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Baby Trouble

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I sighed as I fell onto my bed, making it bounce with the added weight. Another day, another awful mission, another nice, long, well deserved rest!

"Neji, are you home?" I look up to see Nara in nothing but a towel, hair dripping wet and water falling onto the floor, trickling down his chest. I lick my lips and smirk.

"Yes, and I think I need a nice, long, well deserved session of sex, now come here," he rolled his eyes at my words and shook his head, walking into the room and drawing the curtain.

"No, I've just got out the shower; I don't want to have to take another one."

"But Shikamaru-dono!" I wined. I got used to the nickname, not dropping it when I was meant to. "It's been three weeks!"

"Well, wait for three weeks and one day, because it would be too much trouble to have to take another shower," I growl slightly as a white fuzzy towel is thrown at me, hitting me in the face. I pull it off to see Shikamaru pulling on a pair of boxers.

I opened my mouth to speak, but got a quick "No." from the brunet as he pulled on his trousers. He turned to me and walked over tackling me into the mattress. We lay there for quite sometime, my fingers running through his hair, which was still down, and him softly breathing into my neck, arms wrapped round my waist.

"Missed you…" I heard a barely audible sound.

"I missed you too," I replied. I felt Shikamaru move ever so closer to me, snuggling into my side. To think, this all started out with him getting chicken pox, and that was what? When we were eighteen, seventeen? Now we've got our own apartment, with fixed flooring in the kitchen, and we've lived here for about four years. To think, some girls and guys are starting to think about marriage now.

Speaking of which…

"Hey, did you hear?" I asked.


"Sasuke finally got the guts to propose to Naruto," the dark eyes widened slightly.

"Really?" he asked, smile adorning his features. "Good for them, I'll have to congratulate them next time I see them…" and then he went back to snuggling into me. I smirked and weaved my hands through his hair.

"I said no, don't think I don't know what you're doing, Hyuuga."

"Damn it!"


Troublesome Neji, making me go out and do the shopping. He may have just got back after a three week mission, but who had to do the shopping then: moi. I kick a stone on the sidewalk in frustration, letting out a growl. Stupid, perverted, sex obsessed Hyuuga ass.

"Did you hear what Neji's thinking of doing?" I looked towards the ramen bar upon hearing the deep familiar voice. I walked over to find Sasuke and Naruto eating away, the two turned towards me and sunk slightly.

"What?" I asked.

"Did you hear what we were talking about?" Naruto questioned.

"Neji, right?" Sasuke's eye muscle twitched somewhat. "What did he do?" I asked accusingly.

Naruto laughed nervously. "Nothing, nothing! It's nothing, really!" I wasn't convinced, but sat down anyway, ordering a bowl of ramen.

"What are you doing here then, Shikamaru?" Naruto asked, eating some more.

"Ch, I had to go shopping because Neji needs his beauty sleep," Sasuke smirked at that one.

I remembered our conversation earlier as I got my ramen. "Hey, I believe a congratulations is in order?" I said, getting the largest grin I'd ever seen from Naruto. The boy held up his hand, showing me a very expensive looking ring decorating his finger, silver-gold band with diamonds round.

"Isn't it so nice?" he asked, beaming.

"Yeah, it's lovely," I said, taking his hand for a better look. Sasuke had a light blush on his face.

"Who knows," Naruto says, winking. "Maybe you'll get one just as nice!"

I felt my head pound. "W-what?" he's not hinting at what I think he is, is he?

"You know…" he started. "When Neji pops the question!"

"W-what! N-Naruto, don't you think that's th-thinking a bit too far into-to the future?" I stuttered.

"Come on Naruto, leave him be," thank goodness for Sasuke. "It'll be better if he doesn't expect it."

I stood. "I'm leaving." And I quickly walked out and down the street.

"We'll be cheering you on, Shika-chan!" I heard him shout after me. I can't believe he's thinking about Neji asking me to marry him! I mean, the thought alone is so…so…

"Hey Shikamaru, you look happy!" I spun round to see Ino and Chouji standing behind me.

"W-what makes you say that?" I asked.

"Well, you've got a skip in your step and this dreamy look on your face," she pointed out. "Not thinking about Neji, are we? You'll end up walking into walls…"

"No I'm not, and no I won't."

Chouji decided to chip in. "You did before, remember? When he asked you to move in?" I cringed at the memory.

"That was … different."

"How?" they both asked. I waved the question off and kept walking. First, I need some sort of meat…

"Shopping again?" Chouji asked. I nodded and sighed.

