AN: So, this is a side fic to my other one Background Secrets about two of my OCs (Angelo and Kiran) and the rest of their year. It'll have lots of background info, including: how Aaron and Oliver met and started dating; how the twins and Lee figured out their own love; how Angelo really gets along with the people of Hogwarts; and why Kiran didn't kill him as soon as he got the chance.

Anyway, you can read this if you haven't read my other fic, 'cause it's not really about Harry and Draco at all, but I recommed that you do so you'll at least have an idea of who these characters are.

Also, not that it's really that important, but the title is from Nightwish's album Century Child. I felt that this album fits the mood and character of this fic better than anything else. One or two chapters per part will have track names from this album as well.

Hope you enjoy it!

Century Child

Part I: First Year

Chapter I: Coming to Hogwarts

A Vampire and his Hunter are always born within hours of each other, though they may be miles apart.

To make things fair, the Hunter is always born first so that their powers may be more even when they finally encounter one another. However, since this puts the Vampire at a slight disadvantage, Fate has compensated by allowing him to walk in sunlight like any normal human being. Furthermore, the Vampire and his Hunter never know who each other is until they meet and reveal their true natures to one another, though this my take years.

This tradition holds true even when the Vampire is born as a half-blood and is classified as a wizard. His Hunter will still be born before him, and he will still be sought out indefinitely.

"Now remember, Headmaster Dumbledore is being extremely generous by allowing you to attend his school," a mother was saying in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Platform Nine and Three-quarters, "so please behave yourself."

The child of this mother gave her a serene smile as he nodded in understanding, the expression causing him to practically glow. "I understand, mother. They will not have any reason to expel me."

"You are good boy, Angelo," the mother said, briefly ruffling his dark hair. Then she pressed a kiss to his forehead and gave him a gentle push. "Run along, now. The train is about to leave."

Angelo giggled at the kiss and waved goodbye as he headed over to the train to find a compartment.

As soon as he stepped into the train, however, he was on edge. He could feel that on board was another person highly attuned to the physic realm that used that power often. The presence didn't feel incredibly powerful, like a Hunter would, but the fact that he could feel this aura in the first place made him uneasy. He hastily put up a few mental shields before starting down the corridor to find an empty compartment.

However, as he moved down the train, the strange aura slowly grew stronger and he became more interested in finding it than an empty compartment. He followed it until he reached a nearly empty compartment close to the end of the train. The only person inside was a boy a year older than him who looked to be an American Indian, which surprised him slightly, and this boy was definitely the one giving off such a powerful aura.

"May I sit here?" Angelo asked politely, praying that he would be allowed. He needed to find out more about this boy.

The boy looked up from the book he'd been reading and smiled. "Of course. Sit down."

"Thank you." Angelo gave the boy a smile of his own and dragged his trunk into the compartment, pushing the glass door closed behind him. He lifted it into the overhead luggage rack with ease, despite the fact that it weighed about as much as he did, and sat with a book of his own in hand.

Not surprisingly, the boy was staring at him with an odd expression, though it quickly vanished to be replaced with another smile. "I'm Aaron Eaglesight," said the boy as he held a hand out to Angelo. "I'm a second year."

"Angelo Haemon," he answered as he briefly took the hand. "This is my first year. Are you from the United States?"

Aaron laughed softly. "Well spotted. Yes, I'm from America, from the Ojibwa tribe. I would be studying there, but my parents wanted me to study European magic. They believe it will be far more useful to know in the coming years. Besides which, I've already learned everything that someone twice my age would know, so it was rather pointless for me to stay."

"I see. That is very amazing." Angelo filed that information away, sure it would be useful later. He also felt that he could relax a bit; Vampires and their Hunters tended to be born on the same continent, and Aaron was older by a year, so he couldn't possibly be a danger.

He glanced up to see that Aaron was giving him a funny look again and felt faintly unnerved. "What is it?"

Aaron blinked in surprise and smiled with a shake of his head. "It's nothing. I'm sorry."

Angelo looked at him suspiciously, especially since he could feel from his aura that the other boy was hiding something, but let it drop. He opened his book and sat back to read, Aaron doing the same thing across from him.

