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Remus was still fuming by the time he slammed the bathroom door, possibly in Sirius' face. He wasn't going to check though; he never wanted to see him ever again.

In a sob, he slid down the door and covered his hands into his face, his face falling into his knees. His hands slipped out to hug his ankles protectively.

Which was followed by an immediate pounding.

The wood went thudthud against his back as he cried into his knees, his fingernails curving deeply into the skin on his ankle. He didn't stop the pressure, even when he felt a trickle of blood sliding down his foot, dripping onto his fingers as well. Every pound on the door made Remus want to sob harder.

The thudding stopped, and Remus stopped wailing almost immediately, but still kept his head in the darkness away from view. He felt the odd squelching sound of skin on wood and it moving downward. There was one more thud as Sirius hit the floor next to Remus, only the door separating them. Remus felt Sirius' hand softly lay on the door. He looked up, and stared at the door.

"Remus…?" Sirius asked gently, and the werewolf tried to stand up, with no avail. His legs were shaking so badly he thought he might collapse.

His back covering the door, he heard Sirius stand up on the other side. Remus hoped that he was leaving.

"Alohomora." He heard him say, and Remus buried his head again as the lock clicked. He pushed his back against the door.

"Remus, please let me in." Sirius requested quietly through the crack, as Remus stubbornly held the door back.

"Shove off, Sirius." He hissed, and gave the door one more heavy push. It closed and Remus jumped up, getting his wand out. The door opened again, but Remus pushed it back the other way, and with a satisfied smile he heard Sirius cry 'oww!' as the door hit him on the face. Those turn-all-around doors were an advantage.

Rushing past him, Remus slipped down the stairs and jumped out of the portrait hole.


The next morning Remus hadn't even wondered about the bruise on Sirius' face, until he appeared at breakfast with a purple lip and a bandage over his nose.

"Oh my god, Padfoot. What the hell happened to you??" James exclaimed at Sirius, wide-eyed.

"Broken nose." Sirius mumbled, waving his hand slightly.

"What the hell??!" James asked exasperatedly, scooting over to give him room at the bench.

"It's nothing, Prongs." Sirius brushed off, loading a pancake onto his plate and sticking his fork into it. His eye caught Remus' and Remus blushed.

Bloody hell, he had given him a bloody lip and a broken nose.

"Are you okay??" Peter asked.

"Yeah. Pomfrey mended my nose in a second, but I still have to wear this." He gestured to the bandage on his face.

Remus blushed even harder as he looked at his plate shamefacedly.

"I think I'll go and finish up my essay before Herbology today." He muttered, and still flushing crimson, he rushed out of the Great Hall.

Of course there was nothing to work on. He simply went back to the common room tiredly, pushing open the portrait hole and receiving a gasp the moment he did enter it.

Sirius' girlfriend, livid, stood up and stalked over from the couch. Remus stopped dead in his tracks. My god, she looked even shorter when she was mad.

"You bastard! She shrieked, and in one moment, she slapped his face.

Remus staggered backward and hit the wall, a searing pain of whiteness burning on his skin. "What the hell?" He said, but he wasn't the only one.

The moment something hit against his back and hip, Remus turned to see Sirius slipping through the crack of the portrait hole, looking rather irritably toward his girlfriend.

"What the hell?" He said in a louder voice than Remus, so he whipped around, only to bump straight into Sirius anyway.

Stumbling back again, Remus' eyes went from Sirius to his girlfriend.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sirius asked furiously to the younger female Gryffindor in front of him.

"How could he have changed your mind??" She asked desperately, a hint of tears on her voice. She held a hand up to her nose. "He?? He's not even attractive! I'm way better than him!" She screamed frustratingly, stomping her foot.

Remus felt a jerk on his elbow as Sirius yanked him out of the portrait hole, slamming the door shut in front of the girl's face. He freed him the moment they had left the common room.

"Bitch." He mumbled acidly, looking downward at the marble.

"Sirius, what happened with your girlfriend?" Remus asked rather furiously, his hand still on his cheek.

Sirius turned to face him, and softly lifted his hand off of his face. "Don't touch it. It'll burn later if you do." He advised carefully, and Remus nodded.

"Fine." He said, and fidgeted with his hands instead.

"She's not my girlfriend anymore." Sirius said quietly after a moment's pause as they walked.


"She's not my girlfriend."

Remus flipped his wrist over, and checked on the little hand that was at the top of his watch. It was definitely Friday. He was allowed to break up with her.

"Well then," Remus said, realizing why he had even ended his relationship. "Congratulations on your galleons, Sirius." And he dashed off, more toward the Ancient Runes corridor even though he was supposed to go to Potions.


"Sirius told me what happened." James whispered to Remus, kneeling down next to him.

"Did he also tell you what a bastard he is?" Remus hissed, flipping a page and not looking at James.


"Hmm," Remus said in an odd voice. "Must have left out a part, then…"

James pulled the book out of his hands and slid it behind his back.

"I don't know why he did it, but he didn't mean to."

"Cause he's an idiot, Prongs, now leave me alone." Remus dismissed firmly, and snatched the book up again.

