1st Quarter

You could call it the bus from hell. They had long since forsaken the smooth roads and made acquaintances with the hard rock gravel. The trees were magnificent but also consistent, nothing like the city. Yet, no one could say the scene wasn't beautiful. The only sign of knowing the bus was headed toward any destination was the old hand painted signs that appeared every few miles.

Kagome looked away from the window. They had been on the road for hours. She laughed, for her school to be known across the country, you would think they could afford a better bus. Luckily, before they were completely out of the city they had made a bathroom stop. She could not think of using the smelly bathroom in the back of the bus.

Everyone around seemed to find ways to occupy themselves, music players, magazines, books, even talking with their neighbors.

She didn't know if it was a good or bad thing that she was sitting by herself. She wasn't even the only human here. There were a handful on the cheer squad and there were the water girls. If Sesshoumaru was on the bus with her she would have had someone to talk with.

The administration made it clear that the two genders ride on separate buses. She could understand, the last thing the school wanted was a pregnancy break out especially knowing how horny and sneaky some of these teens were.

"Why would Mr. Onigumo choose this as our retreat?" someone asked.

Kagome looked at the brochure she drew all over. It seemed this was a historic place. It had famous ancient artifacts over 500 years old. Who would have thought with this place being lost in the forest?

The bus jolted to a stop. Her coach stood, "Okay ladies lets grab our belongings. The village people do not like vehicles past this point, so we are going to have to foot it from here on out."

Everyone complained especially the cheerleaders, but slowly grabbed their bags and got off the bus. The boys seemed to be doing the same.

Once everyone was off, Mr. Onigumo began to speak, "the village is straight past this forest you get lost you're on your own!" he picked up his bag and started jogging. The adults and some students followed his lead.

The remaining students grouped up and headed for the forest. Times like this is when she needed Inuyasha the most! She looked around for Sesshoumaru, she spotted him. There he was talking to Mytoki, MISS PERFECT.

Kagome paced over to the couple.

Mytoki abruptly stopped talking when she saw Kagome walk over. Looking Kagome up and down, Kagome was a strange human. She never did her hair nor make up but had a quite pretty peach face. She always wore lose clothes but still seemed built. She didn't really know nothing about this girl other then the rumors of her being some weird miko AND that she played basketball, she was also rather close with her future partner.

"Hey guys" Kagome smiled uneasy, any human female would feel uncomfortable next to Mytoki, she was drop dead gorgeous. She had long golden locks the fell down her back, stunning green eyes and natural red lips. To top it all off she was the head cheerleader.

Sesshoumaru nodded, "let us hasten our pace. It will be getting dark soon." He grabbed Kagome's yellow bag along with Mytoki's. He started off along with Kagome.

Mytoki frowned, she was not expecting a third wheel. She really wanted some alone time with Sesshoumaru. 'I hope this human finds someone else to follow!' she sauntered after them.

Kagome had never seen such a forest. It seemed like it had so many secrets every rock and tree had a story to share. The forest also gave her a eerie feeling, as if someone or thing was watching her. She could hear birds singing in the trees and a lot of unknown sounds. A couple feet off she could see a small pond with lily pads floating. It was now explicable why they choose here for an escape.

She looked over at her somewhat best friend, he always looked so tense. She wondered had he even looked around at the beautiful earth. By the disgust look on Mytoki's face, she could tell she felt the opposite.


"Yes Kagome?" he answered not looking her way.

"Have you ever been to a place like this? I mean…so peaceful?"

He paused, "My father would take me and Inuyasha out in woods similar to these and he would teach us how to hunt, but to answer your question no I haven't seen a forest as beautiful and peaceful as this Kagome." He looked at her then back ahead.

"Awh Sesshoumaru if you think this is beautiful you should visit daddy's beach house down south." Mytoki added "you have to join us when summer comes."

They reached the clearing of the forest. This was not what Kagome expected. This was something she was use to seeing in her history books.

The village was placed next to a grand lake. Tress surrounded it. Horses could be seen resting next to the lake. Behind the village there was one large building that stood out. It didn't seem to fit in. it look as if they were newly built.

A elderly woman could be seen meeting them. She had long grey hair and a patch over her left eye . You could tell she was a Miko. The woman and Narku shared a short private conversation. The woman walked over in front of the large group and did a quick bow "Welcome, my name is Kaede we have been waiting. If Ye follow me ill show ye where ye sleeping quarters are."

The village had much going on. Animals ran freely around. Villagers around were busy doing their daily duties, humans and demons working together. They passed several huts were people were poking their heads out seeing what the ruckus was.