Barely a minute had passed, however, when he suddenly tensed and glanced at the doorway. No one was there yet, but there soon would be; he could feel another strong aura moving steadily towards their compartment. This one, however, had him extremely worried. Whereas Aaron's aura felt peaceful with an average level of magical power, this new energy felt violent, secretive, and extremely powerful, much like his own. Either there was another Vampire, which he doubted, or his Hunter was here.

Then, abruptly, it vanished. Shaken, Angelo reached out with his mind but encountered nothing but regular humans. The mysterious being was gone; whoever it was had probably shielded himself as soon as he'd felt Angelo or Aaron.

A moment later, the compartment door opened to reveal a very pale boy with long blond hair and golden eyes, a stark contrast to his own black and red hair and dark eyes. The blond boy glanced warily to his right down the corridor before looking imploringly at them.

"Could I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

"Sure," Aaron answered, while Angelo nodded once. The boy gained a relieved expression, but it was quickly replaced by one of horror when twin voices suddenly exclaimed, "Hey, Kiran!"

The boy, Kiran, ducked into the compartment and shut the door behind him just as two red-headed shapes ran past. After a moment, Kiran opened the door a crack and stuck his head out to look around, then came back in with another relieved smile.

"Thank Merlin, I think I lost them."

"What is going on?" Angelo asked curiously as Kiran sat next to him.

"A couple of red-headed weirdoes have been trying to get me to sit with them," Kiran answered with a roll of his eyes. "I've no idea why."

Angelo laughed softly, though he did feel sorry for Kiran. Then he held a hand out to the blond and said with a smile, "I am Angelo Haemon, and that is Aaron Eaglesight. It is nice to meet you."

"Kiran Erebos," the blond answered as he took Angelo's hand. "I'm a first year."

"Hey, me too!" Angelo said with a laugh. "Do you think we will be in the same House?"

"I just hope I'm not in the same House as those weirdoes," Kiran answered with another roll of his eyes.

"What House are you in, Aaron?" Angelo asked, turning to the older boy.

"Hufflepuff," Aaron answered.

Angelo was slightly disappointed by this. "Too bad; I am going to be in Slytherin."

"Really? You don't seem the type."

"There is no other choice for me," Angelo answered softly, shaking his head. He wasn't a pureblood, but as a Dark Creature, none of the other Houses would ever take him.

"I'm going to be in Slytherin, too," Kiran remarked, giving Angelo an odd look.

Angelo gave him disarming smile. "That is wonderful! It will be nice to already know someone."

"Oh great," Aaron said with a dramatic sigh, though he was grinning as well. "I have Slytherin friends. My reputation is ruined."

Kiran wasn't sure what to think about Angelo as he watched the dark haired boy laughing with Aaron. He seemed rather nice and polite, almost too much so, but his aura was completely different. It wasn't there. Aaron's he could feel clearly, and he was surprised at how strong it was, but Angelo's was simply non-existent, as though he were dead. That could only mean one thing; he was shielding it, and he was extremely talented at that.

Very few people could shield their auras well enough that Kiran couldn't even detect them. He'd trained his whole life to be able to break though any shields so that he'd know his Vampire when they met. This boy, however, seemed to have done the same thing, and that unnerved Kiran. A lot. And it took quite a lot to unnerve him.

"–right, Kiran?"

Kiran started and stared at Angelo, drawing a blank on what the question had been, which was also very rare for him. He hesitated before answering with a faint smile, "Right."

Angelo grinned and went right back to his animated conversation with Aaron. Aaron gave him a brief, knowing smile before giving Angelo all his attention again.

No, he really didn't know what to make of Angelo. But as the train started to slow and they hurried to pull their robes on before it stopped, he felt that the dark-haired boy's earlier statement was absolutely correct. It would be much more fun to be in the same House as someone you already knew.

"Firs' years! Firs' year over here!"

Angelo started and looked around as he stepped off the train, followed by Aaron and Kiran, but he couldn't see where the voice was coming from. Of course, he couldn't see much of anything at all; his body was singing with the darkness and it distracted him far too much.

Kiran, however, didn't have this problem as he soon pointed over to some spot to their left. "Look at that man over there! He's huge!"

Angelo looked over, but all he could see was a bit of light bobbing in the darkness, probably a lantern. The night poured into and wrapped around him, obscuring almost all of his senses; he wasn't even sure if he could walk properly if he had too.

