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Chapter 1

Sam was exhausted. He had been up driving half the night while his brother slept. They had been on the road for three days now. Sam had decided to take Dean to Pastor Jim's in hope that Jim might be able to help Sam recover Dean's memory.

The two brothers had gone through hell and back and Sam was surprised that they made it in one piece. 'Well, almost one piece anyway.' Sam thought to himself taking another look at Dean. They had left the hospital five days ago now, Sam's wrists were still raw and tender and his neck had indeed bruised but talking wasn't such a chore anymore.

Dean on the other hand, still had his ribcage wrapped and continued to wheeze when he breathed. His head was still extremely sore from the heavy knock he had taken and the small bandage on the back of his head covered the heavy gash that had needed stitches. The thing that bothered Sam the most was Dean's loss of memory. It had been nice not having to listen to Dean's taste in music, but Sam found he was starting to miss it.

Sam smiled at the memory when he first took his brother out of the hospital and led him to the impala.

"Oh nice car. Is it yours?" Dean's eyes were wide like a little kid on Christmas morning when they saw all the presents under the tree.

"No, she's yours." Sam said waving the keys in front of Dean's eyes.

"What! A car can't be a she. It's an it." Dean said looking at Sam as if he were crazy. Then he jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door.

Sam cringed; the old Dean would never have slammed his baby's door like that. Sam knew that if he did that he would have got his ass kicked.

Sam swallowed his disappointment and circled around to the driver's side. He let himself in and forced back a smile when he saw Dean rummaging around in the box of cassette tapes.

"Dude, you have to update your cassette tape collection. These are like…" Dean paused for the word as he threw a tape into the box before dropping it onto the floor, making tapes go flying. "Old."

"They aren't old, Dean. They're classic just like the car." Sam said stubbornly. 'Man I sound just like Dean.'

"Yeah whatever." Dean said and looked out the window while Sam pulled out of the parking lot.

Sam signaled and turned onto the off ramp on the freeway so he could find a motel for the night. Being with Dean during the best of times when he had his memory could be a little draining but Sam found this Dean was just down right exhausting. He had to explain every little piece of equipment to his brother, what they used it for and was growing tired of Dean laughing when Sam told him they were hunting a demon.

"What's this for?" Dean asked pulling what used to be his favorite hunting knife from his bag.

"You always say that it's not fear, its precaution." Sam said starting to unload some of the weapons from separate duffel. "Come over here and help me clean these."

"Why?" Dean asked raising his eyebrows but not moving from the bed he was sitting on.

"Because we need to take care of our weapons, Dean." Sam said pulling out a couple rags and extra ammunition.

"Why?" Dean asked again and crossed his legs so he was sitting Indian style. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees his bright green eyes wide with wonder.

"Because they save our asses so they need to be kept in good shape." Sam said stubbornly averting his gaze from his brother's bright and cheery one.

Dean started to laugh. "You said asses."

"Man this is worse than dealing with a three year old." Sam muttered under his breath.

"I can whisper too!" Dean's voice was so close it made Sam jump and drop the knife he was wiping clean to the floor.

Dean was leaning over Sam and big smile on his face.

"Damn it, Dean. How many times have I told you not to do that?" Sam said picking up the knife and shoving Dean back a couple feet.

Dean shrugged. "I don't know, but its funny to see you jump."

Sam shook his head, apparently Dean found all kinds of things amusing now, and it was pissing Sam off. Dean got his kicks by picking the bathroom door while Sam was taking a shower and yell "Boo!". Sam would often wake in the middle of the night because Dean was watching TV loudly or surfing the internet with a sense of awe fascination.

Sam wished Dean would just hurry up and get his memory back already. He was tired of babysitting his older brother. It wasn't supposed to be like that. Dean was supposed to be the strong, unbreakable, and invincible one. Right now he didn't seem like any of those things.

Sam had never seen his brother as emotionally vulnerable as he had been for the past few days. Dean seemed to get his feelings hurt a lot quicker and didn't hesitate to let Sam to know it.

Sam pulled into the first motel he saw and killed the idling engine. Dean turned his head but continued to snooze. Sam was tempted to leave Dean in the car all night, but thought better of it. If Dean woke up and Sam wasn't there…he might wander off. Sam had come too close to loosing his brother lately to have him simply disappear. He wanted Dean, even this Dean meant more to him than no Dean at all. Sam knew that he would help Dean get his memory back, he just needed more time.

After checking them in Sam woke a disgruntled, but quick to energize Dean and hustled him into the room. He made sure Dean was comfortable in the bed furthest from the door before going back out to grab their bags. It felt so strange to him to be sleeping in the bed closest to the door that had always been Dean's place.

