1A Ninja's Worst Nightmare

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Chapter 1: Step into Darkness

Summary: Nightmare senses a powerful energy in a very distant land, after losing Soul Edge to Siegfried, Nightmare heads to the lands in hopes of finding a power greater than the one he had before.

"Whatever" normal talking

"Whatever" talking in head

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Jutsu attack

"Go...follow that power," Soul Edge talking

A unknown battlefield somewhere in Europe...

Nightmare was killing nameless soldiers, collecting their souls when he felt a extremely powerful energy in the far distant!

"What power..." Nightmare said to himself "Go... follow that power, with that, I can become whole again. Perhaps more." said the Phantom Soul Edge, heeding his swords words, Nightmare left the battlefield and headed for that energy.

Years passed as Nightmare searched the lands he wandered before to find that the power he felt was not on these lands. To make things worse, the power he felt had diminished. "What happen to that power?" Nightmare asked his sword.

"It's been weakened, but it is still powerful." Soul Edge responded "This power is elsewhere, a place we never been before." Soul Edge continued.

Nightmare wonder where this power was when Soul Edge spoke up "I can use my power to bring us to that place. But I will go into slumber after that, you will need to collect souls to re-awake me." Soul Edge explained and began to glow a dark aura.

The aura then enveloped Nightmare and then he vanished as soon as the aura disappeared!

After Nightmare was enveloped by the aura, he founded himself in a field in the night, but the sky was red and orange. Nightmare knew why the sky was like that, it meant there was a fire, a big one.

Nightmare looked at the smoke that was trailing in the sky and hurried to the sight, his blood was tingling, the feeling of a battle was happening, actually to be more correct, a saluter.

In the Mist village after Zabuza's failed attempt on the Mizukage...

Shen was in his Dragon Drive destroying buildings and killing ninjas. He then felt a powerful energy heading towards him! "Th-This power, it more than anything I ever felted before!" Shen thought as he saw a warrior in azure, and a deformed right arm holding a weird giant sword, jumped from a fire on top of a building that he set ablaze!

"You have great soul, I will feast on it!" Nightmare yelled, "What the hell is this guy?!" Shen thought as he raised his sword to defend himself from Nightmare's weapon! Shen and Nightmare clashed their swords in fierce battle!

As they fought Shen felt the power that Nightmare possessed and was getting excited of facing a powerful enemy! After a hit with the two swords Shen had an opening and took it, but his sword was caught by Nightmare's deformed arm and he flung Shen into a building and the impact cause it to collapse!

"Damn, is guy isn't human. Nothing about him makes sense!" Shen thought to himself, "NO! I will not be defeated! Shen shouted in his mind meanwhile Nightmare was walking to the former building going to harvest Shen's soul when the building's rubble exploded!

Shen bursted with power and it surprised and pleased Nightmare, "Good, your power is impressive! It will be good nourishment!" Nightmare shouted and dashed at Shen and Shen dashed back with his sword!

Nightmare and Shen battled and destroyed most of the village. During their fight Mist ninjas got in their way and was just killed on the spot! Nightmare swung his sword and Shen countered the hits and threw a punch into Nightmare's chest plate and the hit made Nightmare stumble back!

"Nice punch, now try mine!" Nightmare shouted as he slammed Shen into the ground causing Shen to flop but he back flipped to regain balance, but Nightmare caught him with the back of his sword and made a crescent over himself and slammed Shen into the ground!

Shen tried to get back up but his stomach was killing him and his back that slammed into the ground with great force, but he still tried to get up, which surprised Nightmare, "Why do you continue to fight if you can't even stand right?" Nightmare questioned, "Because I want to be the best there is! I want to have invincible power" Shen declared

Shen got to his feet and moved his sword into a fighting position but then collapsed in front of Nightmare! Nightmare stood over Shen deep in thought, "I could take his soul and become more powerful, but I think he would make a great host for the Soul Edge!" Nightmare thought and grabbed Shen and flung him on his shoulder and left the village.

While on Nightmare's shoulder, Shen could feel Nightmare power radiant off of him and he could feel the power soak into him, "His power, it's incredible. I wonder what he wants with me?" Shen thought to himself as he passed out.

Nightmare made his way to a abandon house and he walked inside and dropped Shen on the floor. "I need souls, and I need to find that power. This boy's power is impressive, but that power is I felt before is still more stronger than his. But he has a locked potential, he will be a great host for Soul Edge." Nightmare thought and left to find victims.

Nightmare left the abandon house he traveled west of the house to find a village not to far away and got a sadistic grin on his face as he drew Phantom Soul Edge (For future references, I will only say Phantom instead of Phantom Soul Edge) and headed for the unsuspecting village.

Nightmare went to the closest house he could find and shot a beam out of his right arm! (I don't know if Nightmare can do that, but anything in this story that doesn't seem right about Nightmare, It's probably my doing)

The building exploded, alerting the entire village of an attacker! Nightmare started killing the helpless villagers and took their souls for his Phantom.

(Imagine a massacre and the village in flames)

Nightmare absorbed the villagers souls, but they weren't good enough to be consider nourishment. "I wonder if that boy up yet?" Nightmare thought and left for the house he left Shen in.

With Shen...