Kaede continued to guide them through the village and pointed out different things. Everyone seemed to be very interested. After all, some of their parents were born in the Seno Jaiku.

The last stop was the big building Kagome had noticed earlier. It was guarded by a huge barrier. Kaede touched it and it disappeared. "These doors right here will lead ye into the museum. ye will not be going there today." She walk pass the double doors and around to the back of the building. There was another smaller building connected to the museum this one resembled a motel. It had two floors both lined up with different color doors. "This is where our visitors stay. I will meet ye all later for supper" she bowed lightly and left.

Mr. Nao, one of the boy's coaches took her spot. "You were all given a partner and a room key" he pulled out his own room key to show everyone. "Ladies this side and gentlemen around the corner! Get freshened up and meet us at the main shrine in a hour"

Kagome reached in her back pocket for her room key. "Looks like my room is just right there" she pointed upstairs at a door not too far away. She took her bag from Sesshoumaru

"Thanks" she smiled.

"Don't get use to it" he warned with a smirk. "So who was lucky enough to share rooms with you?"

"Haha very funny but since you care so much its Naomi" she slung her bag over her shoulder.

Before he could respond Mytoki chirped in.

"Sesshoumaru do you mind bringing my bag to my room for me" she asked sweetly placing her arm around his. "That's if you don't need anything else Kagome?" You could almost see the sarcasm dripping from her beautiful red lips. She was smiling but her eyes read something else.

"OH NO I'm fine" Kagome waved her hands in front of her. "You two go ahead don't let me stop you"

"Ok great we will see you around then" Mytoki tried slightly tugging Sesshoumaru the opposite direction.

He pulled away slightly "Kagome I will meet you in a hour, I will escort you to dinner."

Kagome smiled brushing some of her loose locks behind her ear. She looked away trying not to see the looks Mytoki was giving them both. "Ok see you then Fluffy"

The couple walked away but not without Mytoki giving her a look that said one thing for sure, I HATE YOU!

Kagome walked to her room she stuck the card key in the door and opened it. The room was a decent size for two people. It was adorned with flower wallpaper and two futons in each corner the futons had the same identical orange wool blankets. There was two doors, one turned out to be a small bathroom and the other a closet.

The room was empty, 'Naomi must still be outside' she thought. She sat her bag on her bed and started pulling out various items for her shower. The bathroom was very small consisted of a toilet, sink, and shower.

The warm water was a welcomed relief. It felt amazing to wash away all the sweat and dirt. True it was she might not be the most girlish but she did believe in personal hygiene.

She closed her eyes as she lathered her thick dark locks. It was something about this place that left her feeling uneasy. It was strange she felt as if she had a connection with this place. But why? She had never been here at least not in this lifetime.

Lately she had been having these weird dreams. There was a women in her dreams, a women not from her time by her look you could tell she was a miko maybe even a princess, she was beautiful with long dark hair. The woman wore armor over her clothes and carried a sword. The woman didn't appear to want to hurt her, she just stood there smiling as if she was waiting. Each dream the women got closer, last night she was only a few feet away. Kagome could not tell where they were, everything was so bright. 'Maybe I should ask her what she wants.' she shook her head as she cut the water off "Just great now I'm having lesbionic dreams" she said aloud.

She grabbed her big red towel and dried off her face and hair, she wrapped it around her small frame. She gathered all of her belongings and exited the bathroom

Naomi was sitting on the opposite bed. She had already unpacked and had her bathing supplies sitting on her bed. Kagome didn't know what type of youkai she was for sure but if she had to guess she was a fox demon. Naomi had short auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her face covered with little red freckles, she had a fluffy tail that matched her hair.

"Hey Kagome" she spoke unsurely.

"Hey" Kagome replied, Naomi wasn't the worst person she could have been roomed with. Actually Naomi was cool people even though they never spoke outside of the court.

They sat there in silence as Kagome got dressed. Naomi gathered her things and entered the bathroom before she shut the door she turned towards Kagome, "Kagome may I ask you something?

"Of course anything" she leaned her head to the side as she braided her hair. She was secretly anxious to know what.

"Why are you so different from other humans..errr I mean how are you so strong and fast? You're like no human or miko I've ever seen before?" she paused for a few seconds "its just hard to believe that you're some dark miko and I've never seen you harm a fly?" It felt so good to ask Kagome these questions, she had always wanted to ask she just never had the chance plus she didn't want to get purified.

