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It didn't take long for the authorities to arrive once we'd gotten out.

When they got there though all of Drake's people were dead. There was just a series of corpse shaped piles of ash and singe marks. What Daystar didn't finish, the sun did. No messy clean up for anyone that way. Gotta love the suck heads for that.

And Blade? Well, Cumberland and Hale finally got their body – but it wasn't the one they were banking on.

The virus didn't kill Blade. Because he was a hybrid, his heart never stopped beating. The authorities very well could have killed him though. Just like they did Whistler, and just like they tried to do to me. So, in the end, realizing that own his people were doomed, Drake decided to give Blade a gift. By taking Blade's shape, he bought me enough time to let Blade feed from me, he bought us enough time to escape. Drake gave Blade a second chance at life.

I haven't seen him since, though I've searched.

He disappeared completely, but that's what heroes do: they simply fade out. And, in this way, they become legends. Blade is still out there, doing what he does best. He was born a weapon, and his life was a war. That's all he's ever known.

But, everybody knows that the war never ends.

Between birth and death there is only one thing: desire. Desire for life. Desire for love. Desire for everything good, the quintessential happy ending. And this is the source of all suffering.

All I desire is to know that Blade, wherever he is, is finally at peace with himself. Maybe, that way, he can finally achieve the one thing he's failed to accomplish his whole life: forgiveness.

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