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Remember to breathe.

That was so much easier to say then to actually do. Mickie clasped her hands tightly together, trying to stop herself from fidgeting. She was nervous, oh how she was nervous. Her stomach was doing flips and her mind was reeling from the affects of those flips.

Was it supposed to be this hard?

She wasn't sure; it might have to be though. At least that's what she thought, I mean it could teach her a lesson one day right? No, that didn't matter. None of it really mattered; she just had to do this. Yes, she had to. She had to do it now too, or else she might not ever do it.

Careful placed steps leading her towards the locker room. She ducked her head a bit glancing down at her shoes. She figured it would help her, in some way. Perhaps counting her steps could slow down the pounding of her heart. Sadly though the more steps she took the harder her heart hammered in her chest. In turn it was harder to breathe properly; she could barely breathe at all to be honest.

But she was still walking, still placing careful steps.

Twenty four.


Twenty five.


Twenty six.

Then she stopped, she lost count of her steps. Mickie James was perplexed by this for some unknown reason. Well unknown to her at least, it would have been obvious to everyone else. She shook her head and began once more.






She eventually did reach the locker room, but she didn't knock when she got there. No, she stayed perfectly still. Maybe hoping that she was invisible and that she could just sneak off and run down the other corridor. Yet she didn't, she didn't run. She thought about knocking, and when she did she thought about what to say.

Nothing came to mind, so she stood there looking like an idiot. A nervous idiot. Why was she even nervous?



Remember to breathe Mickie.

It was too hard to breathe though, much too hard. It was probably even harder to think, then to breathe. That made things even more problematic for her. Something would come to mind though, right? It had to, this stuff had to just pop out from the sky. It would all just come to her wouldn't it?

She knocked.

Her knock was shaky and quick. The moments ticked away and she hoped that maybe just maybe nobody would be on the other side of that door. Maybe she could just say she tried…

But she always thought that.

She really did, and she cursed herself for that.

She always did that too.

He answered the knock at the door and was slightly taken back by the shaky brunette standing before him. This…this really couldn't be the Mickie James could it? He smiled though, and it brought a small sensation of relief over her.

"Yes Mickie?"

"Is…uh…i-is Melina around?"

She internally groaned, and then mentally kicked herself for that. Stammering Mickie was always a delight wasn't she?

"Yeah sure, I'll get her."

When he disappeared back into the locker room, Mickie sighed outwardly. Blessed and slightly relieved for the few moments she would get alone.

Just remember to breathe Mickie.

Breathing the problem that seemed to be persistent. The door creaked open a bit, and there she was. Mickie stared at her, so beautiful so…beautiful indeed.

Huh? What was that heart?



Right, breathing. Vital important to living, needed more then anything else. Right, I got it now.

"You…came to see me?"

Melina's questioned tossed out, and Mickie was caught like a deer in the headlights. There went all breathing again…


"W-Well yeah…uh…"

Mickie cast her gaze downwards at her shoes, happy that they would spare her a few seconds.

"Y-You…know…just seeing…h-how you are Melina."

Mickie cursed the world; she was practically talking to the floor. This was already starting to look bad. If only she could keep her breathing steady.


Come on…you can do it!



There you go, almost there now. Don't turn purple and fall over now Mickie, you don't want that. Just take it slowly…very slowly. Don't rush, don't freak out…just take it slow.




Come on Mickie, you can do this. Its simple, it's easy. Slow and steady wins the race you know. Mickie glanced up at Melina; she opened her mouth looking just about ready to say something. Nothing came out, and she quickly shut it.

Once more Mickie.



Mickie clasped her hands together and slowly so very slowly started to form the words.

"I…actually…came by to talk to you."

Melina was silent for a few seconds, to many seconds for Mickie's taste. So when the panic started to overtake her, Melina smiled. A soft tiny smile that melted Mickie's ever thumping heart.



Don't lose the tempo Mickie, you can't. Your almost there just a little bit longer now.


Just alright? Not, I'm so happy to see you? Mickie cursed herself, the sooner you speak the sooner its over with.



Simple, easy.

"I want to be with you."

Mickie stopped, like completely stopped breathing.

"That came out all wrong."

