Summary: There is a new Sorceress in Briarwood, and She wants Alianbow and his son, What happens when she seduces Bowen to get to his father, Will Udonna find out, will she find a way to fight back to win her husband.

((I told you all, when I have a good story I have to write it ASAP or I will not remember what I thought about, I hope you all will like this beginning , more to come ))

School was led out as Bowen and his Friends, Xander, Chip, Madison and Vida all walked to their vehicles as Bowen made his way to his bike. Madison walked with her sister as he looked over to her as he now called her over "Hey Maddie" as he now waved her over.

Madison now walked over as she now stood beside the bike and Bowen as she looked up as the sun was now blocking her eye sight.

Bowen noticed this as he now stood and covered her eyes with his body as he now covered up the sunlight.

"I was wondering if you want to take a ride with me before we go into work?" he asked.

"You mean you want me to ride your bike with you " said Madison.

Nick nodded as he now blushed

"Well ", said Madison as she looked to her sister as Vida kept nodding yes to go .

"Sure, I be happy too, let me just give Vida my books and I will go with you for that ride" said Madison as she now walked over to her sister as she now put her books into her jeep and grabbed her sweater and made her way back to the motorcycle as she now stood beside Bowen.

"Take care of her Bowen, I don't want to see any scrapes on her body" said Vida.

"Becareful you two " yelled Vida.

"We will," they both said as Bowen now turned on his motorcycle and now drove off.

Nick knew well that Vida would kill him if she saw any wounds on her , she would kill him.There he handed her the helmet as he now waited as she put her sweater on, there she smiled as it sent him shivers down his spine. Then and there a bright flash was now seen across the street from the School a woman dressed in a white see thru laced dress appeared as she now smiled as she disappeared.

Meanwhile Rootcore:

Alianbow and Udonna were now alone , they were both working on potions as they looked at one another, they were soo hopelessly in love, Udonna felt his arm move behind her as he now moved his way over behind her as he now stood behind her as he moved her hair aside and kissed her neck.

the more he kissed her the more she'd loose her concentration on the potion as she now stopped mixing. right then and there she gave in as she now turned as her lips met with his. their kisses became passionate and filled with love.

Bowen and Madison

Now arriving at the beach, there they sat on the motorcycle as Madison now moved off as she removed her helmet, she took a deep breath as she now turned and smiled. right then and their became a slow motion as Madison just stood there withour blinking. Bowen noticed this change as he looked around.

There the Female appeared as she smiled. she slowly made her way to Bowen as she smiled. he looked to Madison then back to the female. "Hello Bowen" she spoke in a seductive voice.

"How do you know me?" asked Bowen. There the female smiled as she now moved closer as she reached over to him as she now caresses his face. "So much like your Father, Good looking and " she began as she kissed him . "taste good like your Father" she finished.

"How do you know my Father?" asked Bowen.

"Come and Find me and I will tell you, " she smiled.

"How will I find you " he asked.

The Female made a white tiger appear. "Just follow Usamba and he will lead you to me" she said as she now disappeared.