"Yeah, as troublesome as it is, I'd rather not starve…"

"Neji never seems to do it, why doesn't he for once?" Ino asked.

"I don't know, he always comes up with some lame excuse and then manages to get me to go. Often involves grooming, right now he needed to catch up on the sleep he missed out while being on a frigging mission…" I grumbled, stopping at a butcher shop and looking for something to eat.

Chouji pointed at one. "Get this, it's really good, rabbit I think," I nodded and asked for some. Ino looked offended.

"How can you guys eat rabbit? They're so cute!"

"Easy," I started. "You cut it up, take off the fur, cook it, and pop it in your mouth," I shrugged. "Unless you want it raw," she screwed up her face.

"Raw? That's gross Shikamaru," blue eyes turned to the 'cute' rabbit and frowned.

"Tell me Ino; is a piece of red meat really all that cute?"

"No, but live rabbits are!"

"They were killed to be eaten, I'm not letting their lives go to waste," I took the bag and we walked out.

We stopped off at random places, getting a few bags before we sat down at a little out door restaurant, getting some drink and chatted about nothing in particular. It was boring really; I wondered what Neji was doing…

I was snapped out my thoughts at the sound of crying at my feet. I looked down, seeing nothing, then lifted up the table cloth to see a small basket at my feet. I pushed my chair out a little and bent down to get it, the white cloth covering it was moving around, and whatever was under it was wailing…a baby? Lifting the white fabric down, I saw a small cream face, eyes closed tightly and the tiny arms poking out and failing around.

"Aw, it's so adorable!" she exclaimed, leaning over to get a better look.

"It is pretty cute!" Chouji said, grinning.

I bit the inside of my lip. "It would be cuter if it would shut up…"

"Take it out and rock it then!" Ino demanded. I put it on the basket on the table and took the bundle out, holding it against my chest and rocking it. Ino moved my hand somewhat so that it had more support. It eventually stopped crying and opened its large chocolate eyes, getting a squeal from Ino. I smile softly and take its small hand with my finger.

"Wow Shikamaru, you're a natural at this, huh?" Chouji teased. I went to give it to Ino.

"Here, you take it."

"No Shikamaru, you found it!" I couldn't help but growl at that. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I don't know…" she gave me a sarcastic look and I lifted the fabric, showing a paler stomach and stubby little legs. "It's a girl." Her porcelain skin looked like it could break any moment if I wasn't careful.

"She's a girl," the blonde corrected. I rolled my eyes and tucked her back up in the thick fabric. You could see her short peach-fuzz hair on the top of her head blow in the wind as her eyes sparkled. If only Gaara was this innocent looking, I bet he'd be a lot nicer to be friends with.

Chouji asked for the bill and the waitress soon came over and smiled down, tickling the baby's nose. "She's so cute, is she yours?" she asked me. I paused for a second.


"Your baby?" the girl asked again, taking the money from Chouji.

"No, she was under the table and-"

"Sorry, we don't take in stray baby's, please, maybe Tsunade-sama could do something about it," she said before scuttling off. I looked back down at the little bundle of joy. Ino and Chouji stood, Chouji holding the basket and Ino with a hand on hip. I sighed and stood and we set off for Tsunade-sama.

The large building was close, and the blonde woman was on the steps talking with Shizune when we got there. When they saw us and the small baby in my had Shizune's eyes lit up and Tsunade-sama smirked.

"Shikamaru, it's adorable!" the dark haired woman exclaimed. "What's it called?"

"Didn't realise you and Neji were adopting."

"We're not, I found it under the table at the café," I explained with annoyance.

Tsunade-sama quirked a brow. "Well then, I'll see if I can find it's parents, and you can look after it while we look."

"You are joking, right?"

"No, I'm deadly serious," was the reply.

"But…" I opened and closed my mouth to find the words. "Neji's going to kill me if I bring this home!"

"Well then, consider it a mission."


My eyes fluttered open at the sound of someone coming in the house, whispering and saying goodbye to someone, some thanks and the door shutting again. I sat up and swung my legs over the bed, shuffling into the hall to see Shikamaru coming down with a sheepish look on his face. I raise a brow at the look.

"What did you do?" I asked sceptically.

"We've been given a mission from Tsunade-sama…" he drawled. "It's in the living room…" I nodded and tried to get past him, though the fact he decided to grab my arms stopped me.

"Wait, I want to make something clear…"

"What is it?" I ask, though the sound of a crying baby reaches my ears. "What's that?"