"That's Hagrid, the gamekeeper," Aaron was saying. "He'll take you guys up to the castle. The first years always have a different way of getting there than the rest of the school."

"You won't be coming with us?" Kiran asked, though he didn't sound particularly upset about it.

"No, but I'll see you later at the Sorting and after dinner. Go on, Hagrid'll be leaving soon." Aaron waved as he left to follow the larger stream off students heading towards the front of the train.

Kiran sighed and turned back to Angelo. "C'mon, then, we don't want to be left behind." When Angelo didn't move, or even acknowledge that he'd heard, Kiran grabbed one of his wrists and pulled him forward.

Angelo's breath hitched slightly at the contact and he was dragged abruptly out of his drunken stupor. He was sorely tempted to Feed off Kiran as they walked, but he fought that need with a passion; he couldn't just Feed off the first person that touched him in a slightly intimate way, even if he hadn't had any real nourishment in two days. It would be a horrible way to thank Kiran for his friendship. That, and he had a feeling Kiran would notice if his energy suddenly started draining away.

Now that they were closer and he wasn't so bleary, he could see that Hagrid was huge; the man loomed over everyone, even the tall older students. He looked rather savage as well with his scraggy hair and beard and dirty clothes, but he was grinning good naturedly under all that hair.

"Is that everyone?" Hagrid questioned in a gruff voice. "Right then, let's go! Firs' years, follow me!"

Hagrid led them down a steep, narrow path so dark that most of them stumbled on every rock they came across. Reaching out with his mind, Angelo could feel that the path had been carved through a thick forest full of magical creatures. He was tempted again, this time to wander off into the forest to discover its mysteries.

He'd been spacing out so much that he completely missed hearing Hagrid's announcement of soon seeing Hogwarts. Only Kiran's elbow in his side got his head out of the clouds and he gasped softly at the sight of the giant glittering castle across the lake they'd reached.

"No more'n four to a boat!" Hagrid called, gesturing to a fleet of small boats bobbing in the water near the edge of the lake. Obviously sure that Angelo was still spacing out, Kiran dragged him determinedly over to one of the boats. However, his expression fell slightly when they were joined by two red-headed boys, twins by the look of it, and obviously the ones that had been chasing Kiran earlier.

"Hi, I'm Fred Weasley," said one with a grin. "And this is my twin, George."

"It is nice to meet you," Angelo said with a smile, giving them both a little bow.

"Everyone in?" Hagrid's voice suddenly called through the darkness. "Right then–FORWARD!"

Kiran reached reflexively for Angelo's arm when the boat began moving with a start, following the others across the smooth dark surface of the lake. A soft solemnity fell over all of the students, causing them to fall silent as they gradually sailed closer to the cliff upon which the castle stood.

"Heads down!" Hagrid called out, and they all ducked as the boats passed under an opening in the rock face dripping with ivy. They travelled through what seemed to be an underground tunnel for quite some time until, finally, the boats came to a stop and Hagrid was urging them up onto dry land.

"Follow me!" Hagrid said yet again, and he led them up through a passageway in the rocks to the cool night air above right next to the castle. Then up a set of stone stairs and they were standing in front of the tall oak front door. Hagrid paused, for effect supposedly, before pounding three times on the door.

Instantly, the door swung open to reveal a stern looking witch in bright green robes. Angelo noticed the Weasley twins give each other identical mischievous looks the instant they saw her.

"The firs' years, Professor McGonagall," Hagrid said as he stepped back from the door.

"Thank you, Hagrid. First years, please follow me."

She led them into the entrance hall, a room so large a house would fit inside with torches lighting the walls and a magnificent marble staircase flowing up to the next floor. To their right, voices could be heard behind another set of magnificent doors, but Professor McGonagall led them across the hall to a small empty chamber where they had to crowd together to fit everyone inside.

It was here that Angelo had his first attack. Surrounded by so many other children who were exuding excitement and nervousness, his subconscious tried to take over and force him to Feed. He had to use all of his self control to keep himself from drawing these innocent peoples' energies, and he completely missed Professor McGonagall's long-winded speech about how they show behave and what the Houses were. In fact, he almost didn't start moving when the rest of them did; it was only Kiran's hand on his wrist that got him to follow the other students into the Great Hall.

