The Last Laugh

Chapter Eighteen: The Last Laugh

By: Stardust

A/N: A final note: Don't worry if you think (after reading the end) this won't make sense or this can never work with the books because trust me it works out after reading Awakening. Of course, you'll be probably be even more confused after reading the prologue to Awakening, but don't worry about it. Trust me everything will all make sense soon. Just enjoy the story! Thanks!

Just in case you didn't know there is a sequel which is finished and posted entitled Awakening. It takes place in Harry's seventh year. We get to see what happened to EVERYONE, including Sierra, Elizabeth, Remus, Sirius, and Kirsten, and all those other people.


"James, I'm worried. I don't like this at all, I don't feel safe anymore,"

"Lily, that's ridiculous, no one can see us, no one can find us, except for Peter, who is in hiding."

"I know, but James, we've got to tell someone about this conspiracy, about this cover-up."

"We could go to the Longbottom's house. I heard Moony was staying there though. On second thought, we shouldn't be moving, we should stay right here. Why don't we go to bed? It's getting late, it's already after eleven,"

"I know it but-did you just hear something?" Lily stopped and together they slowly turned toward the front window. The curtains were drawn tightly but they stared in fear. Just as James was about to say "it was probably just the wind,"

The sound came again, this time at the front door. "Go!" James hissed at Lily but suddenly there was a knock on the door.

A knock? Why would the dark lord knock? It sounded again. Lily and James looked at each other, then James slowly crept to the door.

With one great motion he threw it open and pointed his wand shouting "Expelliarmus!" A wand zoomed into James's hands, but it was that belonging to Remus Lupin.

"Moony!?!?" James cried. "How? What are you doing here?" He sputtered standing back to let him inside.

The climax of their entire relationship had suddenly burst into full bloom. What were words next to these indescribable feelings?

Angie could suddenly forget all her troubles, all her fears, doubts, and unhappiness. She could smile again. She could become whole again. Her heart could beat again and suddenly from the depths of her that undying, yet hidden, love emerged and all words she needed to say were transmitted into one amazingly powerful kiss.

"I'll take that as a yes," Sirius said, when they had broken apart. Angie laughed and wiper her tears away.

"Sirius, this is crazy," She said with a grin.

"Oh, excuse me, I meant to be incredibly boring," He said sarcastically, and she just laughed and kissed him again.

"Why didn't this happen sooner?" She wondered aloud.

"Were we ready for this before?" Sirius answered with a question.

"We are now," She replied.

"Then, let's not wait any longer. Let's get married tonight!"

"TONIGHT!?!?" She cried. "As in today? And where exactly would we go?" He seemed to consider for a moment.

"Someone where very close: Dumbledore!"

"Dumbledore?" She repeated as if he were crazy, which he probably was.

"Why not? He can marry us, he's an ordained minister."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, come one, it's not even late yet, it's almost 11:15." He then grabbed her hands and led her to dance around the cave with him, both laughing uncontrollably.

"C'mon, let's not wait anymore!"

"This is absolutely insane!" She exclaimed as he lifted her onto the back of the famous motorcycle. She hugged him around the middle as they rose into the air.

The cool wind hit her face but it didn't matter anymore. She finally felt set free from years of imprisonment. She could live again, she could love again, her emotions could come alive again!

She gently rested he head against him and closed her eyes taking in his warmth, his feel, his scent.

It all felt so perfect. Her life was finally improving.

"I missed you," She said to him taking in a deep breath.

"I never lived without you," He replied.

Angie was finally starting to understand why Lily was such a sucker for that romantic crap!

Sierra Havairhafpvermin sharply knocked on the large oak doors that concealed the great man's office. Almost at once Albus Dumbledore opened them, and smiled at her, a gleam in his eyes.

"Sierra, it's wonderful to see you again. It's been a couple of months, I just wish I could keep up with all of my old students. Ah well, you said you had some news for me?"

"Yes, actually, it's just really a suspicion, kind of a thing. See, I've been taking these psychology classes so that I can work for the ministry, anyway, I've learned a lot about people and about magical and muggle people.

"The point to this is that I was going to my dentist. He's a muggle, but the best one there is, in my opinion. He was telling me about his new baby, well, actually she's a toddler now, but I haven't been there for six months, well anyway, his wife brought her in.

"Immediately I felt a strong sense of magic around her. I studied her and without a doubt she's magical, muggle born, but the thing about her was the strong powerful sense I got from her. It doesn't at all make sense with what I've been learning in class."

"Some of the most powerful witches and wizards are muggle-borns and some of the least powerful ones are from long lines of witches and wizards. No one knows why. But that's curious. Who did you say this dentist was?"

"Dr. Granger. His wife is also a dentist, orthodontist actually."

"And they're both muggles?"

"Oh yes, you can read it in their faces and actions, plain as night and day."

"Interesting. I shall consult The Book," Dumbledore said.

"The Book?" Sierra questioned.

"It's the registration book where everyone that is eligible to attend Hogwarts is listed. Even those who are muggle born have their names down, though they don't usually show up until later in their lives, but if you say this one is powerful, she just might be there already-" A sharp knock on the window interrupted their conversation.

