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Chapter 14

Sam stormed out of the bathroom, clad in a towel and his face redder then a ripe tomato. His hair a bright cotton candy pink.

"That color looks good on you Sam." Dean smirked unable to hide his amusement. "I'm so glad I chose that over the gumball green."

Sam made a leap at his brother but Dean quickly dodged it and raced out into the parking lot. He knew his brother wouldn't come after him while only wearing a towel. It didn't stop Sam from yelling threats to him though.

"When I catch you Dean you are so dead! You hear me! I'm going to kill you!" Sam stopped to itch his scratchy shoulder and then his stomach. He seemed to be itching everywhere.

"What's the matter Sam you got ants in your pants…I mean towel?" Dean's smirk was so wide that Sam wished he could slap it off his brother's face.

"Shut up. It's not funny." Sam shouted as he continued to itch at his various itching body parts. He walked back to the bathroom and muttering to himself. "I must be allergic to our soap or something."

He shut the bathroom door behind him and Dean's smirk turned into a full fledged grin as he pulled out the itching powder. "Oh you're allergic to the soap all right Sammy boy. The one that has itching powder on it anyway." Dean then pulled a small bar of soap out of his pocket and looked at it appreciatively. "I'm glad I bought this bar for myself, but Sammy the best part is still to come."

Sam took forever in the bathroom; Dean could have sworn that he heard Sam take another shower, although Sam denied it completely. By the time Sam emerged fully clothed from the bathroom his hair was still cotton candy pink with a little bit of brown showing through.

Dean bit his lip; his brother had obviously tried as hard as possible to get rid of that horrible color. "My, my don't you look so sweet." Dean teased and Sam clenched his fists threateningly.

Dean dodged into the bathroom before Sam actually was able to make good on his promise of "killing him" and locked the door. Dean pulled his own bar of soap from his pocket and stepped into the shower still giggling as he noticed bits of pink dye had stained the shower walls and tile. Just another mysterious stain in these old motels.

Dean enjoyed his warm shower relishing in the fact that he was now one up on Sammy. The itching powder had been a revenge for the cold water on his face but the pink hair dye that had been a bonus. He hated to think of how Sam was going to retaliate. If he knew his brother and he knew him pretty damn well. Sam wasn't going to simply roll over and let Dean win. He was going to fight back.

Sam was beyond mad, he was beyond pissed, he was so angry that no word in the history of man could describe it. He couldn't believe that Dean had dyed his hair, let alone to a cotton candy pink. Sam looked at his reflection over the dresser and grimaced. He looked horrible there was no way in hell a passerby would be able to miss it. His brother had picked out a color he was sure would stand out in a crowd.

Sam rummaged around in his duffel searching for some kind of a hat that would cover most of his hideous hair. He would have to go to a hair saloon later and see what they could do to fix it. Dean was so going to pay dearly for this as far as Sam was concerned; the war was just getting started.

Dean emerged from the bathroom some fifteen minutes later and the two brothers headed out. Prank war or not they still had a job to do; they had to kill the lady in white before she could claim anymore victims. Sam didn't speak to Dean the whole ride down to the library. He was so mad he couldn't even look at his brother. Dean didn't mind but turned up his Foreigner music to full blast making Sam cover his ears in protest.

The library was extremely quiet for a Friday morning. A few teenagers were sitting whispering quietly amongst themselves at one table. A young mother with her little three year old sat in the corner of the kids' section reading about a little train, but other then that the library was empty.

Sam stepped up to the information desk to see where local newspapers were kept. He knew that they had to find out who the woman in white was before they could salt and burn her bones.

"Excuse me." Sam said in a soft voice so as not to disturb others around them.

The gray haired woman behind the desk looked up and narrowed her eyes at Sam's hat. "Young man, we do not allow hats in this library."

Sam groaned some libraries were so freaking picky. He started to protest but Dean had wandered over to them and had a triumphant grin on his face. "You heard her Sammy, no hats take it off."

Sam did as he was told and was horrified when the old woman shrieked. "Oh my! Put it back! Put it back!" She didn't even try to keep her voice low and Sam soon had the attention of every person in the library…all staring at his pink hair.

Sam shoved his hat back on but the damage had been done. A few snickers issued from the teenagers and the young mother looked at him as if he had brain damage. Dean was hiding his own laughter behind his hands and quickly dodged a punch from Sam.

Sam turned back to the obviously very shocked librarian. "So anyway I need help…"

"That's an understatement. If you needed help finding the right color hair dye you should have asked for help instead of taking the only color left." The librarian stated seriously.