"IM NOT A DARK MIKO..umm.. I've never really been trained to be a miko….that's always been my sisters thing" she looked away "I mean..I could sit here and tell you that it runs in my family but I'm as lost as you" it grew silent " I even asked my doctor was it a chance I got bite by a radioactive spider when I was a baby" she started laughing making the awkward tension disappear instantly. "you should have saw his face!"

Naomi started laughing too. As crazy as it was she had never held a conversation with her team captain, well a conversation other than basketball. "I'm sorry, I hope you didn't take that the wrong way. Maybe everyone wouldn't treat you different if they only tried to talk to you."

"It's fine, graduation will be here in no time." She looked up at the freckle-faced youkai and smiled, a beautiful smile that made the youkai blush "Thank you."

Naomi nodded still blushing she shut the door.

Kagome had just finished unpacking when she heard a light tap at the door. She opened it, there stood her friend looking perfect as always. He had changed into a nice black jacket with matching bottoms.

"You ready?" he asked stepping in.

"yes…err where's your bitch..i mean Mytoki?" she laughed as she slipped on her shoes.

He ignored her comment but still smirked "I told her to wait outside"

They walked down the stairs and toward Mytoki who looked pissed at the world. Kagome didn't waste her breath speaking.

Mytoki felt like screaming she finally got a chance to spend quality time with her Sesshoumaru and here he was feeling sorry for this whore. Someone needed to tell her being a third wheel was not mind only wandered 'I've got to get rid of this bitch' she smiled walking closer to Sesshoumaru.

The trio entered the shrine. There were three long wooden tables that sat a few feet off the ground. The tables were accented by satin pillows to sit on, they took a seat. Two middle aged women soon came and placed empty plates and bowls of rice in front of them.

The administration seemed to be eating along with a few villagers. They sat at the farthest table. the other two tables soon filled with students.


"So Lady Kaede have you heard any rumors of the Shikon No Tama resurfacing?" Onigumo asked sipping his tea.

"Ne I have been told no such thing." Kaede looked at the hanyou sitting across from her. There was something about this Onigumo character that didn't sit right with her. His aura just read bad and it wasn't because he was a demon. She had told part of the truth. Yes the jewel had reentered this world again she had felt it almost two decades ago. After that she hadn't felt it again.

"You are the keeper of the chain that was made from the gods, the chain that helps you use the jewel to its complete power" he shot back, he knew this old hag would give him nothing but avoidance. "I'm sure you felt it as much as I did, you know also the jewel is back in japan it has been gone for centuries. If anyone knows about the jewel it would be you?"

"Ye speak only half the truth Mordoriko herself gave my ancestors the honors of watching over the Gizu Ni. My only duty is to give the Gizu ni to the Shikon maiden when she comes in which she will, it has been written in blood that she will one day come and retrieve it. The Shikon No Tama is no business of mine. If I may ask you why are you so interested in this?"

He smirked "I major in history I just like to know facts." His plan with the jewel was his business alone. "so is it true only your blood can touch the Gizu Ni?"

"ie ye speaks correctly only me and the Shikon maiden can break the barrier around it." She sipped her own tea "don't get ye self purified by wanting to know facts Onigumo-san."

" I wouldn't want that Lady Kaede, now if you will excuse me I would like to go retire for the evening." He bowed and stood.


Kagome was starving and took no time to start eating as soon as they filled her plate with fish, cabbage rolls, and pickle vegetables. Sesshoumaru and herself held a calm conversation as they ate. Mytoki took the rest of his attention. Mytoki was acting nice to her adding her into some of their conversations.

Mr. Onigumo walked between both of the tables. "Tomorrow is very special I have a surprise for all of you AND I expect everyone to respect curfew and be in bed by nine O clock, you don't want to know what's going to happen if I catch you any of you past then!" he stormed out.

Everyone continued eating as if they hadn't heard a thing.

"Kagome this tea is delicious would you like some more?" Mytoki asked motioning toward the fresh tea pot that had been sat at the end of the table.

Kagome looked at her almost empty cup, she really didn't want anymore but since Mytoki was being so nice she didn't want to offend her "sure, that would be great"

Mytoki smirked she secretly unhooked the top to the pot. She stood and moved around Sessoumru where she was standing over Kagome who sat with her cup held up. 'Take this you slut'

Kagome inwardly smiled, maybe she had been wrong about Mytoki maybe they could be allies. Maybe one day they could even be-


Before kagome could finish her thought she felt the rather warm liquid plunge down all over her.

"OH NO" Mytoki shrieked "I'm so sorry those baka women must of not put the top on here good."

Sesshoumaru had been having a good dinner he was pleased with Mytoki for being nice to Kagome. Everything was going great until his soon to be partner poured a whole pot of tea on his dear friend.