Sirius was flying right toward the castle, over the lake, and Angie wondered if everyone was asleep yet.

He pulled to the side next to Dumbledore's office window and banged upon it, parking in midair. Almost immediately Dumbledore and a curious looking woman were opening it.

"What in the world?" He asked as Sirius climbed inside his office and then helped Angie inside as well.

The curious woman was indeed Sierra Havairhafpvermin and she kept smiling and then biting her lip trying to conceal amusement.

For a while they didn't say anything, they just smiled excitedly and held hands.

"Would you mind telling us your secret, or am I going to have to guess?"

"We've come to ask a favor of you," Sirius told him.

"Why must you come at 11:00PM?" Dumbledore wanted to know.

"You were awake anyway," Angie said.

"But you didn't know that."

"We do now," Sirius said. Sierra had her eyes narrowed.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say there was some dark magic at work here," She said.

"I suppose this means I'm going to have to guess," Dumbledore said, trying to move things along a bit.

"You've come back to play a joke," Sierra said, trying to guess, as Dumbledore had suggested.

"No, we want to get married," Sirius replied.

"I knew you were coming to play a joke," Sierra said but Dumbledore just blinked and studied each of them. Both looked very eager and happy. After a minute of silence Sierra broke it.

"Oh my god! You guys are serious!?!?!?"

"Soon to be Mr. and Mrs." Angie said.

" are you doing here then?" Dumbledore asked.

"You're the closest minister around," Sirius said.

"ME!?" Dumbledore cried as Sierra stared at them open-mouthed. " haven't done that sort of thing in years and years,"

"But you could," Sirius coaxed.

"But,.I.well," Dumbledore was quite speechless, which did not happen often. " have rings?" He asked them. Sirius hesitated.

"Well, I have A ring," he said setting the black box on his desk. "But-"

"Sirius!" Angie suddenly interrupted. "Open up that box now,"

"Box?" Sirius repeated faintly. And then he reached inside his robes and pulled out the small box she had given him earlier.

Opening it he discovered a gold band. "Look along the inside," Angie said.

The inside of the ring wasn't the smooth perfect gold of the outside but rather the word "Gryffindor" was inscribed.

"I know it's not exactly a wedding band, but I wasn't aware that I'd need one." She said with a grin. "My Dad had that made the year he graduated from Hogwarts.I wanted you to have it." She said, blushing slightly.

"I have news for you," Remus said once he was inside. "Frank and Nancy Longbottom have gone missing and they think it's work of He-who-must-not-be- named,"

Shocked silence followed. "Longbottom?" James finally croaked.

"NO!" Lily screamed almost in frustration. "Not again! This cannot be happening!"

"I was staying with them for a day, just a day, but when I came to gather my things, the front door was open and there were things strewn about. Frank's mother came and took Neville and they started investigating ME!"

"Why didn't you come stay here?" James asked.

"I would have but traveling would have been much less convenient. I don't want to have to live off of others, that was just a one night thing until I could move into my new flat. But I have no idea what could have happened to them. I'm so worried."

"Remus! We have something to tell you too!" Lily said. "About your grandfather-" She suddenly cut off at looked at him strangely and James suddenly realized too.

"Holy shit! You can see us?" James exploded.

"Of course I can see you! What's going on!?!"

Lily was breathing quickly now and going over what this meant. If Remus could see them, then their secret was out. Someone had gotten to Peter. They had to run!

"Do you know what the Fidelius charm is?" Lily asked quickly.

"That's the secret-keeper-oh my god!" Remus shouted realizing what was going on. "I'll go to the ministry!" He cried and turned and ran out the door. It never occurred to them to tell him about the switch, they never had time to tell him about the crystal, and what's more so, they had no time to worry about their friends, or wonder what happened to Wormtail.

"We have rings," Sirius said.

"Well. marriage.marriage is a huge step. It requires planning and thought, and understanding. and getting to know each other." Dumbledore began.

"We're ready for this. Please, we just want to be married." Angie said, and Dumbledore stuttered some more while Sierra was still completely speechless.

"I can't believe this!" Sierra finally got her voice back. "When did this happen?" She asked.

"About a half an hour ago," Sirius said. Sierra was shocked speechless again.

"You two are absolutely sure about this. You really want to go through with this?" Dumbledore asked.

"I can't wait any longer!" Angie exclaimed.

"You don't want to do this is the presence of family and friends?"

"Our parents are dead and our friend Sierra's here! She can be the witness!" Sirius said enthusiastically.

"What about your sisters?" Dumbledore asked, and they both made faces. He was desperately searching his mind for something that might make them re- think this.

"I know what you're thinking," Sirius said. "But we ARE ready for this. I want to take care of her and Kirsten, I'll get a good job, and we'll settle down and be happy together. We're perfectly committed." Sierra nearly lost her balance and Dumbledore was blinking a bit more than usual.