Sam ignored Dean's laughter and tried to smile politely. "I didn't mean that I need to know where local newspapers are kept I have a project to do for class."

"Far end of the library section E. You can't miss it." The librarian then turned back to a book she had been reading before Sam had come up to her.

Dean followed a very pissed off Sam snickering the whole way to the newspaper section.

"You're a freaking jerk!" Sam whispered fiercely at his brother.

Dean grinned. "Oh yeah, you know it sugar." He winked and spotted a young librarian putting away some books. He wiggled his eyebrows appreciatively leaving Sam to do the work while he got caught up on his flirting skills.

Half hour later and Sam had all the information he needed to waste this ghost. He stood stiffly and looked over at his brother who looked like he was just about to score with the librarian. Sam's usually innocent face turned evil as he sneered; he had an idea that was going to make Dean kick his ass. He wandered casually closer to the pair to see exactly where his brother was in the conversation.

"Ok, great give me your number." Dean said whipping out his cell phone a look of excitement twinkling from his eyes.

Sam knew this was his moment and came charging at Dean like a mad man. "You're not leaving me are you sweet heart? Not after I gave you the best three years of my life. Now you are going straight just to spite me?"

Dean glared at Sam with a look that could kill. He turned back to the librarian who was looking at him like he was an alien from a different planet. "He's just kidding he's just my brother." Dean started and shooting Sam a look that told him that he had better butt out.

"How can you say that? You asked me to marry you and I did. How dare you leave me now?" Sam made sure to keep his face straight and even managed to make his eyes water. "What kind of example are you setting for our son? We want him to be just like us!"

"I think you are already tied up with someone. I'm not going to get in the middle." The young librarian said and disappeared around the shelves, Dean watching her with a look of longing. Dean turned to his brother giving him the biggest glare he could. Sam just smiled a look of satisfaction on his face. "You are so dead Sam!"

"I guess that makes us two and two doesn't it?" Sam smirked.

Dean rolled his eyes it was bad enough that people assumed they were gay because they traveled together. Now they would think they were gay because that is what Sam was implying. "Ok princess, what did you find out about our woman in white?"

"Her name is Elizabeth Polling. She's buried next to her two children in the cemetery right on the edge of town"

"Ok, we will hit it after dark it is too risky during the day; even if it is on the edge of town." Dean said opening the door for Sam as they entered the street.

Sam nodded his agreement. He wanted to end this hunt quickly but he and Dean were nowhere close to even on the prank war front. He was determined to win this time.

"I'm starving how about you Sasquatch?" Dean asked sliding into the driver's seat. Sam nodded and climbed into the impala and slammed the door a little harder than necessary.

"Hey! Watch my baby! Its not her fault you have pink hair!" Dean snapped and stroked the wheel gently. "Don't worry baby, he didn't mean it he's just upset because he has pink hair."

"Shut up, Dean! Let's go get some lunch." Sam snapped impatiently.

Dean laughed and turned the key in the ignition "Ok already Sammy. Keep your hat on."

"Would you stop!" Sam said angrily and turning to glare at his brother.

"Why quit while you're ahead?" Dean asked giving Sam a puzzled look.

"You are so not ahead!" Sam's voice was dripping with venom. "You just don't want to loose."

"Bring it on Sammy," Dean grinned and pulled into the street.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Sammy is a chubby twelve-year-old? It's Sam. Ok?" Sam growled under his breath.

"Sorry can't hear you." Dean said turning up the music even louder. "Music is too loud."

Sam rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest as he leaned heavily against his seat. "Whatever lets just go grab something to eat."

Dean smiled and looked around for somewhere half way decent. He wasn't in the mood to get any kind of food poisoning in the middle of a prank war. Knowing Sam he would probably laugh himself sick if Dean started to puke his guts out.

A little diner down the street looked halfway decent and Dean had to smile at the name of it. He pulled into the parking lot and hopped out of the car. "Come on Sasquatch, food time!"

Sam looked up at the name of the diner and groaned audibly when he read it, Sammy's Place. He reluctantly followed Dean inside dragging his feet with every step of the way. This was definitely not his day, why had he started the dumb prank war anyway. Dean was all ready two up on him. Sam couldn't prove it but he knew that Dean did something to the soap in the shower to make him itch like crazy and had dyed his hair pink. Now this.

Dean walked casually to the girl at the greeting desk and smiled brightly. "Hey there, today is my brother Sammy's big day." He bent low and whispered something into her ear that made her look amused and a little uncomfortable at the same time.

