Emily felt like her head was running a dozen different marathons at once. She felt like had everything in the world spinning around in her mind and if she forgot one thing, the entire cycle would collapse. For the last week she'd been absolutely exhausted, but it just kept coming. Okay, class in an hour, lesson today is on…uh…damn it what was I going to do? Oh, right, right, right, bank robberies. After that Cheryl's having a CNU meeting, about something or another… I promised Lia I'd look at bride books, oh god wait till I tell her we're eloping…remember to bring aspirin.

Her phone suddenly rang interrupting her string of run-on thoughts and she glanced at the caller id. Oh great that's all I need right now… "Hi mom."

"Hey honey, I'm just checking that you're still coming on Saturday?" Her parents were having a small yuppie barbeque at their home that Saturday, and she told them that she and Matt would come.

"Yep, so long as no on decides to take hostages in L.A. or the surrounding area, we'll be there." Emily said half joking.

"Honey I hate when you joke about your job, you don't seem to realize how dangerous it is." Her mother whined, repeating a variation on her standard comments to her daughter.

"Relax mom. I've been doing this how long and never been hurt?"

"Don't say things like that, next thing you know I'll be getting a call that some psycho shot you."

"Oh god mom, stop being so melodramatic." Emily scolded her as she got to the small cubicle she and Matt shared, her fingers already squeezing the bridge of her nose trying to sooth the headache that was coming.

"I'm not being melodramatic Emily Caroline, I worry about you." Her mother used Emily's middle name to make her point.

"Yes I know, how many times in the last decade have we gone through this?" She half pleaded with her mother. Saturday was going to suck.

"Too many, and we'll be going through it until you get a normal job."

"Normal? What's normal mom? A secretary? A teacher? A CEO?"

"Yes, they are and so is a lawyer, well corporate, or a doctor, anything that you don't deal with deviants in."

Emily let out a breath, her patience quickly waning. "I really need to go mom, I have work to do at my abnormal job now."

"Alright, remember 2:00 on Saturday. Oh, is Mark allergic to anything?"

"Matt mom, not Mark, Matt, and as far as I know only strawberries. I'll ask him later." By now Emily was gripping the desk so hard her knuckles were white, and Matt who'd been watching her seen she'd gotten there was looking very concerned.

"Alright I'll see you then honey."

"Bye mom." Emily hung up before she received a response. She closed her eyes, and pressed her fingers into her temples, titling her head to the ground.

"Hey, are you okay?" Matt asked her, brushing aside the hair that had fallen in front of her face, so he could see her.

She nodded breathing in. "Can you drive us to my parents house Saturday?"

"Sure, any reason?" He wasn't particularly looking forward to meeting them again, but he was marrying their daughter, he figured he should.

"Yes. I plan on being well on my way to drunk by then." She answered, her face serious.

"Oh that'll really endear me to your parents, bringing you drunk."

"Matt, the only thing that will ever endear you to my parents is telling them you got me to quit my job and become a teacher or something 'normal.'" She commented using air quotes to convey her sarcasm.

"Well at the very least we have to stay long enough to tell them we're engaged. After we get that over with we can leave and not see them until the wedding."

She raised an eyebrow at his mention of a wedding.

"You really don't want a wedding?" He wasn't sure if she was kidding when she suggested eloping.

"Wearing a gaudy dress, in a gaudy church filled with my parents and hundred people, 75 of which neither of us have seen in years and whose names we barely remember? No I don't want that. Why? Do you?" She suddenly realized after her diatribe that he might actually want what she was describing

"Not really, but isn't that every girl's dream? Fancy, formal wedding, ten thousand dollar wedding dress, and prince charming?" He asked her curiously. Emily had a habit of constantly turning everything he thought he knew about women upside down.

"I got over that in high school. Although I could still go for the dress." She told him with a smile.

"Good, maybe Lia won't kill you. All that babble the other night about lace and flowers and what the hell did she say-taffeta-made my head spin." He said recalling with horror that was listening to a woman gush about the weird things that make dresses.

"I'm supposed to look at dress catalogues with her tonight."

"You're not coming over?" He pouted, pretending to be hurt.

"Well why don't you come to my apartment later tonight after she leaves." Emily practically purred in his ear.

"You expect me to wait until after your class, a meeting, and Lia wedding talk with that on my mind?" He teased her.

"Oh shit class. What time is it?" She said suddenly, smacking her forehead.

"Uh, oh…two minutes until three." She had class at three, ten floors down.

"Damn it, Damn it, Damn it…"she cursed as she gathered her materials and nearly knocked Cheryl over as she came out of her office, Emily disappearing in the elevator.

Cheryl rebalanced herself after whirlwind Emily passed her, and looked at Matt. "Is she okay?"

"I don't know. I think it's just stress, she's been scattered like this for the last two weeks." He would have blamed their engagement, but that was almost a month ago.