Sirius being serious and committed and. what the hell was wrong with this picture!?!?! After several moments of silence in which Dumbledore studied them very intently he finally sighed and spoke.

"This is going against my better judgment," Angie jumped up and kissed Sirius excitedly. Nothing could go wrong now.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Dumbledore said.

Remus Lupin had one thing on his mind: Sirius Black.

If Lily and James were going to have a secret keeper there was only one possible answer to the equation, unless you considered Dumbledore, Sirius was the only answer. Sirius Black was their secret keeper.

Remus didn't even know what he was going to do. But going to the ministry of magic was strictly out of the question, he never even thought of it, he distrusted them THAT much.

They wouldn't even hear a werewolf let alone one who was already being investigated for the disappearance of two powerful and respected unspeakables from the department of mysteries.

Lily and James would flee and he'd find and Sirius and find out what was going on. He refused to belive that Sirius had handed over the Potters but in the near future there were only two people who had any reason to not to believe in his guilt.

Remus Lupin had to find Sirius for the sake of his friends.

"Oh God James!" Lily grabbed him and pulled him close shaking and crying. "What are we going to do? What are we going to do?"

"Lily!" James said firmly as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her away from him. "We don't have time for this! You've got to be strong, honey. We don't have any other choice," His voice was urgent. "Gather up the most important things, quickly!"

Lily felt there was something much more important that she had to do first.

She went upstairs and into her son's bedroom and knelt near his crib praying silently for her life and the safety of her son.

Wait a minute!" Sierra cried. "You can't get married yet, come here!" She said grabbing Angie and quickly doing her hair in a cute French braid.

She touched up her make-up for her and then stepped back and smiled, looking her over. "Oh my god! I can't believe this! I'm so excited!" She squealed excitedly.

Sirius grabbed some flowers out of a nearby vase and shook the water from them and gave them to his bride. She trembled slightly as she took them from him.

Dumbledore was looking very dubious with his glasses on the tip of his nose saying a brief ceremony for the eager couple standing before him.

Angie and Sirius barely heard a word of it as they were too intent upon gazing into each other's eyes.

Lily gathered a changed of clothes and a few important things. James was flitting around getting everything that they would be needing for Harry and strapping it to his broomstick downstairs.

Lily was barely holding herself together as she carried her small pile of things down the staircase for the last time. It was almost midnight now and- she stopped dead and so did James.

There was a sound outside. And again.

Lily found James's hand in the darkness and held on tightly.

The ceremony was coming to a close. Sierra was almost bursting at what she was witnessing.

The sound came again and upstairs in his bed Harry Potter awoke and sat up rubbing his eyes.

"It's him!" James said urgently. "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run!"

"No! I won't leave you!" She cried desperately.

"Save Harry! I'll hold him off!"


"Go!" He cried, his wand out now. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. She grabbed her husband and kissed him with as much passion and emotion as they had ever before.

The last kiss.

"I love you," James said to her.

"I love you too," And then she turned and ran up the stairs, tears blurring her vision. Downstairs she heard the door burst open.

At Hogwarts Angie and Sirius were saying their "I do's" They couldn't be happier.

James was breathing rapidly, knowing that he would never again look upon the face of his wife or his son, or his best friend, his house would be gone, his life, everything was playing before him as the front door opened and in stepped Lord Voldemort.

"Going somewhere?" The cold sort of amusement in Lord Voldemort's voice was enough to stop the heart and chill the blood. James was mildly aware that he had his cloak on, but he wasn't thinking about that. His last thoughts were still of his life, and all that he had done.

He had bravery and he was strong willed, but the Dark Lord saw the fear in his eyes, and silenced him without a further word.

11:53 PM, Halloween night, James Potter was murdered.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" Lily pleaded.

"Stand aside, you silly girl.stand aside, now." Voldemort said, his patience quickly drying up like a puddle in the desert.

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-" He ignored a mother's desperate pleas and tried to move her aside. But she wouldn't budge. She had forgotten about her wand. But Lily knew the wand had done James no good. "Not Harry! I'll do anything. Please.have mercy.have mercy." She said desperately.

Her last words.

In the flash of green light that took the breath from her lungs and the life from her veins a cold hard laugh echoed through the air chilling little Harry Potter.

His last laugh.

11:58PM, Lily Potter was murdered by Lord Voldemort.

"I now pronounce you man and wife!" Dumbledore declared happily with a warm smile. Lord Voldemort was now turning his attention on little innocent defenseless Harry Potter. The new orphan.

"Harry Potter at last," Voldemort said, for a moment lingering in those brilliant green eyes.

Angie felt her heart skip a beat. She was happier than anyone can ever dream, happier than she ever thought possible. She knew this was where she belonged.

Thirty seconds until midnight.

Lord Voldemort was slowly raising his wand.

"You may kiss the bride,"

Fifteen seconds until midnight.


Sirius slowly bent down to kiss his wife.


The gap between Angie and Sirius grew less and less.


"Avada Kedavra,"


Closer. and closer.

Green light ricocheted off of Harry Potter.



Their lips met.


The light hit Lord Voldemort.