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Introducing the players


"Well I think its quite lovely, don't you agree Kagome?" Mai asked dropping the last box on the ground of her new home.

"Yea if we were in the 60's" The ten year old replied looking around her new house. Kagome was not your young Japanese girl. Her greatest fears were the color pink and anything to with a dress. Yes , you could say Kagome was an average tomboy.

Looking outside the window she could see two demons around her age playing on the court made in their front yard. Now that was what she would rather be doing, BASKET BALL her savior and her life's purpose. Her dream was to one day to move to America and join the WNBA better yet the NBA.

"Kagome if you would get your mind from out doors, you would see that this is a very nice place and for a great price in the upper class in Tokyo." Said Kagome's mother getting her second Childs attention. "Now go get change so we can go pick up dinner. Kikyo and your father should be pulling up soon."

At the mention of her sisters name reminded her why she was glad that they had moved. No more sharing rooms with the thirteen year old. Kikyo wasn't that bad they seldom got into a fight. But she was always the dream child of their small family. To make it worse her mothers dream child. She was the perfect shooter HA, not in basketball but in archery .

Her mothers family descended from royal priestesses centuries ago. And Kikyo had been the one born with the spiritual powers. Kikyo held the looks, beautiful ebony hair that went straight down her back, honey brown eyes, the some what great body for her age and the smarts. Leaving Kagome the plain but also unique look blueish-blackish hair adorned her heart shape face which fell down her back in a sloppy braid, flat chested which was probably normal for her age, average grades, and round dark blue eyes. But what she believed she had the best talent of all, basketball.

Walking toward her room down stairs from her parent and sister. Her room by her choice was painted a royal blue with none matching basket ball game souvenirs her father brought her from his job, he was a sports editor. Walking over toward her bed that was posted sideways against the window.

"Wow what a nice view." She thought to her self gazing for the first time out the window to the beautiful house a few yards away. The house was not huge but shined in comparison with her own. Even the space between the two house was decorated in a beautiful small garden of calla lilies and lilacs. And a small well house decorated the yard.

Almost forgetting her reason for coming in her room she quickly changed out her work clothes into something the least different. A loose pair of jeans and a big Dallas Mavericks t-shirt her father a gave her from his trip to America. She placed a cap on top of her head pleased with her outfit.


"Kikyo I hear you and Kagome's new school has an excellent cheer leading squad they sound really nice. Isn't it going to be fun going to school with kids instead of home school. What do you think sweetie?" Mai asked placing the last dish on the table.

"Yes mother it sounds inviting but I must check in to my schedule because of practice I must spare my time with such activities." Replied Kikyo preparing to eat. "What about you Kagome would you be willing to try out with me?" teasing her little sister.

"Yea if you'd be willing to remove that giant stick out you're a-" Kagome shut her mouth because of look she was receiving from her mother. This was their average dinner, arguing with Kikyo and getting in trouble with her mother as her father sat eating his food. He must had decided not to join this argument, usually he would side with her.

"Mother I've been thinking about visiting grandfather for study and getting ready for my tournament. Also I hear there are a lot of demons attending our school why must we live here with that filth why not move back to Shikoku with grandfather and grandmother where you barely see those things!" Kikyo said crossing her arms.

"Sweet heart you know your fathers job has moved him here for a while and until something else happens we are going to be here for a while." Said the 36 year old reasoning with her daughter.

Kagome got up quietly not wanting to hear the rest. Kikyo meant good but sometimes she didn't know how to shut her mouth and as for the demons she wouldn't mind being around them since she had only seen a few in her whole life. She knew her family loved her but that didn't change the fact that she felt like a loner and had little friends. She opened the front door quietly heading outside.


"Sesshoumaru that's not fair you cant do that to me!" Wailed the twelve year old hanyou trying to step his defense up against his older half brother. It wasn't going to make a difference his brother was about the court .

