Inspired by Lightspeed, Teen Titans Go! and X-Men: Evolution, comes a love-triangle fic I could not resist. As a note however – the relationship between Pietro and Wanda is more original X-Men influenced than Evolution influenced. Also, if you've noticed, the geography is a bit wonky as the two teams are on opposite coasts. But this shall be resolved in time.

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On the museum rooftop, Jinx reviewed the plan with the HIVE Five one more time.

"OK, we've all got it down right?"

"Ain't like there's much tah get down," said two Billy Numerouses.

"Yeah. All I gotta do is go down there and bust up their crud-tastic security system and we're in!" Gizmo grinned.

"Then we're free to take whatever we want!" See-More crowed.

"That's right! Now let's go!" Jinx encouraged.


"OK," Lance sighed. "We've got this down, right?"

"Heck yes!" Todd nodded.

"All I do is punch down the door then let Pietro do his thing." Fred recited.

"That's right. And if there's any trouble?" Lance asked.

"Me an' Wanda handle it!" Todd said, giving her a glance.

Wanda rolled her eyes. "You mean I'll handle it while you bounce around." She turned to stare out the window and he looked vaguely crestfallen.

"That's right. And I will be right outside so we can speed away immediately. No fooling around. Go straight for the visiting collection of jewels and artifacts. You know what you're supposed to get. We didn't make this trip all the way from Bayville for nothing."

"Come on, hurry up, can't you drive this thing any faster?" Pietro tapped his foot and fidgeted impatiently. "I could be there already, there and back for that matter if you didn't take so stupid long all the time."

"Pietro, please," Lance growled. "This car is cramped enough as it is, your complaining doesn't help. Look, we're almost there."

"About time," the silver-haired speedster snapped.

Lance pulled into an alley and then looked out of the window at the museum.

"Wait a minute… something's not right you guys…"

"There are people in there!" Pietro said, running up then back in an instant. "Somebody beat us to the robbery, I can't believe it!"

Lance sighed and closed his eyes. "Well, how did they get in? Did you notice any large hole in the walls?"

"Nope. Must have disabled the security."

"Well if they did that, then what are you waiting for? Go in there and grab what you can get! Hopefully they won't have taken anything we need. And don't let them catch you." Lance pointed. "We'll be waiting right here if anything goes wrong."

"Be back in a second. Literally," he grinned.

He dashed into the museum and immediately hid in the shadows, trying to get a look at the other criminals. Surprisingly, he saw that they were all kids, his age, maybe a bit younger for some of them. The thing on spider's legs looked like a grade schooler while the tall, burly one looked like he could be the short one's father. And with the one black-caped figure, it was impossible to tell if he was human, let alone adolescent.

As he was scanning, however, he noticed something; or rather, someone.

"Whoa…" he breathed, seeing a pink-haired girl outfitted in black withdrawing a necklace from a glass case. He zoomed closer, still being careful to remain out of sight, when he heard her speaking with another member of her team.

"This is what I came for." She waved her hand over the glass and with a pulse of pink light it opened. Pietro's eyes grew wide and he listened intently.

"Wait… isn't that necklace supposed to bring good luck? And if you're all about the bad luck…" See-More puzzled.

"It's just a dumb legend!" She shot back, clearly irritated.

'Bad luck?' Pietro thought. 'Sounds like Wanda…' He recalled suddenly that his team was waiting and he dashed out with an armful of valuables from a room somewhat further back. Dumping them in the back seat, he went to make a second round when he noticed the other team leaving.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar rush of air and even from across the street he could see the surprise in the faces and hear the shock in the voices of the other group as their objects disappeared out of their hands. They were irate for a moment and then the alarm went off. He noticed that the girl had lost the necklace but now had a rose and they were running away as quickly as possible – for them, anyway.

'Another speedster? And if he meant to stop the crime he probably put it back…'

In an instant he dashed back inside, stole the necklace and ran up to her, putting it around her neck then speeding back to the car.

"What was that about?" Lance grumbled, starting the vehicle.

"Alarms are going off," Pietro breathed. "Later. Just get us the heck away, OK?"

With a squealing of tires they drove off into the night, leaving behind a hero who didn't know that his work was partially undone and a villainess who was puzzled by both the rose and the sudden reappearance of the necklace.


The next morning resulted in a series of puzzlements for those across the city.

Kid Flash was curious as to why the necklace had still been missing, though he clearly remembered putting it back, to say nothing of the fact that more had been stolen from the museum than he had seen the HIVE members with. There must have been someone else at the crime, he concluded, but couldn't figure out why he hadn't noticed that person.

Jinx was venting, as ever, at her team, puzzled as to why the same person who replaced the necklace with the rose would then give the necklace back moments later. There must have been two people, she concluded, but she hadn't been able to catch the sight of either one of them or explain who they could be since the Titans were gone – and even if they weren't, none of them would mess her around like this. She puzzled and Gizmo teased until she finally shut him up, leaving her with a pleasing silence but no answers.

Lance was confused about what had gone on with Pietro in the last few moments of the robbery. Not that he was complaining; what Pietro had stolen was worth plenty on the black market. But he'd gotten weird towards the end; and to top it all off, once they got back to the hotel room they'd rented for the night, he announced that he wanted to stay in Jump City a little bit longer. He wouldn't give a reason but pushed them away, insisting that it was an expense he'd cover himself and assuring them not to worry. Lance, unconvinced, decided to let the rest of the Brotherhood begin the lengthy trip back to their house while he stayed behind to find out what.

In the end, the efforts of all were frustrated and there was nothing to do but wait for an opportunity to get more information.


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