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"..." talking

'...' thinking

"..." Kyuubi talking

'...' Kyuubi thinking

'Nooooo! Stupid season. What the hell am I suppose to do!' Naruto loudly ranted in his head.

"Shut up kit. I already told you to find a mate, but nooooo, you just had to be difficult and try to solve it on your own. I told you masturbating won't work. Just find someone to mate with." Kyuubi said.

'No way! Why the hell would I do that!' Naruto said...yelling?

'God, is this kid stupid or what?' Kyuubi thought. "We already went through this kit. It's mate season. You have to find someone to mate. That's the whole point!" Kyuubi growled. 'Is this kid getting more stupider each minute or what.'

'Oh yeahhhh. That's why.' Naruto said while Kyuubi sweatdropped. 'But, who do I mate, they'll all just run away if they found out, guy or girl.'

"Hm...good point. Why not that Uchiha kid. You seem to be getting along well with him." Kyuubi smirked at that.

'W-what? We do not! We're rivals! Best friends! And all that crap. If I make a move on him, we won't be friends anymore.' Naruto thought sadly.

"You know, you just admitted that you liked that brat." Kyuubi answered, happy that his vessel has finally thought of someone to mate with.

'Uh...no I didn't! You were just dreaming too much. You're getting too old for your own sake.' Naruto replied, with slight panic in his voice.

"Who are you calling old! And just go ask that brat. How do you know if he likes you or not." Kyuubi said, getting frustrated.

'I just know he's straight!' Naruto said.

"How?" Kyuubi asked.

'I just do.' Kyuubi sweatdropped at that.

"Listen kit, just go ask him, if he says no, at least hope he still wants to be your friend. If not, then... forget about him." Kyuubi said. 'And hopefully he'll answer yes.'

'Fine, just cut out the crap with the motherhen stuff. You're suppose to be a demon. Not a motherhen.' Kyuubi just ignored him and went back to sleep.


Naruto walked down the street to the Uchiha mansion to visit Sasuke, but little did he know, his hormones were growing. He knocked on the door a few times before it opened to reveal a buck naked Uchiha, with only a towel wrapped around his waist. If Naruto were a fangirl, he'd probably have passed out with a nosebleed, but because he IS Naruto, he just blushes a bit.

"O-oi teme. I came to a-ask you something." Naruto said, looking at Sasuke's bodyHis eyes going up and down the body in front of him.

"Hn. What?" Sasuke said.

"Aren't you going to let me in?" Naruto said.

"Why?" Sasuke answered back.

"Because I'm your guest, that's why." Naruto felt his left eye twitch.

"Who said you were." Sasuke said, his answer sounded more like a statement then a question.

Naruto, he just steps inside the house anyway, with or without Sasuke's permission. When he stepped inside. He accidently brushed Sasuke by the arm, and felt a little electricity go down his spine. He shivered a bit.

'Kyuubi, what was that?' He asked the Demon fox.

"That my boy, are your hormones. It seems you need to get mated. NOW." Kyuubi said.

'WHAT!!! I can't. Dammit! I can feel the heat rising. Damn I can't take it anymore.' Naruto said panicking. he looked around. The first thing he spotted was Sasuke. Half naked Sasuke with a towel, had just finished locking the door, and turned around when suddenly-

Warning! Lemon!

Naruto had grabbed Sasuke by the wrists and pulled it over his head.

"Naruto what the hell-" He was cut off by a mouth covering his own.

Sasuke felt a tongue inside his mouth. It was roaming around his teeth and his tongue, and god he thought it felt good. He moaned at the contact of Naruto's tongue. Naruto was in desperate need, but he wasn't going to hurt his little mate, no, he was going to tease him first, and make him beg. Yes, Naruto has a very sick little mind. Naruto felt Sasuke kissing back, and he was pleased to see that his mate didn't push him off, but actually allowed him to touch him. After 5 minutes, naruto pulled Sasuke into his room, even though his mansion is quite big, Naruto's been in there before, so he knows his way around, but he's never actually been in Sasuke's room before, and not once leaving his mouth, while heading towards the room.

When they got inside Sasuke's room, it was strange. Everything was quite as he expected, plain, but in front of the queen sized bed, was a mirror, that reached from the ground to the ceiling, and 8 feet wide. It was then Naruto got an evil idea. He threw Sasuke on the bed, literally. Before Sasuke even has time to react, Naruto was on top of him. The weird thing was, he pulled Sasuke into a sitting position, in front of the mirror, but not before pulling off Sasuke's towel. Sasuke was still a little drowsy from the throw, but it took him a few seconds to recollect himself, but suddenly, he felt something warm against his neck. He looked at the mirror, only to see Naruto's lips on his neck. Naruto started to nip, and suck down his neck, while he moved his right hand to Sasuke's right nipple, and gave it a little tweak. It earned him a very deep moan. Soon he started to tease that right nipple with his right hand, while his left hand moved down to Sasuke's lower part.

He started to touch the tip of Sasuke's length, it gave him a rise in his breathing, and a...purr? He started to stroke his mate's length faster and faster, while Sasuke's breath became shorter, and he was really close to cumming. Naruto moved his right hand to hold Sasuke's head up, so that he can look at the mirror. Sasuke was about to release when...

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