Baby Trouble

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My alarm woke me up at half five. Half fucking five. The bed was empty, minus me, so I presumed Neji had already gotten up. I rolled out of bed, almost hitting the floor, and searched for clean clothing. I smiled as I remembered the day before…

Walking over to the cot at the end of the bed, I peered in, seeing no Michiru. My smile broke into a grin as I realized Neji must've woken her up too.

Yawning, I walked into the living room, seeing no one there, and then into the bathroom, once again seeing no one there before walking into the kitchen. When I found that was empty as well, I woke up a bit, becoming confused. My pace getting faster a little, I walked into the bathroom, expecting…


"Neji?" I called. "Neji! Where are you, I have to go in…ten minutes?" it would take about ten minutes to get to the bridge in the first place.

No answer.

Frowning I shook my head of any worry. Neji must've taken Michiru to meet with the team again, knowing him he probably dumped it on Sasuke or Kiba, as revenge for having to be the only one of the three to get forced into training a team.

I grabbed my Jounin vest and slung it over my shoulder, picking an apple off the living room table and making my way out the door, walking down the stairs while eating it.

On my way, I bumped into Naruto and Tenten, who were chatting while walking down the road. I called them, causing them to stop and wait for me.

"I'm not going to be late like Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air. "I'm going to be on time."

Tenten grinned. "I would've thought Sasuke would try stop you becoming a team leader, actually."

"He said that 'if I wanted to waste my time on idiots' then I was aloud to, just not to expect a perfectly well made dinner, heck, not even a horrid poorly made dinner, when I got back."

I snigger. "That's something along the lines of what Neji said. He tried to stop me from becoming one though."

The girl sighed. "That's so typically Neji."

"Where is he?" Tenten asked curiously.

"I don't know; he wasn't here when I woke up this morning…" I admitted, shrugging.

"Should we go look for him?"

"Well, Tsunade-sama said something about giving them a mission to help out on a farm or something," Naruto filled.

"I have a bad feeling about this…" the brunette admitted, looking at the ground.

I raised a brow. "Why?"

"Well…if there was one good quality Neji's carried from when he was a small child, its loyalty," she said. "I doubt he'd leave the house without saying anything."

"He took Michiru with he so-" I paused. "Wait, I thought he would've forced Sasuke into looking after her, seeing ask Sasuke wasn't forced into looking after a team."

Naruto blinked dumbly. "No, I haven't seen him yet today, or Michiru."

I looked up at the clouds, biting my lip. "Neji…wouldn't take Michiru with him."


"Work hard," I said, waving a little.

Anne pouted, looking at me with those big, blue eyes. "But Neji-sensei…aren't you meant to help too?"

"I have a baby to look after," I said. "I'll help when she goes to sleep."

Kyouya looked at the baby nervously, biting her lip.

"It won't take long, why don't you two be hyper, like Ryuu?"

"Mum said I had to follow what you do, so that I can become as good as Neji-sensei," Kyouya said softly.

I snorted in amusement. "You're training under me…and I say you should work."

She nodded and took Anne's wrist. "Come on Anne, let's go help Ryuu!"

The blond flustered, looking baffled, before beaming and nodding in agreement.

I sighed, looking down at Michiru. "Hey…I hope you don't mind me bringing you with me."

"Mama Nedi!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands and giggling.

"It's just…I don't want to let you go, until I know they won't hurt you, ok?"

The baby seemed to nod almost, or maybe I was just seeing things…

"Neji-sensei!" Ryuu called. He was holding baskets of water on his shoulders. "Is this right?!"

I couldn't help but smile at how much he reminded me of Naruto. "Perfect!"

Ryuu laughed and sung round, continuing his work.

"Be careful, Ryuu!" Anne scolded, while Kyouya remained silent next to her.

I looked back down at Michiru, smiling softly. Michiru…

"Love you…Mama…"


Keika looked a bit confused. Lunet was more than happy to agree. While Yuki…looked downright pissed. I wasn't going to change my mind however, oh no. I would stare them down and beat them up if they said no.

"Of course, Shikamaru-sensei!"

"Ok…if that's what you say."

"What a waste of time."

I glared at the young genin, but he knew I knew he couldn't say no. I'd said it was a mission, so a mission it was. In my mind anyway.

"So, we shall go to this farm, and if team 7 aren't there, we'll keep looking till we find them, any questions?" Yuki opened his mouth to retort. "Good, now, let's go."

The three followed me as I made my way up the hill, heading straight to the farm. I heard Yuki grumble under his breath a few times, and Keika make a few complaints. I now understand why Lee was said to be a good student by Gai-sensei: he did as he was told.

