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Drunken nights

Chapter 1

Bones woke up to the annoying sound of her phone's ring tone. She opens her eyes and looks vaguely around the room. Last nights clothes were strewn around the floor, her make-up she discovered still on her face and on her pillow. Her head was banging and when she tried to remember last night's events she found she couldn't. 'Boy, I must have drunk a lot last night' she thought as she scanned the room for her phone. There in was on the floor in the far left hand corner, how it got there she didn't know. She pulled the covers around her and walked to her phone.

"Hello?' she answered croakily.

"Sweetie, where are you? You were meant to be in work 2 hours ago. Also you sound terrible I guess that means the party was good last night."

"Party? Oh, yeh it was. Look sorry I'll be there soon o.k."

"Also ring Booth because he hasn't turned up either and his car is still outside. But he was at the party too so I guess he bit like you right now."

"O.k. I'll try his mobile then I'll get a taxi to his house to pick him up if he's there."

"Kay, see you soon sweetie."

Booth, booth. Bones searched for his number on her phone finally she found it. Buzz. 'That's weird' bones thought 'booth's mobile is in my apartment.' She stops ringing and turns. Behind her on her bed is Booth.