"It's not my fault," he says and lets me past to see the small baby, wailing in a basket, covered in white cloth sitting on the couch. I stare in awe at the …thing.

"It's a girl, I found it under the table, and Tsunade-sama asked if we could look after it…" he said, trailing off. "Please?"

"Absolutely not," I said crossing my arms.

"Why, just look at her! She's homeless!"

"I don't care, let her stay with Ino, I'm not having a baby in this apartment," I said. Shikamaru took my hand and forced me to look at him, giving me the most promising look I've ever got from him.

"Please?" he said. "I'll do you a favour…" I froze and nodded stiffly. He smirked and winked before walking over to the small child. I fumed.

"This is a big mistake…" I muttered. He turned to me with the small redheaded female-baby-version of Gaara.

"What did you say?" he asked.

"Nothing, I'm going to bed," and with that, I stormed out the room and covered myself in the sheets.


"Well now, you have a baby for a daddy, don't you?" I asked the small baby playfully. She giggled and stretched her arms out. I grinned and let her cover my little finger in her small hands and she put it in her mouth. She was so…innocent.

"Well, Tsunade-sama said I could give you a name, and seeing as Neji's off being stubborn, I think I'll call you…" I thought for a moment: what would you call a cute little baby? "Michiru."

She laughed again and wriggled somewhat. I rocked her gently and hummed something my mum would when she wanted me to go to sleep. I lay her down as her eye slipped closed and her breathing softened.

Sighing, I walked back into our bedroom and looked at the large lump under the covers and couldn't help but smile. That's my boyfriend who everyone would call cold hearted and emotionless just a few years ago, hiding under the bed because we got a baby. He makes it seem like it's going to break us up, really now…

I walked over and placed my hands on either side of him, making the quilt come down and a sharp glare bore into my head. Heh, I'm used to it now, makeup sex normally does the trick…

"Neji…I'm sorry," I started, getting his gaze to soften a little. "I'll make it up to you…"

"Oh?" he asked curiously. His body rolled so the he was lying on his back. "How do you intend on doing that?"

"Something along these lines…" I said, then took the rope around his sleeping ukata and pulled gently, making the cream fabric slip off and around his body, exposing his well built chest to me. I smirked and leant forward, pressing my lips against his, pushing forward to make him fall back. I felt his hands move round my waist as my own started to play with his hair.

I pushed my tongue against his, our eyes shut and hands starting to fondle faster. I moaned and pulled back, trailing my tongue from his chin down to his stomach, making a wet circle around his belly button. His arms let go of my waist and fell to the side. I engulfed one of his pinkish nipples into my mouth, letting my tongue twirl round it and over it, nipping every now and then until his was hard, then moved onto the other one, brining one of my hands down to keep the other hard.

I hear him whimper somewhat as my free hand left his locks in favour of completely untying his robe, pulling it off to expose his erection, fluttering up and down in fast touches that were almost nothing. I moved my head down and rested my weight onto my forearms next to his waist, letting my tongue dart across his tip. I heard him let out another sound and started to let my tongue draw circles around his member.

He gasped and trust his hips forward as I completely surrounded his tip with my mouth, giving it a light suck before bobbing down and back up, letting my tongue forever swirl around his penis.

My head shot up and I looked up at him as I heard something.

"What's wrong?"

"It's the baby, she's crying!" I said, scrambling up to kneel. He whined and sat up too, looking at me incredulously.

"You're kidding, right?"

"She has needs too! I can't just leave her!"

"Her problem won't be as big as mine!" he argued.

"Neji, the moment's lost."

"Damn it!" he pulled his robe back on and walked to the window, opening the curtains and looking out. I'm surprised he didn't find himself a nice, dark corner to mope in.

Quickly remembering Michiru, I ran back into the living room and picked her up, making hushing noises and bouncing her in my arms. I heard Neji walk into the hall, leaning against the wall. I turned towards him to see him looking slightly disappointed.

"Sorry," I said, smiling apologetically.

"No, its fine, I'll be in the bathroom jacking off if you need me," he said, walking down the hall into the bathroom. Isn't he blowing things out of proportion?

I turned back to Michiru. "You're daddy sure is grumpy today, isn't he?"


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"You're joking me…"

"No, look at her, she's butt naked!"

"Aren't baby's meant to be naked?"

"Neji, I'm warning you…"

"Well it's true! The thing can't even talk!"

"She has a name: Michiru!"

"I have needs too you know!"

"As you proved yesterday, you can get over those perfectly fine on your own."