Disclaimer as always, I do not own x-men, or anything else tied to them. Marvel does, nor do I own any of the songs.

The story is set after the whole ascension episode, and the x-men and the brotherhood all live together. At least in this story.

"Oh my God!"

All the heads at the table turned to an over hyperactive Kitty who had a flyer in her hands while jumping up and down.

"Like guess what I just got." She asked.

"A clue?"

"A brain?"

Laughter erupted around the table while Kitty just stood looking pissed.

"Fine, I wont tell you, you'll like just miss out on the most incredible news ever." She said sitting between Rogue and Wanda.

"Alright Kitty, we'll bite. What is it?" asked Scott across from her. She thrust the paper to his face. "Battle of the bands at club House of M (1)! Isn't that like awesome or what?"

"What's the House of M anyway?" asked Jean her arm wrapped around Scotts waist.


"Kit, not so loud." Warned Rogue.

Pietro zipped to Kitty and read behind her shoulder. "Cool-winner-gets-$25,000-dollars-and-gets-to-be-the-opening-band-for-The-Dazzlers(2)" he said super fast. "Pi, you don't sing, or play an instrument." His sister Wanda teased. "Yeah-but-I-got-some-cool-dance-moves-though."

"Great mon ami, dat will help if you were auditioning for a dance contest." Said Remy as he walked in the kitchen, following him were Pyro and Piotr.

"In which case mate, you still would lose!" said John, Pietro turned beat red as the others were laughing at him, he zipped to John, "Yeah? Like you have any talent."

"Actually mate, Oy do."

"Really? What can do you do?" asked Amara.

"I can play the guitar and piano."

"Wow, who would have guessed it."

"Yeah, but your not gonna win though dumbass, its called battle of the bands." Wanda jeered.

"Actually Oy already have a band, love." He said smiling at her.

"Oh really who?" she sneered at him for calling her love.

"These two." He said pointing at Remy and Piotr.

"What!?" everyone chorused.

"I don't think they count air instruments as playing." Said Scott, Remy just grinned "If they did homme we all know that you'll win along wid dat pretty voice of yours"

Scott, jumped up to face Remy, "You want a -" He was pulled by Jean "Oh Scott cant you hold your temper with him for at least for five minutes." She told him. "He started it!" he whined to her. She just rolled her eyes, "Come on," she tugged Scott's hand out the kitchen "Bye everyone." She told everyone with Scott making a face at Remy.

"Yo, Red eye. You never told us what you do." Said told Toad hoping in front of Remy.

Remy grinned again. "Play the guitar too, and sing."

All the girls, sans Rogue and Wanda, swooned over the fact that Remy can sing.

"Really? Are you good?" asked Jubilee.

"Good enough that the Rogue actually wanted to hear me again." He said walking over to her, while at the same times everyone turned their attention to her.

"Ah did not!" she yelled.

"Nous conaissons la verite" (We know the truth.) He told her rubbing her shoulders and winking his eye, she just shrugged off.


"What about you Piotr? What can you do?" asked Fred.

"Body guard?" Lance said, everyone snickered.

Piotr shyly looked down and mubbled something incoherent.

"Didn't really catch that yo." Said Toad leaning on Piotr.

"I said I play the drums."

"Really!?" "Cool!" "Never would have guessed."

"Vats awesome! So… are you all gonna go?"

"Hell yeah mate, and we're gonna win." Said Pyro smugly.

"What makes you think that you're gonna win?" Wanda asked him.

"Well fille, like your fere always says we got 'mad skills'."

"Red eye, your gonna have to beat us though." Said Tabs

"Who is 'us'? asked Piotr

"The girls," said Sam "Wanda, Kitty, and Tabs have a band of their own."

He looked at the three guys. "Yall didn't know that?"

The three ex-alcolyts laughed, "Ya really dink we be afraid of an all fille band? Homme get real."

"What you like think we cant like beat you three?'

"Like yeah." Said Pyro mocking Kitty, he slung his arm around Remy "You shielas are going to go down." He and Remy smiled again smugly

"Ooohh, anyone wanna call bets?" asked Bobby.

"Hell yah!" the new mutants said.

"I do not think this is ri-" Piotr was cut off by Tabitha.

"I'll take the bet ice prick, bet: if we win you all have to be our servants for a whole 2 months."

"And if we win?" asked Pyro

"You like wont." Huffed out Kitty.

Remy's eyes shined. "If we win den yall will be at our beckoning call-"

"That's it? Gambit boy you're getting soft mate." Said Pyro

"Yah didn't let moi finish: if we win yall will be at our beckoning call dressed in your bikinis."

Pyro smiled devilishly, "Good one mate."

"I really do not think this is a-"

"Your on." Said Tabitha shaking Remy's hand.

"Well… mates might as well be practicing our thank you speeches." Pyro said walking out the kitchen, Remy following in tow blowing a fuck you kiss to the girls.

"Good luck ladies." Said Piotr following the boys.

Wanda waited till the boys were out of hearing range.
"What the hell Tabs? Bikinis?" she yelled pounding her fist on the table, besides her Kitty was fuming.

"What? Oh come on girlies, you know we're gonna win." Tabs replied.

"We better, there is no way in hell I am going to wear a bikini in front of Pyro and Gambit!"

'Why are yall making such a big deal of this?" asked Rogue "It's nothing to fuss ovah."

