Chapter 0 – Introduction and Notes

UPDATE :: 3 MAY 2007
Following discussion with one reader I have now re-rated this story M due to the strength of the language and imagery used in Chapter 61 "Union Part Two : Body". I have also lowered the tone of a couple of key phrases in that chapter which I felt were a little beyond reasonable for these two characters. I haven't taken anything away, just subtley taken the edge off three phrases.

UPDATE :: 12 MARCH 2007
A quick note about how I see the ages of Pazu and Sheeta. I think Miyazaki's intent was to make these two children about 13 or 14 years old. They seem to be about that age at the beginning of the movie, Pazu particularly when he plays his trumpet looks very young. However as the movie goes on and we get to the rescue from the burning Tepis Fortress and later the fighting on Laputa, Pazu just looks to me a lot older than 13-14. He becomes a man of action and has great physical strength and spiritual and mental resourcefulness. He is even drawn differently and in more than one shot we see he has pretty impressive biceps. Sheeta too seems to age as the story goes on, although less so that in Pazu's case. She is however drawn with a significant bosom for a 13-14 year old. So in my head I see these two as no longer children. To me they look and act like young adults.

Please therefore bear in mind that in "Hills of Moonlight" I treat them as 15, and they both become 16 during the story.

UPDATE :: 7 MARCH 2007
Yesterday I decided that this story is going to take a new direction. Originally I planned it to be a small cute little thing but in the last 24 hours while writing "Barley" I suddenly fell in love with my Pazu character and decided that he and my Sheeta deserve better. So this is quite possibly going to turn epic, no idea how long it will be. I still have the same game-plan in place, the same ending, the same characters, I just want to commit more to it. From the movie I have worked out the geography of the lands they are in and I also became inspired to create some Gondoan language words which will be introduced over time. The story will be one of a relationship between a boy and a girl, and how it grows, but that will be a bumpy ride, not just between the two of them but against a background of world events. So buckle up your seatbelt and put on your flying goggles and warm avaitors jacket, we're heading into the storm clouds.


Hi all

This is my first foray into fiction based on "Castle in the Sky" and I'm here entirely because of the undue pressure, cajoling, nagging, blackmail, gun waving, pleading, gentle stroking, maniacal grinning, encouragement, support and downright whining of a fellow ff dot net denizen, one Mr Vook by name. Vook very kindly wrote me some reviews for some of my "Whisper of the Heart" based fanfics and I was greatly encouraged by his words of support. Vook told me he'd always wanted to see more "Castle" work and now that I have finished my monumental trilogy of "Whisper" stories I decided to look more closely at "Castle" for fanfic material. So I watched the movie several more times and was struck by the intense relationship between Sheeta and Pazu. Miyazaki doesn't touch on this much at all, nothing is given to us overtly but we can see from their experiences and their actions toward each other that Pazu and Sheeta would most probably become a very close couple after the movie ends. Certainly they are completely comfortable in each others company. So, intrigued by that, I began scribbling down some ideas.

As with most of the things I write, I have a basic plan in place but it's quite hazy and will take several chapters to develop, so this story will begin quite simply and things will be revealed over time. All my plans are made of a very stretchy rubbery material and can assume quite different shapes as time goes on.

Please review what you read, I like to be encouraged or, if I'm going off course, steered back (gently please) onto the right path. I also have a forum set up (click on my pen name) where I will post up various thoughts, ramblings and general mutterings about the story, how it might go or has gone and so on, so please post there as well. If I get reviews I tend to also copy/paste them in the forum so I have a document to refer to all this good stuff in one place.

So, please, pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, get your comfy reading slippers on and join me.


Legal Bit

Please note that I do not claim ownership in any way shape or form to the anime "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" nor the novel by Osamu Kameoka and illustrated by Hayao Miyazaki. Studio Ghibli and Kameoka/Miyazaki own those copyrights (lucky blighters).