"Wow, that is something to celebrate I guess." She smiled brightly over at Sam and picked up two menus. "If you guys will just follow me I'll take you to your table."

Dean winked at Sam and followed the waitress to a small booth in the back, Sam on his heels. Dean slid in at the bench the girl pointed to and continued to smile brightly at her. "Thank you very much…um" He glanced at her name tag. "Sandra."

"No problem." She smiled and winked at Dean before handing them their menus. "Your waitress' name is Maddie she will be here in a moment. Enjoy your meal."

As soon as Sandra was out of earshot Sam leaned angrily over the table and whispered fiercely at Dean. "What the hell did you tell her Dean?"

"Nothing Sam." Dean said a small smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.

"You are so full of shit! I know you told her something! Now what the hell did you tell her?" Sam was starting to loose control of his voice volume making other people stare at them.

"I just told her you were no longer a virgin." Dean whispered and winked at a girl that was eyeing him curiously.

"YOU WHAT!" Sam shouted and stood up from the booth.

"Sam for Pete's sake sit your ass down, everyone in the restaurant is looking at you!" Dean hissed urging his brother to calm down before they got kicked out.

"No Dean! I won't! How could you tell her that! What the hell is the matter with you?!" Sam was totally out of control now.

"Just having a little fun Sammy." Dean said trying to hush his brother as a waitress headed their way. "Will you please just sit down?"

"You know what. Forget it I'm not hungry anymore anyway!" Sam thundered and stormed out of the diner.

Dean let out a heavy sigh and followed his brother. 'So much for lunch. Nice going, Dean.'

Sam refused to talk to Dean for the rest of the afternoon. Instead they sat in an uncomfortable silence at the motel. Dean snacked on potato chips and peanut M&M's while Sam drank a water bottle.

"So Sam, what time did you want to head out to the cemetery?" Dean asked casually trying to break the grating silence.

Sam didn't answer but stood up and yanked on his jacket. He grabbed the spare motel key and made his way for the door.

"Whoa, where are you going?" Dean asked making a mad dash for the door hoping to cut Sam off.

"For a walk, alone!" Sam said in a quiet voice dodging Dean's attempt and slammed the door behind him.

Dean shrugged, he figured maybe he had gone a little too far with the virgin thing but Sam would get over it. He glanced at the clock and noted that it was going on 6:00pm. It would be dark by the time he got to the cemetery if he left now. Dean knew he could handle this one on his own and grabbed his own jacket. He would let Sam off this one time.

Dean left Sam a note just in case Sam came back to let him know where he had gone, and told him he would bring dinner back with him. Then he climbed into the car and popped his Quiet Riot mix.

Dean thought that the salting and burning of the bones had gone very well, considering his arms were extremely sore and his back was killing him. He pulled out his cell and dialed Sam's number to ask him what he wanted for dinner.

"Hey this is Sam. I'm not near the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can."

"Come on Sam, you still mad about the virgin thing? Answer the phone I want to know what you want for dinner. Call me back when you get this message." Dean clicked the phone shut and shoved it back into his pocket.

As Dean drove through town he couldn't help but wonder where Sam had wandered off to. He knew that Sam had needed time to cool off but that had been almost two hours ago. Dean shrugged figuring he would find Sam back at the motel still pissed off and hungry.

Dean pulled into a small diner and went inside. He ordered a chicken salad for Sam and a hamburger for himself to go. He knew that Sam could never resist healthy food, no matter how crappy Dean thought it tasted. His order was up a few minutes later and Dean left hoping that this salad would earn himself a little forgiveness in Sam's eyes.

As Dean pulled up to their motel room the first thing he noticed was that the room was dark. He instantly kicked into big brother mode and ran into the room, worried to death about Sam. He flipped on the light and heard a small groan from his brother's bed and instantly relaxed. "Damn it, Sam why didn't you answer you phone?" Dean demanded tossing the bag of food onto the table along with his keys.

"Turn off the light." Sam grumbled burying his face into his pillow, his words slurred heavily.

Dean walked over to Sam's bed and sat on the edge and looked at him curiously. "You ok Sammy?"

"The light is too damn bright. Turn it off." Sam grumbled. The smell of alcohol hung heavily around Sam and it was then that he noticed an empty whisky bottle on the floor next to Sam's bed.

"Are you drunk?" Dean asked amused.

"Yeah, so what you going to do about it?" Sam turned so he was looking at Dean with glassy eyes.