As soon as they entered the Great Hall, the feeling doubled and he had to close his eyes to concentrate on keeping his aura to himself. He already knew what the Great Hall looked like from his father's descriptions of it anyway, and he would always have another chance to look at the magical ceiling and floating candles.

When they came to a stop, however, Kiran elbowed him and he looked up to see that Professor McGonagall had set a three legged stood down in front of the first years and was just now placing a tattered old wizard's hat down on top of it. Knowing that this must be the Sorting Hat, he watched eagerly, though still fighting his urge to Feed.

The hat twitched once, then again, then a rip near the brim opened wide like a mouth and it began to sing:

In days of old, when I was new,

A great old school was raised,

By four friends, young and old,

Who found themselves amazed

That the level of wizards then

Had much to be desired

To teach new wizards of their craft

Was what they soon conspired

Said Gryffindor, "I'll teach the bravest

And show them how courage grows."

Said Ravenclaw, "I'll take the brightest

And with knowledge they'll be pros."

Said Hufflepuff, "I'll take the faithful

With whom loyalty's the mission."

Said Slytherin, "I'll take the purest

And feed their great ambition."

And so the friends began their school,

Taking students from far and wide,

And left me behind once they left,

To open your minds and look inside!

The whole school broke into applause, Angelo and the Weasley twins among them, although Kiran just stood there with a displeased look on his face. Angelo thought he heard the blond boy mutter, "It's horribly tone deaf," but he may have been mistaken because of all the noise.

Professor McGonagall stepped forward with a long scroll of parchment in her hands and a stern look on her face.

"When I call your name," she said, quieting the crowd, "you will put on the hat and sit to be sorted. Adrasteia, Dominique!"

"What a name," Kiran murmured as a red-haired girl strode confidently out of the group and up to the hat. She put it on her head and barely had time to sit down before the hat cried, "SLYTHERIN!"

The table to the far right erupted in polite cheers and Dominique headed over to them with a satisfied smirk.

"Akers, Rachel!"

A small girl with strawberry blond hair moved forward from the back of the crowd and nervously put on the hat as she sat down. The hat was silent for a moment, then–


A table to their left burst into applause as Rachel Akers quickly took off the hat and hurried over to sit down, a deep blush on her cheeks. Now that Angelo knew which table was Hufflepuff's, he looked over and scanned the faces for Aaron's, finally finding him sitting near the end, clapping and cheering with the rest.

"Bradley, Mark!"

"RAVENCLAW!" the hat shouted, this time after about only a second. The table to their right cheered this time as a mousy boy hurried off to sit.

However, Angelo was starting to have trouble keeping control of himself again and he had to draw back into himself, completely missing the next couple students.

Noticing this, like he had the last time, Kiran felt that it was time to take some drastic action, since his name came before Angelo's and he wouldn't be there to make sure Angelo didn't miss it. As "Diggory, Cedric," was sorted into Hufflepuff, he stepped forward to talk to the twins.

"Hey, could you look after my friend?" he asked softly, gesturing at the dark-haired boy. "I don't think he's feeling very well, but I'll have to go up before him."

"Sure, no problem," Fred said with a grin. They both stepped back to stand next to Angelo just as Professor McGonagall called out, "Erebos, Kiran!"

Kiran stepped forward with his head held high and dropped the hat onto his head. He'd barely had time to sit down before a small voice started talking to him from inside the hat.

"Ah, a Hunter I see. We haven't had one of those in a long while. You're very smart, no doubt about that, and very ambitious. Hmmm, but where to put you..."

You'd better put me in Slytherin, you stupid hat, Kiran thought viciously; that would be where his Vampire would have to go, after all, Or I'll light you on fire without a second thought.

"No need to threaten me, now!" said the voice hurriedly. "I can see full well that you could do that. Of course, that's where you'll need to be, isn't it? Yes, I can see that, too. Pity, Ravenclaw could use your talents. Anyway, I'll put you in SLYTHERIN!"

Kiran smirked slightly as he took the hat off and headed toward the cheering table. Of course, he hadn't wanted to threaten the hat, but he'd panicked when it had said it might put him in Ravenclaw. It would do him no good to be that far away from his Vampire.

Only one person, "Fawcett, Samantha" was sorted before Professor McGonagall called out, "Haemon, Angelo!"