When we got there, a lady was standing outside, looking around nervously.

"Excuse me…" I said. "I'm looking for Neji Hyuuga?"

Her eyes widened in horror and I panicked.

"His team's out back…" she said nervously, colour rising in her cheeks. I nodded and lead my team round the side of the building to find three children working on a vegetable patch.

I looked at Keika, who seemed to understand and grin at her position as information-giver. "That's Kyouya, the Hyuuga on the left, and Anne, the blond girl, and finally Ryuu, the other boy."

"Ryuu…where have I heard of him before?" I thought. The blue hair reminded me of…

"Ah, Ryuu Umiko?" I called, getting his attention.

A scowl appeared on his face. "Sensei?"

"Could you come here a second please?"


I fell to the floor, Michiru still in my arms tightly. I was crying now, tears pouring down my face, while the sky above seemed oblivious, white cotton balls drifting by in the sunny sky.

"Michiru…" I managed my throat dry. She was looking at me with large, puzzled brown eyes, red hair full of leaves and such and clothes dirty. She blinked a few times; the freckles on her cheeks making her seem innocent, yet stained…

"They can't have you, Michiru…" I said. "You're not going to go through what I did."

I always told myself I'd never have children who were cursed into the branch family. The feeling of the seal being imprinted into your skull…the feeling of it being activated, burning away at your skin, irritating your flesh and skull, penetrating into your brain…

"Don't worry, Michiru. I'll protect you. And when I know it's safe, I'll let go of you…"

Safe from them…

Because they won't touch you…

They can't touch you.

"Well, well, look what we found; a Konoha Ninja!"

"With his little baby girl, how cute."

I looked up, eyes wide and face pale.

I probably shouldn't have done, because as soon as I did, I saw a kunai inches from my face.


A loud scream broke me from my thoughts and I spun round, the six children doing the same. "Neji…" I heard in a voice that sounded like my own.

I tore off in the direction of the scream, shouts and calls behind me. I heard four people follow me, frowning at the thought of them risking themselves…

"You should go back," I advised.

"Not without you, sensei!" I heard a female voice say.

I looked to see Keika at the back, Ryuu and Yuki at the front, and Kyouya right behind the other Hyuuga.

"Where are the other two?" I asked.

Yuki decided to step in. "We told them to go get help."

I stopped, getting the four to look at me bemused.

"Don't worry about us sensei," Keika said.

"Yeah!" the Umiko boy said. "We'll be fine!"

I shook my head. "We need a plan…"


I gripped the right side of my face, features bloody and screwed up as I crawled back to the crying redheaded baby.

"Michiru…are you ok?" I asked, holding her with my free hand.

She just cried.

There was a platoon of dead bodies around me, blood staining my clothes. I looked down at Michiru, a few drops of blood staining her tearful face.

"I'm sorry…I'm so, so sorry…" I said. "Shikamaru Nara."

Taking the kunai that had first got me; I lifted it up, looking at myself in it. Reluctantly, I pulled my hand back, showing my bleeding eye.

I hadn't caught it in time.

I slipped.

I screwed up.

And now…

Looking back at Michiru, I leant over her, taking the Kunai and positioning it just under her eyebrow. Her crying got worse, and I felt tears pour out my left eye…my right one was just numb.

I pressed down, though I didn't need to press very hard as she was just a child, and pulled the Kunai down to her cheek. I got my own eye as her started weeping and squeezed, blood mixing with the jelly of the front.

This was it, huh? The swapping of blood…

"Neji?!" I heard, looking up to see a man standing at the edge of the forrest, four children next to him. One of them screamed a high pitch scream. One fell to their knees, holding onto the sleeve of the one in front as if it was a lifeline, and the last two frozen in shock.

"Neji?!" the man screamed again, running up to me and tackling me. "Neji…you had me so worried…"

"Shikamaru-dono…?" I asked, looking up at the clouds, my world spinning in my head.

"Neji? What happened to you? What-what happened to Michiru?"

I looked into the dark eyes that were now searching me and I felt my left eyelid slipping close. "Shikamaru…I'm sorry."


I remember this scene…except it was slightly different. Rather than Neji having a bad injury and a mental breakdown, he was dying…I looked down as something landed on my side to see Ryuu had gone to sleep on my arm. Keika was on my other side, obviously having the same idea, and Anne was next to her, trying to desperately stay awake. I motioned for Anne to come to me, and she settled on my lap, the movement waking Kyouya a little. The Umiko let Anne get comfortable before leaning against her legs. My arms wrapped round the three and I let my head drop against the wall. It was two in the morning, and the six still refused to leave.