Shen awoke to see the roof of the house, "Where am I?" Shen thought as he tired to get up but his body was in pain and he couldn't, and fell back down to his back. Shen laid there in the same spot, he didn't move, or rather he couldn't move. He turn his head as he saw the warrior in azure armor enter the room.

"Who...who are you?" Shen asked, "My name, is Nightmare." the warrior said with a voice that would scare anyone. "What is your name?" Nightmare asked in return "Shen Hashigane." Shen answered.

"You have a locked power. If you come with me, you attain power beyond your dreams." Nightmare enticed, "Power?" Shen asked, "Yes, power. Now what do you say?" Nightmare asked.

Shen was thinking about the offer and notice the dark aura that surrounded Nightmare and his sword. "I accept." Shen said in a monotone voice.

"Good, now you're my servant. I expect you to follow my goals with no hesitation." Nightmare stated and Shen nodded. "Good, now hold still." Nightmare order as he moved his right arm over Shen's head and it glowed purple.

The color envelop Shen and healed his body, he also felt his charka changing into something...different.

"What's happening to me?" Shen asked Nightmare, "I infused you with the power of Soul Edge." Nightmare explained and that confused Shen. "What is Soul Edge?" Shen asked confusedly.

Nightmare explained about his travels and his battles in his land. He talked about Soul Edge's power and it's counterpart, Soul Calibur. He also explained why he came to this land, in search of the power he felt before coming he years ago.

Shen was interested in Nightmare stories and became more interested as he learned more about Soul Edge and it's power that now flows in his body.

"Now, let us travel the land in search of more souls for Soul Edge, one day you will wield Soul Edge if you prove your worth." Nightmare stated and Shen bowed to his new master and followed him out of the house and into his new life, the life of a soul collector for Soul Edge.

Three years pasted as Nightmare and Shen kill warriors with powerful souls, as result of the soul collecting and of Soul Edge's influence, Shen's sword was transformed into a mutated sword. (Just think of Shen's old sword with Soul Edge's features, no eyes)

Nightmare and Shen was traveling near the land of waves when they felt the a extremely powerful energy appear out of nowhere! "Th-that power, it's the one I've been searching for!" Nightmare said out load.

"Master, let us hurry! With that power we can create a more powerful Soul Edge!" Shen said with excitement and both of them hurried to the Land of Waves!

However, when they got there, the power had disappeared. "What?! What happened to that power?!" Nightmare asked himself out load.

Nightmare stayed in the shadows, while Shen talked around for information. The reason why is because Nightmare's...people skills. He wasn't really good at talking to people without scaring them!

Shen asked around when he came to the house of the one who worked on the bridge, Tazuna. "Hello? Anyone home?" Shen asked as knocked on the door, he heard footsteps coming to the door soon after.

"Hello there. What can I do for you?" Asked the women who came to the door.

"I can to ask the bridge builder, Tazuna something. Is he available?" Shen asked

"Yes he is, Father! Someone is here to see you!" The women called out.

A old man came to the door "Who are you?" he asked

"My name is of no importance, I just came to ask you about something." Shen responded

"If you want something, then tell me your name. I don't feel conformable talking to someone who's name I don't know." Tazuna explained

"Fine, My name is Shen Hashigane." Shen said

"Hashigane...where have I heard that name?" Tazuna wondered "So anyway, what didn't you want to know?"

"Do you know any strong ninjas that have been in this area for the past few days?" Shen asked as Tazuna lead him in the house.

"I know of a few, a squad of ninjas came from Konoha to protect me from Gato." Tazuna said as he explained how everything happened.

Shen was deep in thought when he heard Zabuza and Haku died a few days ago. "So where are these ninjas now?" Shen asked.

"They left a few days ago, heading back to Konoha." Tazuna answered and Shen thanked everyone for their generosity and left to find his master.

Shen headed to the spot where Nightmare was waiting and told him the information he learned.

"So we head to the mainland and to the land of fire? It's been a while since we been there." Nightmare recapped.

Shen nodded in agreement to his master when he realized something, "Master, I just remember something." Shen said catching the attention of Nightmare. "There is going to be an exam in Konoha for genin to advance to chunin. There is sure to be many souls there, powerful one." Shen explained, giving Nightmare excitement.

"Powerful souls, you say? So it just gives us a better reason to go to this 'Konoha,' right?" Nightmare asked and Shen nodded.

"But, might I suggest a new style of approach?" Shen asked, "What is it?" Nightmare asked

"There is going to be ninjas mostly from all over the land to participate in the exams, so I suggest that I infiltrate the exam as a genin from the Mist and examine the possible souls." Shen explained.

"Why can't we just attack and kill them all?" Nightmare asked and Shen shook his head "If we do that, the ninja from other villages we flee. Also I sense a upcoming chaos that would be more useful to us." Shen explained.

Nightmare closed his eyes and also sensed the coming chaos "Very good my apprentice. You have learned on how to sense coming chaos. Very impressive." Nightmare praised and they both headed for Konoha.

A/N(Author Notes) This is my new fiction! For those who don't know I made Nightmare jump dimensions. Nightmare's jump across dimensions had brought him to the time when Shen had betrayed his village along with Zabuza.

As for time, in Nightmare's dimension time is slower than the Naruto world, so his search was a few years in his dimension, but in the Naruto World it has been about ten years.