"Inuyasha you would make father ashamed if he came here and saw you playing like this you need to bend down lower." The thirteen year old Sesshoumaru replied emphasizing the move

Number 31 Inutashou Taisho was once one of the best Basketball players in the world, he starred with Americas, Michael Jordan. Now days he was a scouter for good basket ball talent.

"Now Sesshoumaru you know your father is not going to love any of his kids less because of sports." Sakura said to her son referring to her hanyou step son. Yes Sesshoumaru was full demon just like her but she still accepted Inuyasha as her own. A few years after Sesshoumaru was born Inutashou had an affair with a human escort after a party. When Inuyasha was born his mother left saying he could have a better life without her. Being the kind but strong demon that she was she accepted the half breed as her own. But she didn't go down with out making her husband promise his full commitment. "Well I'm going in the house to get started on dinner. Dont go too hard on him" She teased, she raised from the bench walking toward her beautiful home.

Living in a smaller house away from so many people did the family some good. When it came to out doors activities like this.

"Sesshoumaru if you keep saying that I'm going to have to kick your as-" The Hanyou was interrupted getting ready for one of their daily fights but in the end he always lost.

"Hey can I play?" Came the soft but stern new coming voice of Kagome. Adjusting her hands on the ball that had recently been tossed by the silver haired dog eared demon.

"Hey Sesshoumaru she can take my spot for a while ." Inuyasha said laughing thinking this would be better then a fight with his brother

"Hn you think I'm going to diminish my self to play against a human female. Go back home and play with your dolls. Come Inuyasha let us prepare for dinner." Turning on his heel he turn towards his home heading for the door when a ball came and connected with his head, forcing him to the ground.

Kagome knew he was a strong demon and that made her even madder, NO one told her to go play with dolls!!! "To think I almost thought you were a ball player, I must have been mistaken because a real ball player turns down nobody not even the toughest. You're just weak "

"Take that back!" Demanded the demon already back on his feet. He didn't like when people disrespected him or his game.

"Play me and prove me wrong and if you win I will take it back but if u don't then u have to admit you were beaten by a human FEMALE." Kagome challenged. "Plus you have to buy me some M&Ms because that's what I need to make me feel better." She smiled knowing it had to make him madder.

Inuyasha watched from the side sipping his coke. This girl was either stupid or had some strong balls to challenge his brother. But in his eyes she was his savior because he didn't quite like basketball that much.

"Fine first to ten. Check." He harshly checked the ball to her. Which she mirrored him by doing the same back. She got in her defense position. Sesshoumaru decided to be funny and play a few tricks with the ball. But Kagome took this to her advantage stealing the ball and making a shot.


Inuyasha watched the game with interest as the game went on. Seeing someone put his brother on his heels made him laugh. They didn't seem to care about the score any more he lost count in the 50's and they had been playing for an hour now to demons this was nothing but to humans in must had been torture. He was going to remind them when his step mother beat him to it.

"SESSHOUMARU INUYASHA TIME FOR DINNER!" Their mother yelled from the door.

Sesshoumaru almost cringed at the call of his name. This human had talent, the first one to ever get him to sweat other then his father and tutors. " You will be here tomorrow so we can finish this game." He straighten his long loose silver ponytail and wiping the sweat from above his golden eyes. Turning on his heels he walked into his house not waiting on her answer because he already knew the answer.

Kagome smirked not mentioning that she had been ahead of him by 4 points. All that mattered is that she made a companion. And she wasn't going to ruin that.


After taking her bath and getting ready for school the next day she laid in her dark room listening to the radio. She saw a light flicker against her ceiling looking out her window she saw Sesshoumaru in his room next to hers he didn't see her because he was to busy getting ready for bed. She smiled, yes living here would seem to be very amusing specially seeing the look of shock on the cute demons face when she beat him in basketball game tomorrow with her mind on that she drifted off to sleep . Her mind on the next days events.


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