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This story tells what happens when a supposedly dead Nadia Santos returns after three years of captivity to find that her husband Eric Weiss has married someone else.

I don't own any of the characters, JJ does.

When A Heart Breaks


"For as long as there is breath left in my body, my son will not be named after a fruit, a basketball player or a porn star," a very pregnant Rachel Gibson-Weiss mockingly complained to her husband of seven months, Eric Weiss. The two were having dinner at Sydney and Vaughn's house and now the topic had turned to naming the Weiss's unborn baby boy.

"Ron is my uncle's name and honestly I have never even seen a Ron Jeremy film in my life," Eric responded and took another sip of his beer. Now that Rachel was pregnant and not drinking any alcohol, he had a permanent designated driver as he had humorously noted on many occasions.

"Your uncle's name is Raymond and you owned a large Ron Jeremy video collection when we were in college. It's not nice to lie to the woman who is carrying your child," Michael said while eyeing his best friend with a laugh.

Sydney had been quiet for some time now, she had just watched the threesome interact with each other. These nights where harder for her than she would have ever thought. Every time Eric was present, she couldn't help but to think about her sister Nadia who had died almost three years ago on her and Eric's honeymoon in Tahiti.

She liked Rachel and was thankful of her to helping Eric through his grief and making him smile again. Still she couldn't help herself in picturing what this scene would look like if her baby sister had been allowed to live and spend the rest of her life with the man she loved.

She looked at Michael who was telling Rachel a funny story from Eric's college days to the embarrassment of his friend who protested and tried blocking his wife's ears with his hands. After losing her sister, Sydney had made a promise to live every moment of her life to the fullest and only then, she truly got what having Michael meant to her.

She treasured all those memories she had of her baby sister, she missed her laughter, her smile and her winning personality. Nadia had been taken away from her way too soon and in her sorrow, Sydney had watched Eric and Nadia's wedding video many times now just to see her sister at her most happiest.

Her musing ended when she could hear her daughter Isabelle's cry through the baby monitor. As she was getting up, Eric intervened and asked if he could possibly sooth his goddaughter to get some practice before his own child was born. Sydney agreed in a heartbeat and watched the raven-haired man go to the other room to tend for her and Michael's five-month old daughter.

Michael and Rachel were deep in conversation and Sydney didn't want to interrupt. She excused herself and followed to the nursery. She watched in fascination when Eric was changing her daughter's diaper and making funny faces in an effort to stop Isabelle's crying. Sydney was positive that he'd be a great dad to his son when he was born in a few months time, she was just sad that Nadia didn't have a change to have children, like she had desperately wanted.

"Sydney, your phone is ringing," Rachel said as she interrupted Sydney's thoughts and handed the other woman a cell phone. As Sydney answered, Rachel waddled back to the dining room where Michael was clearing the table.

"Something major came up, I need you to come right now to the office. Take Michael with you and see if you can reach Weiss, this is incredibly urgent," came the voice of her father Jack Bristow on the other end of the line before she could even say hello.

"Eric is here with me, we are having dinner. We'll be there in a moment," Sydney said changing back to agent mode and gestured to Eric to put Isabelle back to her crib. Something in her dad's voice scared her, it was the same one he had used when Nadia had died.

"You need to get going? Something big is going down? Don't worry about a babysitter, I'll stay and watch Isabelle. I'm on maternity leave and Eric won't let me anywhere near the CIA in fear that I might want to get back to work." Rachel noted with understanding and Sydney nodded to her direction in gratitude.

In an anticipating silence, the three agents exited the house and made their way to the car. Michael sat in the driver's seat while Eric had called shotgun and was sitting in the passenger's seat. Sydney took a familiar seat in the backseat of the car, she never managed to get the shotgun position, and Weiss always called it before she could even think about the seating arrangement.

Jack Bristow was on pins and needles standing outside of a hospital room watching what was happening inside. There sat a very much alive Nadia Santos who was being examined by the doctors. He hadn't fully wrapped his head around that the dark-haired woman was indeed present in the room and his eyes were not deceiving him. When he had gotten the call, he had been sure that someone was playing a cruel trick on him. He had after all comforted both his daughter and wife during her funeral three years ago and accompanied Irina to visit her gravesite on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

Irina was sitting next to her daughter's bedside, not taking her eyes off of Nadia. She looked happy, confused, elated and tired while half-listening the doctor's words, the man in the white coat couldn't say anything that would have been more important than getting to see her daughter alive again.

After Nadia's 'death', Irina had felt closest to Jack than she had in years and they had found common ground. All those supposedly buried feelings had surfaced and today they were more in love and in sync with each other than ever. Even in her years as Laura Bristow, Irina hadn't felt this connected to the man who had fathered her oldest daughter.

Irina hadn't heard of Nadia's father Arvin Sloane for years now, he had attended the funeral and then vanished. She suspected that the man had something to do with Nadia's supposed death and captivity. If anyone could pull it off, it would be Sloane, who changed allegiances more often than Julian Sark did and his only real loyalty lay with Rambaldi. If indeed Sloane was behind this, she would kill him with her bare hands even after her jump to the good side. No one who put her family through that kind of agony deserved to live in Irina's opinion.