"Nothing, but you're going to have the biggest hang over of your life tomorrow. You only drink one or two beers at a time. Never a whole bottle of whiskey." Dean smiled and rose from Sam's bed.

Sam muttered something incoherent into his pillow as Dean made his way over to the light switch and flipped it off. "Sorry, I didn't catch that Sam." Dean went into the bathroom and flipped on the light and ran some cold water, placing a washcloth under it. He made sure the cloth was good and soaked and wrung out excess water before moving back to Sam's bed, flipped Sam onto his back and placed the washcloth on his forehead.

"Did I ever tell you that you're my hero?" Sam asked keeping his eyes closed his words continuing to swarm together.

"I'm not a hero, Sam." Dean said watching his brother carefully.

"I didn't say a hero, I said my hero." Sam's dark eyes finally opened and he looked at Dean again.

"What's the difference?" Dean asked his curiosity peaked.

"A hero has to save everyone, my hero is always there for me." Sam said seriously then giggled at some personal joke.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked.

"You'll see." Sam said and closed his eyes.

Dean shrugged thinking Sam had passed out and moved to his own bed where a large raspberry was blown. He stood up quickly and pulled a whoopee cushion out from under his comforter.

"Excuse you," Sam giggled and Dean rolled his eyes.

"Very funny." Dean said not really amused.

"I thought so." Sam yawned and turned on his side, and soon started to snore softly.

"Good night, bitch." Dean said gently pulling Sam's covers over his brother's sleeping form. Then walked over to the table to eat his dinner in the dark and quiet of the night before heading off to bed himself.

Dean awoke the next morning to the sounds of Sam's dry retching over the toilet and the occasional groan. He stifled a laugh as he made his way to the bathroom and pushed open the door. "How you feeling Sam?"

"Oh, I don't know what I was thinking last night." Sam grumbled into the toilet bowl before another retching fit over powered him.

"Obvious fact," Dean stated simply and draped a cold washcloth on the back of Sam's neck. He left Sam to puke up the contents of his stomach in peace and decided to grab them some coffee and grab a newspaper to see if his ad had been placed, not that it really mattered anyway. As soon as Sam was feeling a little better they would head out of town.

The gas station down the street had a coffee machine and Dean decided not to wander too far from Sam. He made the round trip quickly and returned to see Sam settling himself at the table looking miserable.

"Feeling better?" Dean asked handing his brother a coffee.

"Not really." Sam said refusing the coffee and looking at the table top. "You take care of the woman in white last night?"

"Yep, bitch burned without complaint." Dean said triumphantly and sipped his own coffee. "You fit for travel solider? I got a call from Caleb there is something back in the Black Water Ridge Mountains that needs killing."

"In Colorado? It's not another Wendigo is it?" Sam groaned and rubbed his stomach gently.

"Nope, not this time. Something else." Dean said finishing his coffee and tossing his cup in the garbage. "You up for it?"

"As long as you're driving." Sam groaned and went to pack his bag.

"Sure thing." Dean said quickly pulling out his duffel and shoving his possessions inside. It didn't take the brothers long to pack their stuff, Sam was moving a little slower than usual so Dean helped pack up his brother's stuff as well. Sam insisted on carrying it out to the car on his own though.

Dean walked into the bathroom to grab one item that he had forgotten when he heard Sam's scream of surprise; and rushed out to see if Sam was ok.

"Sam? You ok?" Dean asked when he saw Sam rubbing his eyes and blinking rapidly. "What happened?"

"Some lady just took my picture!" Sam managed to get the stars to stop dancing in front of his eyes and looked at his brother. Dean had an amused look on his face.

"Sorry about that Sam. That was probably my fault." Dean grinned widely at his brother and pointed to a newspaper sitting on the passenger seat of the impala. "Look at the wanted ads."

Sam struggled to get into the impala and searched the ads for what would cause some strange lady to take his picture. He found it just as Dean was entering the impala and his jaw dropped in shock.

Wanted Picture!

Looking for a picture of a pink haired man.
Send it to my P.O. Box. Thank you so much!

Dean's P.O. Box address followed and Sam growled furiously. "You did this!"

Dean couldn't control his laughter. "Man Sammy that is going to be a picture to remember. You with pink hair and a hang over. Can't wait for that picture to arrive.

Sam secretly wished that the lady's camera would somehow malfunction and would ruin the film. Some things were best left forgotten.

Dean pulled out of the parking lot and into the street while Bad Company's Movin' On roared from the speakers drowning out Sam's angry words.