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"Are you alright?" Mickie James looked up.

"Huh? What did you say?"

Candice eyed her friend "Are you alright?" the brunette paused for a moment.

"I just lost my title…" Mickie pushed past Candice heading down the long hallway. Tonight just wasn't turning out to be her night. Melina new wwe women's champion oh yeah not something she wanted to hear coming from Lillian's lips. Well at least anyone who wasn't her. She walked further and further heading towards the women's locker room. Lost deep in her thoughts.

"So are you sure you're getting it?" Torrie Wilson asked, Ashley chuckled "I don't know I've been talking to Vince and Shane lately. I think there's a good chance."

Mickie stopped cold in her tracks that woman's voice made her stomach churn. Her brown eyes shifted towards the blonde a few meters from her.

"What the hell are you doing here?! This isn't SmackDown!" Victoria snarled.

"As I recall this is a free country. Plus I was invited to be here."

"Yeah so why don't you back off Victor!" Torrie shot Ashley chuckled a little.

"That's a good one Torrie."

Victoria stood tall against the two 'wannabes'.

"Why don't you make me?"

Ashley smirked as she got into Victoria's face. Mickie watched the interaction closely from the near distance.

"Want me to? Because I will." The blonde shoved Victoria back.

"Did you just put your hands on me?"

"Yeah! Got a problem now?"

"Why I outta-

"That's enough!" Mickie yelled stepping in between both women.

"Well if it isn't the wannabe Trish Stratus slash psycho bitch" Mickie gritted her teeth. The brunette grabbed Ashley's white top and pulled her close her fist in a tight little ball.


"Okay that's enough." Victoria ripped the two apart.

"Listen…if I see your ugly little face again anytime tonight. Then I will finish this and you Assley! I bet you like that name, because its the only reason why your still around" she glared at Victoria.

"Let's go Torrie" both women pushed past them.

"Did you hear what she said?!" Mickie fumed her anger pulsing.

Victoria rolled her eyes "look let it go. That snake isn't supposed to be here anyways." Both women looked at each other for a moment. They stood in silence for a few moments until the silence was broken.

"Whatever" Victoria huffed pushing past Mickie.

"Hey! Don't I at least get a thank you?!" the raven haired woman kept on walking. Mickie crossed her arms "fine!"

"Why did you play a video of Ashley before you talked to me?!" Mickie turned around looking at the monitor.

"You should be showing videos of me! I just became the new WWE women's champion!" Melina yelled.

"There should be a huge celebration just for me! I should be in the spot light! Not some…some slut!"

Mickie rolled her eyes; I mean she liked Ashley the way she liked to put a plastic bag over her head. The only thing a plastic bag over you head is gonna do suffocate you. But yet…Ashley wasn't the one wearing her WWE women's championship.

"I mean! I beat Mickie James fair and square! Where the hell's my video! My DVD…my book!?! Where the hell is my-

"Hey babe." Johnny Nitro said wrapping his arms around her.

"Whatcha doing?"

"Oh hey…I'm doing a pointless interview with this…person here" she pointed to Todd as if he was a… a nobody. Although…maybe he was a nobody?

"Well forget about that. Come on sweetheart! Your limo awaits" Melina smiled at Johnny before she walked off with him and her newly won WWE women's title. Mickie blew a small strand of her hair upwards.

"Can anything worse happen tonight?" Mickie turned and headed for the locker room.

"Mickie! Mickie!" she gritted her teeth together "spoke to soon…"

"Can I get an interview?" Maria yelled running over.

"No" Mickie muttered "so how does it feel to lose your title?" the brunette eyed the other one closely.

"I said no. As in no you cannot get an interview."

"Well?! How does it feel?" her dark hazel eyes narrowed on Maria.

"Its feels bad! NOW GET LOST!" she quickly went inside the locker room slamming the door loudly behind her.

"God! Is everybody here…." Mickie's jaw dropped as she eyed her bag. She ran over to it, taking a look inside. Nothing seemed to be inside but a tiny little note. Psycho!

Mickie clenched the note in her hand "that bitch!"

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