Chapter 8

Willow VS Tara

"Tara, why are you doing this?"

Tara stared blankly at the woman in front of her, the fire in her eyes, tears began to well in her eyes as well. Willow looked upon her and began to walk to her with her hand outstretched. An eerie glow was set upon her hands as she moved closer to Tara.

"Tara take my hand, leave this darkness behind and come back to me."

At first Tara's heart throbbed, she wanted so badly to take Willow's outstretched hand but the darkness and thoughts about never really having her back completely flooded her mind. Could she have Willow, would they or could they possibly be? The thought was an impossible to even conceive. She couldn't be hers. Not for no more than a few seconds, what if the powers that be took her away the instant she went back to the way she was. The conflict was one that couldn't be resolved. Either way she was going to lose someone; herself or Willow.

I would rather lose myself, Tara thought.

Tara, she'll leave you if you go back now, she may just be trying to lure you to the light so the white hats can get you off their backs. They don't really love you, they don't truly want you back. They want that girl who used to be silent, the one who lived her life in shadows. The light is gone, either way you'll lose her.

"I…I." Tara stammered.

"You what? Please come to me Tara, please we can be together but you have to stop this. You must stop this madness."

Tara's eyes shot a glare at Willow.

"Madness? I only did all this for you so we could be together forever, I was yours and you were mine and now you're telling me that if I were to go to you now, give up this pursuit of your heart, that you wouldn't be snatched from my arms just as quickly as that bullet that ripped through your chest. It destroyed the heart that kept your alive and the heart that made you able to love me. It was all taken away from me."

Willow's eyes watered once more while Illyria stood by glaring at Tara, but then a smirk crossed her face. The sight of the pain emanating from Willow and Tara sent pleasurable tingles through her body and made her eyes just that much more blue and cold.

"You pain is so irrelevant, pain counts for not. Conquer all or lie dead in the floor to provide sustenance for the maggots who, though are truly insignificant, feast upon you and make your body of some use."

Tara glared at the demon and raked her.

Tara glared at the demon and raked her hands across the air in front of her telekinetically trying to slice the face of Illyria but all she saw was her intended victim barely flinch at the motion. There was no pain, not even a wound to show that her attack had even phased the creature. Taras eyes widened and in confusion as she looked upon the demon now grinning in her presence.

"W…what? What are you?"

Illyria smirked and paced forward slowly.

"Foolish witch, you have so much power yet none of it lies in your feeble brain. I'm beyond the scope of your powers. I hold more power in my feces than you could possibly attain in your entire meaningless life."

Tara backed off and looked over the demon, she could indeed sense the power she had. There was no doubt in her mind that it was indeed greater than she was own. Her power was old, older than anything she could sense on the planet wide.

"Her powers are singing to me…"

The voice was loud enough for Willow and Tara to both turn. Drusilla stood in the middle of the room with Anya in hand and Giles in Spikes grasp.

"Oh I can barely stand the scent of it my dear Spike, her power was like lions blood caressing my throat and it just…oh it just sings to me."

Spike nodded and turned to Giles, a smirk across his vampiric face.

"Hey bloke, don't mind if this is a private tossle between us and red over there, right?"

Giles gasped and tried to free himself but could not. The only sound he made was the crashing sound of his body against the remains of the wall of the Magic box.

"ensnare!" Willow shouted waving her hand at the ground. Roots ripping up from the ground to bind Spike in his place.


A small but very force filled energy released from Tara's mouth as soon as Willow sent out hers and knocked her forward onto Giles who lay on the ground nearly unconscious as it was. Willow's hair strewn across her face as she tried to regain some sort of vision of her assailants.

Tara walked over to her with a mixture of regret and sadness on her face

"I'm sorry Willow, but if I have any chance of keeping you then I can't stop…I've grown powerful for the sole reason of the fact that I want to bring you back for good. I'm sorry if you cannot see that but it's the truth…if I'm ever going to get you back this is the only way."