The room grew silent.

Kagome looked down at her now soaked see through shirt. Her underwear was even soaked everyones eyes were on her. Laughter could even be heard. She looked at Sesshoumaru who was searching for a towel, his dark golden eyes looked apologetic, he looked like he had wasted it his self.

A male voice from the other table shouted " I GUESS SHES NOT A WITCH SHE DIDN'T MELT!" the room exploded in laughter.

Kagome quickly got up, she stood in front of Mytoki who tried to look distressed but was holding back her own laughter. 'SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE!' she wanted so bad to slap the evil youkai but instead she turned and left.

Sesshoumaru stood getting ready to go after her. Mytoki grabbed his arm trying to stop him.

"Sesshoumaru I feel so bad that really was a accident baby" she said batting her eyelashes.

"for your life it better have been" his cold gold eyes froze her right in her spot. He stepped away from her and went after Kagome.

Mytoki stood there looking at the door,' He LOVES her?' Her heart sped up 'NO he cant! That's impossible he's a inuyoukai he couldn't HE WOULDNT DARE..that BITCH has put a spell on him..that has to be it!'


Kagome almost made it to her room before Sesshoumaru came grabbing her arm "Kagome wait" her eyes were glossy yet a tear hadn't dared to drop.

"if I didn't need them to win a championship I would kill them all for being so juvenile" he wrapped the towel around her.

"right and what about the BITCH that caused all of this? Kill her then!" she shot back

"Kagome," he started, he took a step closer. It was so dark the only light was the moon and the stars that shone around the couple. "It was a accident you know Mytoki wouldn't do something so spiteful."

"Bullcrap Sesshoumaru! You are a inuyoukai! I know you can practically taste the loathe rolling of the girl when I'm around, she hates me and she doesn't even have a reason, nobody does! My own race doesn't even like me. They all just love to think I'm some evil witch whore fucking you and your dad! They don't want to believe I am a hard working HUMAN who shares a great friendship with you and your family"

"Kago-" she cut him off.

She couldn't take it anymore she was tired of being so nice and letting everything go. " I can't take it anymore Sesshoumaru I'm about ready to pop. I'm always expected to let things go or ignore what people say about me but I'm tired Sessh. I want to do bad things, I want to be mean and let everyone have it…i..i..can't take it anymore you hear the things they say about me you see how they treat matter how hard I work they still find ways to bring me down..What the hell a witch really? They just don't like the fact that I'm a human and I'm not weak!" she dived into his arms " I don't want to be sweet anymore Seesh" her voice got lower to where the ending was barely a whisper.

Sesshoumaru heard every word he hugged his dear friend tight he didn't care that she was soaked with dark tea. He didn't know she felt this way. Kagome always appeared to be so strong she never seemed to let what people say about her bother her, he idolized her for it. That's why he never bothered saying anything to his peers about it, Kagome never wasted her breath about it so he looked at it as being petty also. But to see her so hurt rattled him deeply.

He pulled back, his golden eyes shone into her midnight blue orbs "I like my tea sweet" he didn't know why he wanted her to smile so bad. When she caught on to what he meant there it was it grew slowly and for some reason it made his stomach flop. "Kagome we graduate in a few months and you will not have to see these idiots again I do not want you to do anything that might hinder your education, so just stay little sweet Kagome"

They stood there staring at each other for what seemed like hours, amber in contrast to midnight blue. She slowly drifted out of her stupor. Sesshoumaru and her had never had such a heart to heart talk. it felt good to know he truly understood her. Being this close to him made her notice how beautiful he was and how good he really smelt, great exactly what she needed but even when she glanced away he still stood there and stared at her.

Sesshoumaru stared at his childhood neighbor, he never really noticed how attractive Kagome was he never took her as being ugly just plain, looking at her now he had to change that thought. Her beautiful big round eyes and plump pink lips, he could only wonder how the tasted-what? No! He couldn't see her like that especially at her vulnerable time like this. "Would you like me to say something to them?" he asked breaking the silence and to change his thoughts.

"What NO! We are a week away from a championship the last thing we need is drama within the team. I have disregarded it this long what's a few more months?" she took a few steps back. "I guess I'll go in as you can see I need a shower, It seems we have a busy day tomorrow anyways"

He straightened his clothes and looked away his stoic mask back in place. "You are correct I can hear the others headed this way, until then Kagome" he gave her a quick glance and he was gone.

Kagome stood there looking at the sky. What did this trip have in store for her? She beamed "at least I have my fluffy here with me" she turned and entered her room.


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