Angelo blinked in surprise when the Weasley twins suddenly pushed him forward; he'd been so withdrawn that he hadn't even heard his name. Nevertheless, he stepped forward with grace, set the hat on his head, and sat down.

"Oh, a Vampire!" squealed the small voice of the hat, obviously excited. "Oh, Hogwarts will be interesting soon, no doubt!"

What do you mean? Angelo asked softly.

"You'll see soon enough, I think. Oh, but it's been so long since we've had a Vampire here! You're quite lucky, you know."

Yes, I know, Angelo thought with a laugh. Now, are you going to sort me, or keep chatting with me until McGonagall rips you off my head?

"Don't worry, I'll sort you. I already know where to put you; there's no real choice. I only wanted to warn you first: your Hunter is here."

What?! Angelo exclaimed, his blood running cold. My Hunter is here?

However, it seemed the hat no longer had anything to say, as it shouted, "SLYTHERIN!" without a further word. Shaken, Angelo took the hat off and made his way over to the Slytherin table and the seat next to Kiran.

"Johnson, Angelina!" Professor McGonagall called and a black girl hurried forward.

"So, where do you think those twins are going to end up?" Kiran asked softly as the girl was sorted into Gryffindor.

"I do not know," Angelo answered with a shrug as a black boy headed up to the front. "They said they were Weasleys, right? Probably Gryffindor."

"Mmm, as long as it's not with us," Kiran remarked with a sour look at the two red-heads. "Though they're not too bad."

"No, look." Angelo pointed over at a table across the Hall where two red-heads were sitting, both older than them, though one looked to be one of the older students while the other seemed just a year older than Aaron. "They're probably Weasleys as well. Fred and George will probably end up with them."

Sure enough, at the end of the list were the twins and they were both sent to Gryffindor, one after the other. Then Professor Dumbledore stood up to say something, but neither Angelo nor Kiran felt like listening to him. It was almost too soon that the dishes on the table filled with food.

Before Angelo could start dishing food onto his plate, however, a small scroll of parchment, tied with a red ribbon, appeared on his empty plate. He hurriedly hid it, not wanting any extra attention, and slid the ribbon off under the table with Kiran looking over his shoulder.

"Who is that from?" Kiran asked softly when Angelo unrolled the parchment.

Angelo quickly checked and paled. "Professor Dumbledore...he wants to see me after the feast."

"What did you do?"

"I have not done anything," Angelo answered with a shake of his head. "But...I think I may know why he wants to see me."

"You do?" Kiran asked in surprise.

Angelo nodded silently; more than likely, the Headmaster wanted to talk to him about what he could and could not do while he was at Hogwarts, like no feeding off students and no wandless magic. He would probably emphasize those two especially. Sometimes, Angelo wished that his mother had been a normal witch or Muggle and not a Succubus.

As soon as the feast ended, Angelo said a quick goodbye to Kiran and hurried to find Aaron before the older boy left the Hall. He knew he was eliciting stares from his fellow Slytherins as he headed straight toward the Hufflepuff table, but he could care less about what most of them thought.

Luckily, Aaron was still sitting at his table having an animated conversation with the Fat Friar, the Hufflepuff ghost. Angelo would have found this remarkable if he hadn't had so much on his mind already.

"Aaron!" he said to draw the other boy's attention. Aaron politely said goodbye to the hefty ghost and turned to Angelo with a faintly confused expression.

"Angelo? Shouldn't you be heading to your dorm?"

Angelo shook his head. "The Headmaster wants to see me. Do you know where his office is?"

"The Headmaster?" Aaron said in surprise. "It's on the seventh floor, behind a statue of a gargoyle, but you can't get in without the password. Why does he want to see you?"

"I cannot tell you right now," Angelo answered with another shake of his head, "but I will, soon. Thank you."

"Hey," Aaron said, catching Angelo by the arm before he ran off. "Follow the Gryffindors. They'll take you right up to the seventh floor."

"Okay. Thank you!" Angelo gave him a brilliant smile before running off to catch up with the Weasley twins.

As soon as he appeared next to the twins, the rest of the Gryffindors shied away with looks of confusion and apprehension. The twins, however, gave him broad grins. "Hey, Angelo!"

"Hi!" Angelo greet with a smile.

