notes: ok you first story thing so don't blame me if it sucks!!!! any way, just tell me how i did so i can improve to future entertain you.

Children screamed as he approached, the cursed boy with red hair. The children ran when they saw his face but they screamed when they saw his eyes for those eyes knew things. Things the children did not. Those eyes knew pain and suffering, loss and hardship, the one thing those eyes did not know was….love. The children feared and hated him to such an extent that his life was threatened many times. His own father wanted him killed. Such a sad fate the boy had. They boy wondered why he was hated so much but deep down he knew. He knew why he was hated. It was because a monster was sealed inside of him. A great and powerful monster that could kill the entire village at once. The people in the village were blind. They did not see past the monster and thus pushed the boy farther away. They lonely boy wept. As Tears fell down his smooth face, glistening in the sun, he wondered why he was chosen. Why HE had to be the one with this hated fate. All the boy ever wanted was to be loved. To be cherished by someone and to love them back. The boy never learned of this. The small child was isolated off from the world and grew to only love himself. He began to hate every other being but him. He grew bitter and frightening. The boy had no chance of ever finding love.

One day the boy met another. He had striking blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes. The boy hated him like all the others, just leaving him alone as usual. The blonde haired boy, however, wanted to know him more, and talk. The boy was surprised and angry at his remark. The boy thought of ignoring him but when he looked deep into his eyes he saw they were the same as his own. This boy too knew what true pain and sadness was like. This boy was doing what he could not. This boy had enough strength and courage to reach out while he was a coward and closed himself off. The boy was truly ashamed of what a fool he had been. For the first time the boy smiled and was happy. The blonde haired boy was filled with joy to see his new friend so happy. Although the boy had to leave to a far off land he never forgot the important lesson he had learned and smiled every day since then.