Willow tried to get back up but Tara waved her arm muttering the words stay down and sent Willow down with a small amount of force. Willow looked up at her defiantly and tried once more to get up and again Tara sent her back down.

"Tara this isn't the way."

Tara shook her head and quietly said, "Yes it is…"

The voice wasn't hers anymore, the darkness within her bubbled to the surface with each and every breath she took and every bit of magicks she used to serve her purpose. Her eyes now blackened, the way Willow's had once done when magicks flowed through her.

"Back down now Tara."

Tara smirked.

"You know I won't do that Willow, I'm going to get you back."

Willow began to stand and Tara repeated her magicks again but was reflected back towards Tara with a wave of Willow's hand sending her stumbling back.

"You can have me back don't you see that? You are so darkened with your magicks, so consumed with its powers over you that you refuse to believe."

Tara circled Willow all the while keeping eye on Spike and Drusilla. Drusilla's eyes seemed fixated on the flames that were beginning to consume the building.

"Such pretty flames, sparked by lover's quarrels…such pretty flames."

"Well what can we say pet? None of the Scoobies have healthy relationships, all of them are nothing but a bunch of nutcases. A case of neurosis even dear old Freud couldn't cure with a lobotomy."

Willow looked over to the white-haired vampire and glared.

"How did you escape? You were sent to another dimension."

Spiked smirked and looked over at her.

"I'm sorry Willow, but if I can't have you either way then I'm afraid that I cannot stop…I'm sorry."


Tara shook her head and with a snap of her fingers Giles and Spike were gone. Only Illyria and Dru were all that remained of the group.

"Ooh blue one, we're going to have a pleasant conversation aren't we?" Said Drusilla in a playful tone as she twirled and smiled when she walked towards Illyria.

Illyria cocked her head to one side and grinned as she spoke

"I suppose we will."

Tara looked at Willow who maintained her battle stance and stared back into her dark eyes. Willow's kind green eyes seemed bright as they reflected in the darkness of Tara's eyes.

"So here we are…"

Tara blinked once and nodded her head.

"I so hoped it wouldn't have come to this."

"Don't worry I'll try not to hurt you."

Willow arched her eyebrow and waved her hand sending a telekinetic wave of energy in Tara's direction.

"That may be so Tara…but I will hurt you. I will do whatever's in my power to stop you, no matter the costs."

Tara was thrown off her feet but before she could reach the ground in a harsh landing she caught her and rose upward on pure will.

"I see." She said silently. Her head tilted downward and looked up with her eyes blazing.

"Incinerea" mouthed Tara as she held out her palm. The fireballs she had conjured before were nothing compared to the one she held now. The flames were more intense and if possible, more alive than the others. They seemed to be aware of the surroundings and just aching for a target.

"Do you know what this is Willow?"

Willow gave no answer.

"It's a flame stag enchantment…it is said that it is impossible to extinguish once the target had made contact with its flames. Amazing little gizmo really…only two sorcerers have been able to conjure it in this world, one of which belonged to the counsel when the first slayer was created, and the other is standing before you now."

Willow's eyes widened as she stood up. Her hair covering her face slightly as she stared at the ground refusing to make eye contact with her enchantment.

"Oh Willow, don't you want to see?" Tara asked mockingly.

Willow began to shake and tremble with her anger and sadness and looked up. The fire roared in the palm of her hand as she held it. Once the eye contact was established the flame soon alerted itself to her. Almost as if it wanted to attack her, making her the target.


Turning her head slightly in acknowledgement.

"Tara…you aren't the only magic toting Wicca in the room."

Willows hand whipped out in front of her and an exact duplicate of the flame stag enchantment appeared in her palm and assumed the same alertness of the flame in the palm of Tara's hand.

"I believe this qualifies me as the third to conjure the living flame…you're nothing special anymore."

