taking a walk, he stopped me in the hall and… he touched me. He didn't hurt me, I guess, but he ran his hands all over and I…" She stopped and took a deep breath, eyes filled with resolve. "I got away, but if I'm not so lucky next time… I don't want him to have it."

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Ulquiorra asked, "And you want me to, is that it?"

She nodded, clearly trying to keep her shame at bay. "I trust you."

That knocked Ulquiorra into completely astonishment, but he kept his face placid. He took a moment to "consider it", really just spending the time watching her face gradually cross the spectrum of determination to desperation. "All right," he said finally, not for her sake but out of complete disgust of knowing what Noitora would do.

Orihime smiled, though it was fabricated and more fake than even she realized. Ulquiorra reached for the door again, but this time his fingers traveled above the knob to the lock. The click of the door barring itself resounded in the white room, its resonation signifying the depth of Orihime's decision.

Without any further exchange of words, Ulquiorra took her by the wrist, switched off the light, and led her to the bed. Orihime sat down, sweat forming on her brow, hands and underneath her arms, but she ignored her fears. Then, the room bathed in the light of the half-moon, the white walls complimenting Ulquiorra's bare, ivory skin, Orihime lost her virginity, but kept her innocence.