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Drunken Nights

Chapter 18

Booth looked down the corridor at the end he saw Angela making phone calls to the rest of the squint squad telling them what happened. Booth ran over the events in his head again. The baby had come out and had been taken somewhere and when he had looked at Bones she was slumped and he could here the heart monitor Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! She had flat lined. The doctors had rushed around her and Booth had been pushed to one side. He had watched in terror as they tried to bring her back and after a few heart-stopping minutes she was back alive. He had been pushed outside and he still didn't know what had happened or was happening. Then a nurse came down the corridor.

"Seely Booth." He stood up.

"What happened is she alright?"

"I'm afraid Miss Brennan is in a serious condition. She has a hole in her heart and is under going surgery this minute. We are very surprised she has managed to carry the baby without problems before this."

"What about the baby?"

"The baby is a girl and she is also in a critical state as because of her mother's heart defect she is not as big as most other 30 week babies so the doctors are watching her to make sure everything is ok. So I'm afraid you can't see her." The nurse hurried away. 'They were both in a critical condition. What if they didn't pull through or only one did? How could his daughter grow up without a mother? Or Bones survive knowing her only child was dead?' Booth couldn't bear it, two of the most important people to him were close to death and one he hadn't even met. After another 5 minutes Angela returned and relayed the information to her. When he had finished he saw the tears come to her eyes he knew that it would be quite a well till either of them could relax again.

- - - - - - - -

At about 3 that morning he and Angela were informed that the surgery had gone well and that they could go and see Bones if they wanted. They followed the nurse to a private room and as they entered the room, they saw Bones lying on a hospital bed. She wasn't awake and she had all sorts of tubes sticking out of her. 'She looks so helpless.' Was Booth's first thought. They sat down next to her and Booth grabbed her hand and started to talk to her.

"You gave me a real shock in there Bones. But you'll pull through, you always do because you're a fighter. I haven't seen our baby yet, but it's a girl. I'm sure she'll be a beautiful as you. You just rest now you've been through a lot." He put her hand down, but then her body started to shake and the monitor went crazy and then she flat lined again. The doctor rushed in and Booth and Angela were shoved outside. After a few minute a nurse came out and informed them that Bones was now stable, but they couldn't see her yet because the doctors were keeping a close eye on her. Booth took to pacing the corridor while Angela watched.

- - - - - - - -

Around 4 the same morning, a nurse stopped Booth.

"Seely Booth." He nodded and stopped pacing.

"Now I'm afraid you still can't see Miss Brennan, but you may come and see your daughter for a few minutes." He followed her to another bit of the hospital and she brought him to an incubator in a small room. He looked down at his daughter. She was very small and Booth fell in love with her. He put his hands through the small holes on the side of the incubator and as he did his new daughter grabbed one of his fingers with her hand. She looked at him with her bright blue eyes and she immediately reminded him of Bones. But after only a few blissful minutes with his new daughter, Booth was moved away because the doctors needed to look at her again. He returned to Angela who was still sat outside Bones' room and as he arrived a doctor came up to them.

"You can go in and see Miss Brennan now. She's breathing on her own now. But we don't know when she will wake up. It could be a few minutes, a few hours, days or even weeks. But the longer it takes her to wake up the more damage there will be." They both nodded and went into the room. Bones was laid on the bed she still had a lot of tubes sticking out of her. She looked so peaceful, but they both knew that this was not helping her. She needed to wake up. Booth sat next to her and grabbed her hand again.

"Hey, Bones. I'm back. Me and Angela are here, but you need to wake up soon so that you can get better." But nothing happened. Booth thought it was stupid thinking she'd just wake up like that. But after an hour of sitting there Booth saw a flicker behind her eyelids. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room. She saw Booth and Angela sat on the chairs next to the bed.

"Hey Bones." She gave Booth a weak sort of smile. She looked around the room and saw that the baby wasn't there.

"Where's the baby?" She just managed to whisper it.

"Don't worry the baby is fine. She's in a incubator, but she's doing well."

"She?" Booth nodded. Angela looked at her.

"So how do you feel, Sweetie?"

"Terrible." Angela smiled. A few minutes later a doctor came in and said that she needed her sleep, so she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

- - - - - - -

Bones slept for the rest of the morning, but at 11, Booth's phone began to ring. He stepped outside the room.


"Booth, it's Cullen. Where are you? You were meant to be in a meeting an hour ago."

"Sorry, sir. Its just Dr. Brennan went into labour last night and she's still in hospital."

"It's ok, Booth. You can take leave till she's better." Cullen was thinking about when his daughter Amy was in hospital and he just hoped Dr Brennan would fare better than her. Booth put the phone down, but on the way back to the room a nurse informed him they could move his daughter into Bones' room. He nodded and returned to the room. He saw Angela was still there and he suggested that she go home. She agreed on the condition that if anything happened he would ring her. He nodded and returned to Bones. They brought their daughter in and put her in a cot at the bottom of Bones' bed. Then Bones woke up from sleeping.

"How are you feeling?"

"Why does everyone ask people who are in hospital that?" Booth smiled. She looked at the end of her bed and saw the tiny girl. Booth picked her up.

"Do you want to say hi to mummy?" 'Mummy' Bones doubted whether she would ever get used to that, especially being called that from Booth. She looked down at her daughter she was so beautiful, so small. Her eyes were bright blue, like hers.

"What are we going to call her?" Bones thought about it.

"What about Joan?"

"My grandma's called Joan."

"Great it will have family meaning."

"Bones, you don't call people after their grandma's or great grandma's in this case."
"Fine what do you suggest?"

"What about Isabel?"

"Yeh, I like that. Little Isabel." Booth looked at Bones.

"Bones, do you want to know what Parker said to me?" She nodded.

"He asked me if I would marry you." He got a ring out of his pocket.

"So will you marry me?" Bones looked at Booth and she already knew the answer.


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