Tara grew enraged for she remembered the time when Willow would have thought the world of her, she was her world and on some level it was still true.

"How dare you!"

Rage caused Tara to hurdle the flame at Willow almost catching her off guard until the life within her own conjured spell took note of the assault and launched itself from her hand. The two collided and exploded with enough energy aftershock to shove the two into the ground.

The pain of the impact caused Willow to wince in pain and almost cry out but Tara beat her to it. She had cried out in pain. Willow glanced over to her and saw that she had been knocked into an iron bar or pipe from the interior of the wall that had been obliterated by the battle before.

"Tara!" Willow cried out.

Tara glanced up at her with a spiteful look and glanced down at her wound.

"Oh that smarts…"

Through sheer magicks and mind power Tara's body lifted slowly off of the iron bar she had impaled herself accidentally upon. Little by little she came off of it. Blood staining the black paint coating the bar and dripping on the floor. Then with one final movement she gasped and was removed fully from the bar. Clutching her wound she looked at Willow with darkness filling her eyes.

"Tara?" Willow whispered.

With a smirk on her face she removed her hand.

"Willow…that hurt."

Willow's eyes filled with tears as she looked upon the hole in Tara's abdomen

"Tara please…I don't want to hurt you anymore."

Tara then sadistically began to push her fingers deep into her wound wincing lightly at the pain but seemed somehow to enjoy the pain she was inflicting upon herself.

"Mm…it tingles a little my love."

Willow looked upon her with pity and was almost overwhelmed with the sight of it all.


"Willow, please don't think I can be hurt by a simple imperilment do you? I'm so beyond that."

Dark energy sparks flowed all throughout Tara's fingertips and down toward where she had her fingers she had dug into her wound. She moaned slightly and the wound began to close and heal.

Then when she finally removed her fingers a small ripple of lights remained until they disappeared leaving nothing but her skin.

"I love this part, the witchey poos are going to be very cross from now on." Drusilla cooed as she stared at Illyria

Illyria cocked her head once more and grinned.

"You're mad. The demonic blood only ferments your madness half-breed."

Dru began to pout at what she was called by Illyria.

"Well you don't seem happy in the least my sweet, the voice in your head tells me you're not as clean as you claim to be. Freddles keeps screaming in your head."

Illyria began to pace towards Dru.

"You speak of the formal host of this body, it's shell I now inhabit. Her soul was shattered and ripped into oblivion upon my rebirth."

Drusilla opened her mouth in a wide smile.

"Ah yes I know my lovely, you sprung out of her like a parasite. No matter how her little light fought, galloping galloping you forced your way out."

Drusilla began to dance and writhe moving her hands suggestively around her torso and waist. Moaning at her own touch as she continued on.

"I wish you would stop your mindless dribble half-breed, your words are like daggers in my mind echoing and tearing."

Drusilla took that as the ultimate insult, past the half-breed comments and insults on her sanity, the fact that she dared insult her voice was enough for her to change quickly from the wide eyed beauty to a merciless killer vampire.

"Your time is up dear old one, kitty's got to test the sharpness of her claws and I think I've found my new scratching post."

Illyria began to chuckle and scoff under her breath.

"Oh my, does this mean I have to use my precious digit strength to incapacitate you?"

With no answer Drusilla lunged at Illyria with her now claw-like hands outstretched to attack and with a small amount of effort Illyria waved her arm manipulating time so that all that could be visible was Drusilla in suspended in mid air as if she were frozen in time. With a scoff and smirk Illyria slowly made her way opposite of Drusilla.

"Such a pity a creature such as you with an eternity to learn of your betters doesn't even know that she cannot hurt me."

Illyria released her time power over Drusilla who finished her attack with a loud crash towards a broken pillar. She got up and looked over to Illyria with a puzzled look and began to laugh maniacally.

"Such a tricky little bluebird, flew out of kitty's hands before she could have a nibble. Naughty little bluebird."


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