"Come on, Remus," James begged, bouncing a little on his feet. "Okay, fine, I do know why he did it."

Remus didn't look up, but felt slightly curious at the remark. "Oh really."

"Yeah. I'm not supposed to tell you, but I guess I have to," James said bitterly, moving to his last resort. "Sirius likes you."

Remus felt something sizzle in his stomach, but it wasn't of jealousy.

"What?!" He screamed out rather surprisingly. Most of the evening chatter dispersed quickly as heads turned. Sirius' snapped quickly to them, as though worried that James had spilled something secret.

"Crap," James hissed, seeing that Sirius had suspected something. "Bloody hell, Moony, don't shout out next time, okay?"

Remus didn't say anything though. Putting the book off of his lap and onto the armrest, his eyes not leaving Sirius' face, he stood up and walked over to him.

Sirius was working on homework. That was odd.

Smiling, Remus placed two fingers on his jaw and a scarred hand on Sirius' pale face, moving it toward him. He knelt forward and gently skimmed their lips together in the lightest brush of a connection either of them could have imagined.

"Oh." Sirius moaned, and Remus smiled as he leant their foreheads together and caressed the back of his neck.

"I heard something."

"From James?" Sirius growled.


"Well, I'll kill him for that later," He said dismissively. "You – you do know that I'm sorry, right?"

"Yeah. But there's no need to be. I thought that you were just bored and you needed someone to snog." Remus said lightly.

"No. I just needed to snog you, and… well, I can't make excuses up very quickly or well I guess." Sirius laughed and snaked an arm around his hip.

"Then you're forgiven."

"Wait, wait, wait–" James said, walking forward to the two of them.

"Oh, bloody hell." Sirius said frustratingly, as James hurried toward them.

"I never knew you liked him!" He said, pointing to Remus and then to Sirius. "I just knew that Sirius liked you!"

Sirius' eyes flashed over to Remus'. "You like me?" He whispered huskily.


"Is that why you were so mad at me when I kissed you?"

"No, wait, wait wait!" James said impatiently, and pushed on both of their shoulders, effectively shoving them away from each other and getting their attention.

"Is today Friday?" He asked importantly.

"Yeah." Sirius said, grinning.

James' alertful look changed to a grin. He pointed triumphantly to Sirius. "Ha!" He exclaimed. "Haha!! That means that you kissed Remus yesterday! The bet wasn't over yet! You owe me ten galleons!"

Sirius' delighted face turned to a groan. "Are you kidding, James?"

Remus held out a hand. "Wait, James. He doesn't owe you anything."

"Oh, yes he does!!" James said cheerfully, jumping up once. "Ten galleons, Black!"

"You suck, Potter–" Sirius began, but Remus stopped him again.

"Shh, Sirius," He told him shortly. "You asked Sirius if he could only keep his hand on one girl for a week, which he technically did. You never said anything about boys. If he wanted to, Sirius could've shagged all of the legit guys here at Hogwarts without breaking a rule."

James looked positively stumped at the end of Remus' speech. "But – but, that's not–"

Sirius laughed. "C'mon, no stalling, I need ten galleons."

James dug frustratingly in his pocket and tossed a few gold coins into Sirius' lap before stalking off huffily.

"Haha," Sirius whispered softly, snuggling closer to Remus in the single armchair. He held the gold up to his mouth thoughtfully and turned his eyes to meet Remus' amber ones. They met silently and Remus smiled to him.

"So," He asked. "What are you going to do with that gold?"

Sirius grinned mischievously. "Only half of it is going to Zonkos. The rest can go to you." He offered quietly.

"I couldn't take your money."

"Technically, it's James' money, and I sort of stole it."

"No you didn't, you won it."

"But you helped me win it!! If it hadn't been for your speech I wouldn't have a lapful of galleons right now!" Sirius exclaimed firmly. The werewolf remained silent, still smiling though.

Sirius smiled at him, and lifted his jaw up. "C'mon, Rem. I know you want a nice, big, book."

Remus leant over the armchair in almost a mad tackle as Sirius waved the gold around him. Sirius yelping slightly, he pinned his arms to his sides and pressed his lips firmly to his. "Fine. But only cause you want me to." He mumbled huskily and Sirius pulled them together again by the nape of the neck.

Now I know that it's the same
Different people, different days
It won't change
Do you find security
Knowing you have broken me?

Like a pastime

Hold on and you'll find (you'll find)
What you're eventually looking for
Hold on and you'll find (you'll find)
What you're eventually looking for

Is popularity your quest?
Is this game the perfect test?
(Looking for something else)
Do we all
Do we alter
What we are?
Who we honor?
Do we alter
Who we honor?

Playing with people's hearts

Hold on and you'll find (you'll find)
What you're eventually looking for
Hold on and you'll find (you'll find)
What you're eventually looking for

I find myself
Alone again
Don't want to find myself
Alone again

Hold on and you'll find (you'll find)
What you're eventually looking for
Hold on and you'll find (you'll find)
What you're eventually looking for

Hold on
Hold on
Hold on...