"What are you doing here?" George asked, eyeing the group of Slytherins leaving the Hall that Angelo should have been with.

"I have to see the Headmaster," Angelo answered quietly so he wouldn't be overhead. "I was told we would be going to the same floor, so I thought I might walk with you."

"Ah, cool. Hey are you feeling better?"

Angelo frowned in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Well earlier, during the Sorting, Kiran said you weren't feeling well," Fred answered, looking faintly concerned.

"Oh." Though he was faintly surprised by this, he had a feeling he knew what that was about. "Yes, I feel much better now. I was merely nervous, I think. Thank you for worrying about me."

"No problem," George said with a grin. Then his grin widened and he asked in a whisper, "So, what'd you do to merit a trip to the Headmaster's office of the first day?"

"Yeah, we thought we'd be the first ones, and our brothers have bets riding on what day it'll be."

"I have done nothing," Angelo answered with a shake of his head.

"Whoa, so why do you think Dumbledore wants to see you?" Fred asked in awe.

"I do not know," Angelo lied in answer, "but I will be sure to tell you later."

"Okay, see you, Angelo!" They waved as they headed off further down the corridor with the rest of their House while Angelo came to a stop before a huge gargoyle statue. As he looked at the gargoyle, however, he realized that he had no idea what the password was, nor whether Dumbledore was already in the office or not. Luckily, he was saved when Dumbledore walked up and stopped next to him.

"Ah, Angelo, good to see you got my message. Come–Sugar Quill–let's go up."

At the name of the sweet, the gargoyle jumped aside to reveal a steadily moving spiral staircase. Dumbledore gently prodded Angelo forward and they slowly revolved up into the tower. At the top, Dumbledore pushed open the door and stepped into the large circular room. Angelo glanced around as he followed, noting the snoozing portraits of former headmasters and mistresses lining the walls and the great number of sparkling silver objects strewn everywhere.

"Please sit down," Dumbledore said, gesturing to the chair before the massive claw-footed desk while he sat behind it. Angelo apprehensively eased himself into the chair, for he had just noticed the phoenix perched next to Dumbledore. Dumbledore glanced over when he saw that Angelo was looking somewhere else and smiled kindly. "Don't worry, Fawkes won't harm you. He's rather peaceful."

"Vampires and Phoenixes are mortal enemies," Angelo said carefully as he turned his wary gaze back onto Dumbledore. "Rather like Vampires and werewolves. Forgive me if I may be a little edgy."

"Of course, that's natural. Would you care for a drink?" Dumbledore asked good-naturedly as he conjured up two teacups and two teapots.

Angelo eyed him with annoyance as Dumbledore poured tea into one of the teacups; didn't he know anything? "I cannot eat or drink human food, Headmaster."

"Yes, I know. I took the liberty of procuring something more suitable for you."

Angelo's breath hitched in surprise. "You...did?"

"Yes, would you like some?"

"Yes, please!" Angelo blushed lightly at his eagerness and explained in a murmured, "Mother dislikes it when I drink blood, even though I need it. I have not had blood in at least a month." He eagerly accepted the cup he was offered and took a long drink from it. "Thank you."

Dumbledore took a sip of his tea before he placed the cup down and regarded Angelo with a serious expression. "I'm sure you know why I asked you here. We must discuss what will happen during your time at Hogwarts."

"You do not want me to Feed off of any of the students, of course," Angelo said at once.

"Of course, if that could be avoided. However, I acknowledge that without blood and energy, you would die, and that after some time, you would lose control and attack someone as a survival instinct." Dumbledore sighed and took another drink. "Therefore, I have decided that you will have a net of donors. They will be the only students you will be allowed to feed from."

Angelo nodded with a relieved smile.

"Also, I'm afraid I cannot permit you to use wandless magic while you are here. You must learn to use your wand like every other student. I will be telling your Hunter that as well, so you'll be on even ground."

Angelo's blood ran cold at the mention. "Do you know who it is, then?"

"Yes, but as you know, I am not permitted to tell you who it is. Only he himself may do that."

"Yes, I know," Angelo said with a pout. "But that makes everything more difficult."

"It is unfortunate," Dumbledore agreed sympathetically, "but unavoidable, like many things in life. Now, I have one more condition for you, though I doubt it will come into play for several years."

