Once there was a boy. He was always alone. This boy never knew the touch or love of another. The boy was an outcast.

The boy had striking blonde hair and beautiful turquoise eyes. The boy was different than everyone else, but not only in looks. The boy was unruly and disruptive but his spirit was strong and so was he. He was kind and understanding but when aggravated he would lash out with a fury rivaled by no one else. The boy truly was unique.

However, the boy had a dangerous secret. A secret not even he knew about. The villagers, on the other hand, did know about his dark secret and feared him because of it. the villagers were so afraid and angry at him they wanted nothing to do with the boy. For a long time the boy wondered what he had done to deserve this. His answer came to him on a dark but clear night. He was with his one and only friend in the world. His friend was much older than him, almost like a father, but a friend none the less.

The two were walking down an old, worn down road talking to one another. The sakura just began to bloom, but as if to show their sadness for the boy petals starting falling all around them. As the boy took in the strange sight the friend embraced him in a long hug, tears steaming down his face. The boy was shocked at this event and asked as to why he was crying. The friend however, ignored him and just apologized. The boy did not know what was happening and just stood there, jaws opened wide. When the friend was done he quickly took the boy in another embrace but this time he whispered something in his ear. The boy began to cry with anger and happiness at the same time. He had finally found out why everyone hated him. "Thank you! Thank you so much." They boy said. The friend wept as he said those words too happy to control himself and too thankful to stop. Later, as they continued down the path a smile escaped the boy, he had finally learned the truth.