She mumbled wasn't sure why. Melina's face fell slightly at her more recent outburst. Mickie slapped herself mentally for that one.

"I don't mean it like that Mel. I just…I thought it would be different."

A look of confusion appeared on Melina's face and Mickie's soon resembled that as well.

You're forgetting to breathe Mickie!

"I meant with this…with me and this. This whole talking thing I guess, I figured it would all just come to me. But it isn't and I look like an idiot."

Melina shook her head slightly.

"You're not an idiot."

Her heart exploded; at least that's what it felt like. For second, if only for a second. Then she remembered, and slowly it came to her.



Calmly, so calmly her breathing picked up. The oxygen entered her lungs and Mickie smiled. She grinned, like and idiot maybe, but she was…content.

"You're amazing, you are Melina. Your funny, smart, kind…you're all the good things in the dictionary."

Melina returned the smile, the words were starting to flow easier then before. There was no stuttering and the shakiness in Mickie's voice. It was disappearing with each passing second.



It was working and she was clearing thinking straight now. It was all coming to her, all making sense. The nervousness was going away and Mickie was there. Standing before the most beautiful woman she had ever laid her eyes on.

"I mean it though; I want to be with you. I even saw Trish like you told me to, and you know what? I didn't even care. No because the only thing I really had on my mind was you. It was always you…your…special Mel. To me."

Cliché maybe, but truthful? Totally.


The brunette shook her head, and chanced a step closer to the woman before her.



Your doing great Mickie, just say it now. Just say it all, throw it all together. Just spill your heart out! Be honest Mickie, you know you can.

"I don't care about tonight; I don't care what it means. I don't care about who wins the title or who doesn't Melina. Because to be honest, the only thing I want. The only really important thing that I need right now Melina…is you. That's why I came by…that's why I'm here right now. For you."



Now you just have to hold on Mickie, she'll have to say something sometime. It will be good, you hope. Oh you hope because you want this more then anything else in the world don't you?




Your doing great, you really are. You've said what you've been dying to say for so long. Now all you have to do is wait…

That's the tricky part.

The minutes flew by in a quiet silence, and Mickie wasn't sure what was going to happen next. Instead she fidgeted a little bit with her fingers, she sighed outwardly and hoped and prayed…and wished for all the best.


Mickie glanced over at the other woman, hopefulness in her eyes. Melina sighed, and stared at her for a few more seconds.



"I don't know what to say."

It was honest, yet it left Mickie's stomach doing flip flops. The brunette was thoughtful, and was trying her best not to break out into a full on panic attack.


She murmured.



Just keep breathing Mickie…

Melina slipped her hands into Mickie's, startling the other woman. The sudden warmth sent shivers down her back, and caused a tiny smile to appear on her features.

"I know what I want though."



They locked eyes, and somehow, in Mickie's world. Those words were enough for her, enough to silence all doubts. To quiet all worries to shush the nonbelievers and somehow in some silly way. It made her heart jump and thump in to her slow breathing, her calm even breathing.

"I want to be with you to."

Mickie almost broke right then and there. But in a good way, her body quivered slightly and for a few fleeting seconds, her mind raced at an alarming rate and because of it she smiled. She grinned brightly, almost proudly.

She had somehow done it.

Accomplished something, no it was more then that wasn't it? Yes, it was more then that. It wasn't something that she had worked all her life towards; it wasn't a title belt that she could just wear around her waist. It was nothing like that, it was…much more meaningful then that.

It meant much more then any of that. There were just so many bumps in the road, and it had seemed as if each one got bigger and larger to overcome as time went on. Yet if this was what was waiting for her at the end of that long road.

If this was it…



…This would be more then worth it. So worth it, because it was so much more then a title belt could ever be.

"So…can…I kiss you now?"

Melina chuckled and gave a small nod. Mickie licked her lips before leaning in so slowly.



Mickie's lips pressed softly against Melina's, just a chaste kiss shared between the two. Mickie James had failed in her attempt to regain the Women's title. But she hadn't failed to get the girl did she? No, not this time.



Did you remember to breathe Mickie?

Yes, yes she did. She probably won't forget to anytime soon either.

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