When I looked over to the other three, I saw Yuki looking a Kyouya, who was asleep on his lap, and then I saw Lunet on Yuki's other side, drifting off to sleep. The three did look rather cute, and right now it looked like Yuki was so calm…so…friendly.

"Shikamaru," said a voice from the end of the hall. I looked at the pinkette hopefully. "Maybe you should take the others home?"

Yuki glared a little. "Kyouya said he wanted to see Neji. Kyouya shall see Neji."

Sakura sighed, looking at me with an annoyed face. "Aren't you his teacher?"

"Yes," I said, but didn't say anything more.

She sat next to Lunet, pulling him into her arms to make him more comfortable. I smile gratefully, but she didn't notice.

"Shikamaru, is he…ok?"

I looked up to see Naruto and Sasuke, both looking rather worried.

"He'll be fine," Sakura said. "Shikamaru just wants to wait for him."

Naruto and Sasuke nodded in understanding. The Uchiha walked over to me first, scooping Anne off my lap and cradle carrying her a little. Naruto came over and took Keika, waking her up a little.

I nudged Ryuu. "Hey, can you help Sasuke and Naruto take these two home?" I asked. He looked a bit doubtful, but nodded and took Naruto's hand, letting them guide him down the halls.

"Hey," Sakura whispered, waking Lunet. "I'm going to take you home, ok?"

Lunet yawned and stood, looking at Yuki. "Is Yuki coming?"

"No, I'm staying here," the Hyuuga said, showing no signs of being tired. "You go. Ryuu needs help showing them where Anne and Keika live."

Lunet nodded, taking Sakura's offered hand and walking down the hall with her, hoping to catch up with the others.

I looked at Yuki, who was still looking down at Kyouya.

"You can go to sleep," I said. "I know you're tired."

The Hyuuga looked at me weirdly. "You don't."

"I do…when you're tired, your eyes seem more…lilac," I told him, making him release a yawn.

"How do you know…that?"

I let a small smile grace me lips before I stood, walking over to him slowly and sitting down, holding out an arm.

"I told you…you remind me of Neji."

He seemed reasonably satisfied with this, as he leant into my side and drifted off. I sighed a little, resting my head against the wall again.

"He's a girl," Yuki noted. "Kyouya, he's a girl."

I looked at the 'boy' who was lying on Yuki's lap.

"I want Kyouya to become as good as Neji…" he said sleepily. "Because then…Kyouya will have the chance to marry into the head family too."

"That's why you're mad at me, right?" I asked. "Because you don't want Kyouya to marry outside the family, but you want her to become like Neji?"

Yuki nodded before I heard light snores. There was complete silence minus their breathing as I sat in the dimly lit hospital ward. No one else seemed to be here, and all the doors were tightly shut.

"Shikamaru Nara," said a soft, yet hard voice. I looked up in surprise, seeing Tsunade-sama leaving the room Neji was in. "He's ready to see you now."

I stood, making Yuki wake up. It soon registered what was going on, and he woke Kyouya up, dragging her into the room behind me.

There he was, pale eyes staring out the window. If I was to say he was basked in moonlight, I'd be lying. The lights in the room were turned on, lighting up his figure. If I was to say I'd notice anyway…I'd be lying.

There was only the one thing in that room I noticed.



"Mama…can I haves a dwink please?" the small redhead asked, one brown eye shining brilliantly in the light, the other white one barely visible, if it wasn't for the tainted pink stain in it.

"Do you want…milk?" Neji asked, holding the fridge door open.

"Yes please!"

He stood, pouring a cup of milk and attaching the baby-feeder lid before passing it to his daughter. One eye was covered with an eye patch, a small section of the scar beneath it poking through the bottom.

"Neji, you were meant to wake me up! I swear, ever since we got married you're becoming more lazy and-"

The taller silenced his partner with a kiss, pulling back and smirking. "Ever since we got married that sticks getting further and further up your ass."

The redhead at the table innocently sipped on her drink, waving her feet in the baby chair.

"Anyway, I have to go meet up with my team, you know how Yuki gets…"


Shikamaru glared, eyes catching a quick look at Michiru.

"Ok, I'm shutting up, have fun," Neji said as Shikamaru left.

The Nara opened the door again, running to his lover and planting a sloppy kiss on the pale lips. Neji froze for a moment before smiling into it, cupping Shikamaru's cheek.

"You have fun too, Neji Nara."

"The only reason I agreed to your name is because you're the last Nara."

"Bye then!"

Neji sat opposite his daughter, watching as she drank her milk, one white eye staring through it, and one brown staring right at it. It really was a bizarre combination.


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