"Rogue you wouldn't like understand this is like a big deal. We get to be the opening band for the Dazzlers. Like the coolest all mutant band in the like whole world"

"Big Whoop." Rogue said flatly, she got up and walked out. "Ah'm gonna go for a walk."

"Need company mein shweister" asked Kurt.

"Nein." She replied.

"Spoil sport." Said Tabs "Come on girls were going to have to practice."

"Like Oh no."

"What?" asked Wanda.

"It says for us to enter we need four people to be in the band." Kitty's eyes widened.

"There is like only three of us."

"And no one here can sing or play. We're toast." Said Wanda sinking down into her chair

"Hey we can sing!" said Jubilee, next to her agreeing was Rahne and Amara.

Sam and Spyke along with the rest of the boys in the kitchen laughed "Yeah right, no offense ladies we heard you sing, you guys sound like cats in water." Said Evan.

"Gee," Rahne said "how can we not take something like that offensively?" she asked sarcastically. "Anyway," said Sam "you girls might just want to grab one of them and make them play the tambourine or something."

"Really? That does even like count?"

"Sure it does."

"How would you know?" asked Wanda suspiciously.

"You're lookin at the guest DJs at House of M." said Evan grinning with his arm slung over Sam.

"How'd you two pull that off? Tabs asked them in awe.

"Video contest, best DJ gets the spot."

"We tied."

"Uh-huh." Wanda turned her attention to Tabitha and Kitty "We got to practice." The three started to walk when they got stopped by Rahne, Jubilee, and Amara.

"Uhh… we'll think about." Said Tabs. They left.

Alana (X-23) waited till the girls sat down again. "That means no."

"Shut up."

Rogue made it past the doors with out the Cajun on her tail, he didn't mess with her except for that little comment in the kitchen.

But so far so good.


Spoke too soon.

"What Gambit?" she turned to face him and his annoying smirk.

"Wanna come listen to us?" he asked

He asked kindly at least, maybe she could go.

"Yah would make a cute little groupie member." He said his eyes gleaming.

"Forget it." She said disgusted

He pulled her hand towards him and snaked his arm around her.

"Please?" he asked in low husky voice.

"Let go of me creep." She punched him in his gut.

He let go of her as he held his side, still smirking. "Thought the chere would like hear moi belle voice. You said your self you liked it."

"Ah said it was okay, nevah said Ah liked it."

"Come on Rogue."

She just walked away and slammed the door behind her.


Wanda, Tabs, and Kitty were out walking after hearing the guys play.

"They're good." Kitty was still in awe "Really good." She started to panick.

"You guys I really like don't want to wear a bikini in front of them Lance will like kill me if I do."

"Don't worry Kit Kat, we wont lose." Tabs assured her.

"How can you like be so sure?"

Wanda saw Kitty, her eyes becoming watery, "Kitty? You seriously have to dump Lance. Look at what he's doing to you."

Kitty stood a little straighter, "He's not that bad."

Wanda and Tabitha looked at each other, thinking the same thing: denial.

Wanda decided to change the subject.

"We still have to find a fourth member though."

"Yeah, I like Amara, Jubs, and Rahne, but there is no way I having some one playing a tambourine in the same band I am in." stated Tabs

"You said it, think Alana has a hidden talent like we don't know about?"

"Doubt it." Said Wanda sourly.

They were all quiet for a few minutes until they heard something that sounded like a guitar.

"What the-?" they all looked at each other. The sound was distant, but they all wanted to find it. Who ever was playing could play.

"Hope they're a mutant" Tabitha prayed

"Like doubt it, but still come on." They separated to find the player of the guitar.

Tell me where our time went
And if it was time well spent
Just don't let me fall asleep
Feeling empty again

Kitty heard the voice of a girl, a girl who could really sing.

Cause I fear I might break
and I fear I can't take it
Tonight I'll lie awake feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

'Who ever this girl is,' thought Tabitha 'she sure knows how to rock that guitar.'
Now that I'm losing hope
And there's nothing else to show
For all of the days that we spent
Carried away from home

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

'Wow some guy really pissed her off' Wanda came closer to the voice.

Without you

The three girls found each other surrounded by crates; who ever was singing was sure about their privacy.

As they kept walking closer to the voice they saw some one.

Their mouths dropped open in awe as they saw the girl playing the guitar singing the last verses of the song.

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

Feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
You're better off without me

They waited until she was finished and clapped aloud.


"Girl you rocked that guitar.

"That was like so cool."

But all the girl could do was blush madly and glare the three girls as she asked them.

"How much of that did you all hear?"

"Like the whole thing, you were amazing!" Kitty grabbed a journal lying down besides a crate and looked through it. "These songs are awesome Rogue, I never knew you could sing."

"Yah better not tell anyone about this." She threaten.

"Oh come on! Rogue, you can sing and play the guitar, and you were great." Tabs exclaimed.

Rogue only looked down; she felt a hand on her shoulder "Rogue? Why didn't you tell us played?"

"Yall never cared to ask." She shrugged off Wanda's hand and walked away.

Tabs turned to the two "We have to get her to play with us."

So does it suck or not? yah, you can tell me. its my first fan fic. 1) House of M- it was a comic series in X-men 2)yeah, dazzler is a mutant, but she had a band with the same name in the x-men ultimate series.