"What is it?" Angelo asked, thoroughly confused. He'd only been able to think of two problems, the two they'd already discussed.

"I must ask you not to engage in any sexual practices of any kind without informing me or Professor Snape, your Head of House."

Angelo flushed deeply; it was rather like having your grandfather ask to know about that kind of thing. "Everything, sir?"

"Everything. You must understand, Angelo, this is for the safety of the other students as well as for yourself. I need to know if you engage in any sexual practices with anyone, even to the simplest kiss." He gave Angelo another sympathetic look and added, "I trust you to have control...up to a certain point."

"I understand, Headmaster," Angelo answered with a small smile. "And I will remember for when the time comes."

Dumbledore took another sip of tea. "Good. Now, I would like you to know that you will be allowed to wander the halls at night after curfew–"

"Really?" Angelo asked excitedly. He hadn't expected that at all.

"Yes, I know that being out at night is important for you as well. But you must not slack off in classes because of it, or I'll take that privilege away."

Angelo shook his head vigorously. "No, sir."

Dumbledore smiled very briefly before he suddenly turned serious again. "So you know, none of these rules will apply if your life is threatened in anyway, even if it is because of another student. Those who know about this will be told that as well, so you shouldn't have any problems."

Angelo was relieved at first, until the last bit; then he sat up straight in his seat. "What do you mean by 'those who know'? No one knows about this yet."

Dumbledore blue eyes twinkled slightly as he answered, "That is that last bit I have to tell you. At the moment, Professor Snape is informing your Housemates of your condition and of everything we have discussed. And the prefects and Head Boy and Girl were informed on the train during their orientation."

"What!" Angelo exclaimed, jumping out of his seat. "Why?! What if my Hunter is in Slytherin too? He'll kill me tonight!"

"He will not, because Severus will speak to him in private also. I will not tolerate violence in this school, even between a Vampire and Hunter. If he is to kill you, it will be during holidays or seven years from now. However," he added with a faint smile, "I think you're too smart to die without a fight. You have nothing to worry about."

Angelo forced himself to calm and sat down again, though his eyes were flashing red. "I am not happy with this, Headmaster, but I will not fight you. May I personally tell others, or do you wish for only Slytherins to know?"

"You may tell others," Dumbledore answered, his eyes smiling. "But only those you trust, and I would advise against telling too many, as news tends to spread rather quickly around here."

"I was only planning to tell a few," Angelo said with a nod, relaxing slightly.

"Very good." Dumbledore stood and waved his wand once to cause the teacups and pots to disappear. "I'm sure your Housemates are waiting for you, particularly Kiran. You may go now."

Angelo stood and gave him a small bow with a smile. "Thank you for letting me study here, Headmaster. I promise I will do my best to uphold these rules."

"I'm sure you will. Run along, now."

Angelo gave him another bright smile and dashed out of the office to head downstairs. He hoped that Kiran hadn't been too distraught when he'd heard about what Angelo really was.

Snape was waiting for the Slytherins when they stepped into the dungeon-like common room, looking faintly displeased about something. As soon as one of the older students tried to head down to the dorms, Snape said clearly, "Wait here, I have something to say to all of you."

The Slytherins gathered in and around the chairs littering the room, most of them looking confused. Kiran managed to grab the chair closest to the fire and was rather comfortable as they all waited for Snape to speak.

Snape delayed until they had all settled down, then he began to speak in a soft voice.

"We will have a...special student starting with us this year. He is to be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. The Headmaster has asked me to warn you of this because he believes that you will not do it on your own. I hope that he is mistaken."

"Who is it, sir?" asked one of the sixth years.

"His name is Angelo Haemon. You all saw him earlier. At the moment, he is with the Headmaster discussing what I am about to say to all of you."

Kiran frowned in confusion. When he and Angelo had been discussing that, the dark-haired boy seemed to think that whatever he and the Headmaster were going to discuss was just going to be between them. Whatever it was, he was eager to find out.

Snape continued in a soft voice they all had to strain to hear. "Angelo is extremely fortunate to be able to come to this school, or any school for that matter, so any fighting with him will not be tolerated. If anyone provokes him to the point where he feels he must defend himself, he will be allowed to do so however he feels necessary. Let me inform you that you do not wish to be the one he has to defend himself against. The reason being simply that Angelo is half-Vampire, and he is registered with the Ministry as both a wizard and a full Incubus as he possesses all the powers of both."