Jack heard a familiar pair of footsteps approaching and without taking his eyes off of Nadia and Irina, he could tell that those belonged to his daughter. Jack had arranged that only Sydney was allowed to enter the part of the building where Nadia was currently being held. She needed to be told first and after that Michael and Weiss could enter. Although Eric was technically Nadia's husband, he was in a tough position in Jack's mind and his arrival would hurt the raven-haired woman more than help. Eric had after all moved on with his life and not so long ago, 'married' someone else who was carrying his child. He couldn't provide Nadia the unwavering support she needed right now. He had other priorities, like a very pregnant 'wife' at home.

Sydney noticed her father standing looking at something with deep concentration and her curiosity was overwhelming. She neared her father and the sight that welcomed her felt out of this world. Her dead sister laying in a hospital bed holding hands with her mother and being examined.

She reached her father and collapsed in his arms. This couldn't be true, Nadia was dead, and she couldn't be in this building. Jack catched his daughter and held her close. He supported her and kissed her brunette locks that had been pulled to a sloppy ponytail.

Sydney opened and closed her eyes a couple of times and breathed in and out to stop herself from passing out. This is what Michael must of felt when she had turned up alive in Hong Kong seven years ago. If this really was Nadia, she was never going to let her out of her sight ever again.

"I know you must be suspicious and confused as we buried your sister three years ago but I did the testing myself and this is really Nadia Santos. She knew things only the real Nadia could have known so I'm completely convinced this is not a double." Jack said with conviction. In his mind, there was no doubt about the identity of the woman who was found in rural Argentina.

Sydney nodded in understanding and left her father's arms to enter the room where someone she had grieved and reminiscenced sat almost peacefully. She opened the door with shaky hands and immediately as she entered, she rushed to Nadia's side and enveloped her in a bone-crushing hug.

"I missed you more than you will never know. You must have millions of questions and I have some of my own," Sydney said with tears in her eyes as she finally after several minutes entangled herself from Nadia.

"Where's Eric? Why isn't he here? I want to see my husband, nobody has told me where he is and if he's okay. Please Sydney, go find out why I'm not allowed to see him," Nadia said with a begging voice. Hugging Sydney this tightly felt better than she had fantasized during her captivity, but she needed to know where the man she loved was. He was the one she had been the most worried about, Nadia knew both Irina and Sydney were life's ultimate survivors and could handle anything that was thrown in their path, but Eric had not been carved from the same mold as her sister and mother.

Sydney paused, not knowing what to respond. She didn't know how to tell her sister that even thought Eric was just downstairs, he had moved on and another woman now called herself Mrs. Weiss.

"He's fine, he and Michael are here as well. I'm sure you can see him soon." Sydney comforted and hated herself for lying to Nadia who was now looking at her with tears falling from her dark eyes. She cowered out and didn't tell Nadia the real reason why her husband hadn't been the first one there.

"You know, thinking about Eric kept me sane all this time and I fell asleep thinking that I needed to get back to my husband because he needed me as much as I needed him. No one has ever needed my the way he needed me. I would look at my ring and remember the time he asked me to marry him.


Four and a half years ago; Los Angeles, California

After a tiring day at work, Nadia Santos was quite happy to be going home, to a place she shared with her boyfriend of 10 months Eric Weiss. He had left work earlier today and would no doubted be home. She opened the front door and to her surprise, she was welcomed in by the tunes of 'When A Man Loves A Woman' and pink rose petals had been scattered everywhere. Eric appeared from the dining room carrying white orchids, which he handed to her with a kiss.

Nadia was surprised and didn't know what to think or say. She kissed him back hungrily and felt her heart start beating multiple times faster when he suddenly kneeled in front of her.

"I know we haven't dated all that long, but you have made me the happiest man alive and I can't live without you. Nadia Santos, the woman of my dreams and the woman that I love, will you be my wife?" Eric said and took something sparkling out of his pocket. It was platinum ring with a heart shaped diamond in the middle of it.

"Yes, yes, yes, I'll marry you. I love you," Nadia responded with tears of joy in her eyes and captured Eric's face to kiss him deeply. Eric stood and lifted his new fiancée to his arms and carried her to their bedroom that he had decorated with candles and flowers to celebrate. He had been almost a 100 percent sure that she would say yes, so everything had been ready for a nigh of passion.

Sydney exchanged looks with her father through the glass and he gave a nod, meaning Eric was on his way here. She feared that Nadia was too fragile to find out about her husband new life and new baby, but this was something she couldn't keep from her sister. She brazed herself and took a hold of Nadia's hand and squeezing it lovingly and reassuringly. Together, they would be strong and Sydney was going to help her through this.

To be continued...

Next chapter: a Eric/Nadia reunion and Rachel finds out.