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I saw her reaching for the next package and I started to receive a feeling. Almost like a warning sign, that I should know what was about to happen and somehow find a way to stop it. Stupidly I pushed the feeling to the back of my mind to try to appreciate the first birthday any of us had been able to celebrate in years.

I was excited in my own way. She was my little sister, she had almost gotten herself killed to save my family, and I almost failed her. Still, I was glad that I could at least be in the same room to help her celebrate the very human role of growing older.

She stuck her hand under the package and I was waiting, feeling the tenseness and excitement of everybody in the room, even Rosalie, though she would never say that she was excited. She picked up the tiny package and started to open the paper.

That was when I smelled it. It was wonderful, floral, yet at the same time smelled rusty and salty. It was human blood, the most tempting substance known to all vampires.

The smell practically danced into my system. I growled as I felt my eyes turn the deepest black possible. Why hadn't I taken that hunting trip like Carlisle asked me to, when did I think that I had overcome this sensation of blood. I was fighting the urge to kill Bella and suck her dry with all of my might.

Poor innocent Bella, she didn't deserve to be hurt. Edward loved her; I can't do that to Edward. He'd been almost ostracized from our family because we were all couples, now that he's finally found someone I really don't want to ruin it for him. If she got hurt our family would fall apart. It would be all your fault and you'd deserve to feel their pained emotions for the rest of eternity.

All of those thoughts ran through my head in the split seconds it took for my resolve to weaken and finally crumble into dust. I unconsciously felt myself walk farther towards her. She had only just noticed how I was struggling. She looked frightened. I stopped moving.

That was when Edward sealed her fate, and therefore my fate as well. He moved toward her and pushed her. If only she could have fallen onto the floor, but she fell on crystal.

It pierced her skin and I saw the dark ruby red liquid bloom from her arm and drip down onto the floor. Every part of it drove me crazy. The sight of it alone made the venom drip from my waiting teeth. The smell and the sound completely crashed through the only part of me still holding on. I was no longer Jasper, the veggie vampire who tried to hold on for his family. I was now a bloodthirsty vampire that wanted nothing more then to quench his undying thirst.

I leapt for her, wanting the blood that was dripping down her arm and forming puddles around her shocked and pained form. Suddenly a wall was in front of me, I couldn't move no matter how much I struggled to get to the substance that I lusted for. I don't remember exactly what happened. All I know is I tried to kill Bella before my family managed to get me outside.

The fresh air brought me back to my senses. I saw Emmett and Rosalie holding me down. Rosalie felt almost smug whereas Emmett felt strained and pained. Alice just looked heartbroken. I broke free from there hold and ran out into the forest. The first thing I did was kill a number of deer and even a fox. I satiated my thirst for the time being.

I sunk to the ground of the forest thinking over the night. If anything happened it would be my fault. How could I have been stupid enough to loose control?

I sat on the cold ground for I don't know how long. It wasn't until I felt Alice walk into the forest, more specifically within range for me to clearly find what she was feeling.

"Jasper?" She asked timidly, this was the last thing that I had wanted. Not only making my family worry about me and Bella, but even going far enough to scare my wife. "It's okay Jasper, Bella harbors no ill feeling. Carlisle is taking care of her right now."

I didn't look up. I didn't deserve to. I could feel the love Alice was radiating, yet I knew that I didn't deserve her. She was my angel. She saved me from a life of killing innocent humans, many of whom could have been just in the wrong place at the wrong time like Bella always seemed to be. How did I repay her for her kindness and love? I try to take a bite out of one of her best friends. How could I have done that?"

"Please Jasper, It's my entire fault, I should have seen what was going to happen."

I looked up at her, trying to take away her guilt. "Alice it isn't your fault at all, we shouldn't have to rely on you for everything. I should have been able to control myself."

"It's not your fault…" I saw her freeze in a vision. She swore under her breath. I hugged her until she came out of her vision.

"What's going to happen?" I asked wondering what could make my gentle Alice swear.

She glared. "Edward is being all masochistic again. He's going to make us move because of the danger that we continually put Bella in. He's going to break her heart."

I put my head in one of my hands, feeling the guilt, Bella was going to be put in pain because of me.

"How is he going to be so stupid?" asked Alice, I wondered as well, when was he going to make it easier on all of us and just change her?

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