Kiran was not the only one to gasp, but he was sure that he was the only one gasping for his reason. Angelo was his Vampire? And he was that powerful?

"Normally, this would mean that he would not be allowed a wand, much less be allowed to attend school, but the Headmaster believes that anyone who can learn should be allowed to learn. Since he is registered as a wizard, he is allowed to come here. However, he is also a danger to everyone in the school, especially all of you. Therefore, we have given him a set of guidelines that he will have to follow while he is he, but they apply to you also."

It made sense, however, when he thought back to the train ride. Only a Vampire could shield his aura from him that effectively.

"First of all, I need all of you seventeen or older to see me after classes tomorrow. Angelo will have to have willing donors of energy or blood to survive, and you are the only students who will be told about this. Second, he is allowed to wander the halls at night, and none of you are to detain him if he so wishes to go out."

Why did it have to be Angelo, though? Aaron he could have dealt with, or those obnoxious twins, but he rather liked Angelo. He didn't want to kill the other boy already.

"Finally, none of this is to leave this room. He is allowed to tell who he likes about his existence, but you are not. If I get an inkling that any of you have breathed a word about this, the consequences will be most dire. I will say it again: he is not to be bothered. He is not to be touched. He is to be protected from other Houses, but otherwise, it would be best to leave him alone. I would wager he is more of an introvert anyway. Do you have any questions?"

When all of the students shook their heads, he nodded and waved them off. "You may go. Erebos, stay here. I need to speak with you privately."

Kiran got up but stayed where he was, staring at Snape in utter confusion. What had he done?

"Follow me," Snape ordered as soon as almost all of the other students had left. Kiran followed him out of the common room to stand just outside in the cold dungeon corridor.

"I know who you are, Kiran," Snape said, using the same tone as just minutes ago. "The Headmaster informed me this morning."

"I'm not sure I know what you mean, sir–"

"I mean that we know you are Angelo's Hunter," Snape interrupted impatiently. "And as such I have been delegated the task of informing you of your first guideline."

Kiran frowned in annoyance, though he was now extremely tense inside. How had Dumbledore known he was a Hunter? "I don't understand. I'm not the one who could be killing off half the school."

"No, but you are the one who will be killing Angelo," Snape answered. "And so Dumbledore felt that you need a few rules of your own to make things even."

"Fine, what are they?"

"Just one tonight, and that is that you may not harm Angelo while you are at Hogwarts."

"What!" Kiran exclaimed, completely outraged. "I'm his Hunter! That's my job!"

"Of course it is, but not while you are at Hogwarts. The Headmaster will expel you if you try."

"That's ridiculous! What am I supposed to do, wait seven years?"

Snape gave him a patient look. "I understand the situation you're in. Let me tell you something. The Headmaster distinctly said 'while he's at Hogwarts.' Therefore, it doesn't apply to holidays when–"

"Neither of us are at school!" Kiran concluded with a smile. Then he frowned suspiciously. "Do you want me to kill Angelo?"

Snape gave him a patient look. "No, of course not, but this is the hand we've been dealt. I don't want to see that old man meddle in business that isn't his." He glanced down the hallway and gave Kiran a meaningful look. "Angelo will be coming back soon. You may act as you see fit, as long as neither of you is harmed." Then he walked off further into the dungeons where his office was located.

Kiran waited outside until Angelo came running towards him. Lucky he had, too, because as soon as Angelo stopped, he collapsed and Kiran had to hurriedly reach out to catch him.

"Did you run all the way here?" Kiran demanded as he helped Angelo stand. The dark-haired boy just barely managed to nod as he panted heavily.

"You idiot! What were you thinking?" Kiran chided as he helped Angelo through into the common room. "Were you trying to kill yourself?"

"I...was...not the...thinking," Angelo gasped out with a shaky smile. "...Sorry..."

Kiran rolled his eyes as he helped Angelo make his way down to their dorm, but as he watched the smaller boy pant and shakily try to make his way on his own, he knew that he wouldn't be able to kill him anytime soon. No, in fact, he didn't feel he should tell Angelo that they were enemies any time soon either. Let the Vampire enjoy his time at Hogwarts. They had years to start their war.