Sam felt, however, in Dean's vulnerable state he had best stay away from the door in case something broke in. This time Sam would be between his brother and whatever evils lurked outside their room.

Sam stumbled back into the room, staggering under the weight of both duffels. He found Dean bouncing up and down on his bed with a joyful expression on his face.

"I like this bed, much softer than the last two." Dean said in between bounces.

"Dean, stop that you're going to make the bed break." Sam said shaking his head at his brother's peculiar behavior and set his duffel down on his bed before placing Dean's on the floor next to his brother's. He couldn't place it on the bed because Dean was having too much fun bouncing up and down to stop.

Sam glared at his brother and Dean stopped bouncing at once, looking like a little kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Are you mad at me?" Dean's voice whimpered.

Sam rolled his eyes behind closed lids and silently counted to ten. "No, Dean, I'm not mad at you. I'm just a little tired that's all. Come on its time for bed."

Sam pulled a pair of sweatpants and white t-shirt out for Dean and shoved them into his brother's arms. "Here you go. I will let you use the bathroom first go change and brush your teeth."

Dean smiled brightly at Sam and went into the bathroom and shut the door. A minute later he poked his head out again looking worried.

"What is it Dean?" Sam asked knowing what the question would be.

"Which one is the light switch?" Dean asked his eyebrows furrowed in a frown.

Sam sighed. When the doctor told him that his brother had memory loss he didn't think it would turn Dean into a five year old, totally dependent on his brother. Sam went over and flipped on the right switch from the four that were in there. "There you go, Dean."

Dean smiled and shut the door again.

Sam shook his head and ran his fingers through his long hair before pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. He hadn't tried to get a hold of their father yet but he knew that he had to tell John what had happened to Dean.

Sam pressed John's speed dial and knew that he would only get John's voicemail, but that he could still leave a message. A familiar recorded message met his ears four rings later and Sam cleared his throat and waited for the beep.

"Hey, Dad it's Sam. Listen the last hunt you sent Dean and I on, we finished. But that's not the reason I'm calling. I'm calling because well…it's Dean. He took a heavy knock to the head and can't remember anything. The doctor told me I'd be able to recover his memory but didn't say how long it would take. I could really use some help here…please call."

Sam clicked the phone shut just as Dean was exiting the bathroom.

"I'm done!" Dean said innocently and sat back down on the bed before deciding to bounce on it again.

"Fine, I'm going to go get cleaned up a little and then we are going to bed. We probably won't get to Jim's until late tomorrow night so we need the rest." Sam said grabbing some sleepwear for him and going into the bathroom.

He managed to clean up quickly, changing into his sweats but decided not to wear the t-shirt. He had been extremely hot at night lately and would always wake up with the shirt plastered to his skin. He splashed some cold water on his face and walked out of the bathroom to see Dean settling under the covers.

Sam flipped off the light and got into his own bed, letting the long day's driving and the tireless efforts to keep Dean under control lull him to sleep quickly.

"Dude, you're in my bed." Dean's voice broke through Sam's dream making him groan and try to push Dean away.

Dean shook Sam harder on the shoulder and spoke a little sharper this time. "Sam, get out of my bed!"

Sam opened his eyes to see his brother looking down at him. "What?"

"I always sleep in the bed closest to the door. Can't have no demon or ghost killing your ass now can I?" Dean said helping Sam sit up and situating him in the other bed. Sam watched as Dean climbed into the bed that was his by right and smiled if things were how they seemed his old Dean was back, and Sam couldn't be happier.

"Rise and shine!" Sam felt something cold dribbling on his face and sat up with a start. Dean had a cup of cold water in his hands and was pouring it onto Sam's face.

"What the hell, Dean?" Sam sat up wiping his face dry on his sheets.

"Why are you in my bed?" Dean asked his eyes bright with confusion. "I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and when I came back you were in my bed. I had to sleep in yours." He pointed to the bed that Sam had started to sleep in last night.

Sam struggled out of bed and went into the bathroom to dry off his still damp face. He shut the door and leaned against it heavily letting his heavy form sink to the floor. He placed his head in his hands and let a few tears leak down his cheeks.

It had been like this for almost two days now, a part of Dean would show through and Sam would think he was coming back, but than it would disappear. Almost as if, like the doctor had warned him, Dean didn't want to remember. A feeling of dread spread throughout his entire being. If Dean didn't want to remember, didn't want to come back…Sam was worried that he wouldn't; and that he would loose the Dean he loved so much forever.