"I've noticed. I'm a little worried about her. Do you two want a vacation?" Cheryl suddenly asked, surprising Matt.

"Uh, can't say I'd mind it. We still have about a dozen cases we need to finish paperwork on to close though." There had been a string of negotiations that last month that was likely one of the reasons Emily was so frantic.

"Well let me know when you guys get those done. You've both earned a break." Cheryl told him before heading back to her office.

Matt went back to his paperwork, the massive Everest –sized pile that just kept growing no matter how much he did. He was thrilled Emily really wanted to elope; it wasn't like his family would be at their wedding anyway. He couldn't deny that he was a little worried about her though.

Lately she'd been tired and impatient, not at all like she was normally. She always seemed like she had something on her mind, or rather several things. She hadn't relaxed in two weeks, acting as if she was on some sort of caffeine high that just wouldn't quite. Of course after a day of this she'd end up passed out by nine o'clock, generally falling asleep leaning on him as they sat on the couch. Even that past weekend she'd slept later than he'd ever seen her do before, close to noon. And then she passed out at ten. He'd tried asking her about it, but she just shrugged and said it was because they were so busy at work.

Emily was busy in her class, trying to concentrate on her notes. Though it wasn't like she needed them half the time, she had enough experience to teach just from that. Flipping the page in her training guide, she lifted her head to address her class when the room suddenly seemed to tilt before her eyes. Shaking her head and blinking seemed to stand the world upright again, but she made a mental note to eat better and get more sleep.

Not that she hadn't been sleeping enough lately, she slept more in the last two weeks than she had in the month before it. Matt was beginning to worry, and she had no idea what to tell him. She should probably see her doctor, but she couldn't help but think it was just stress, and she hated going to the doctor.

Mildly concerned, she decided to go slow and keep behind her little podium, in case she needed to lean on it. She began telling her class about a recent bank robber she and Matt and talked out of executing a dozen people. He'd come very close, but they'd managed to successfully get him out in the end.

Forty-five minutes later, as she was explaining the uniqueness of dealing with bank robbers due to their monetary motives, her world began to tilt again and dim slightly. Grabbing the podium and breathing in deeply, she closed her eyes struggling to regain her composure. The rows of seats in front of her had once again righted themselves and settled, allowing her to finish her lecture, before letting her class out five minutes early and collapsing on a chair.

Matt was waiting plagued by boredom in the conference room with Cheryl and the rest of the negotiators in the CNU. Emily hadn't arrived yet. Meanwhile, everyone else milled around, waiting for Cheryl to start the meeting. Cheryl signaled everyone to sit down, which they all began to do grudgingly, Emily rushing in as the last few people sat down.

"Ok, first you've all been doing very well. Washington sends kudos. However they are also sending us a few changes to how negotiations go. And before you all start whining, hardly any of it is actually going to matter." She assured them.

After fifty minutes of this, Cheryl could tell she was losing her negotiators. Heads rested on hands, a few played distractedly with paper or pens, Temple was yawning, and to her surprise it looked like Emily had fallen asleep. She watched Matt gently nudge his fiancé awake, smiling amusedly at her. That was another problem Cheryl had to think about, who was she going put partner them with?

"Alright, I doubt any of you caught the last ten minutes of what I said, so get out of here, go home." She waved them out, gathering the stack of papers Washington had faxed to her as a new year update, even if it was March.

They all responded eagerly jumping up and suddenly full of energy and laughing tore out, ready to go home. There were only a few people left in the room as Emily and Matt got up, talking quietly. After a few moments of chatter and gathering their things, Emily turned toward the door, and starting walking out, Matt right behind her. After only three or four steps, she stopped suddenly as her vision began to darken and the doorway was suddenly turned on a diagonal. She didn't have time to think and she didn't hear Matt as her if she was alright before her world darkened completely.

"Em? Emily!" Matt called to her as he lunged forward barely catching her before she hit the ground, and then slowly sinking down with her.

The remaining four people in the room now had their complete focus on Matt and Emily, concerned looks over all their faces, Cheryl racing over to the couple.

"Shit, shit, come on Em, wake up." Matt begged as he shook her slightly, frightened and completely unprepared to deal with the reality before him.

"Matt what happened?" Cheryl hurried over, concern lacing her voice and in her eyes.

"I don't know, she just passed out." Matt gently tapped at Emily's cheek, trying to get her to wake up.

"Banks call 911." Cheryl ordered one of the three men staring at them.

"Come on Em, you have to wake up now." Matt coaxed nervously. Cheryl grabbed her wrist checking her pulse, which as far as she could tell seemed fine.

"Yeah I need an ambulance at FBI L.A." Agent Banks stated into his cell phone, saying a few more things before snapping it shut, and walking out to meet the ambulance.

"Has she been eating? Drinking?" Cheryl asked a very worried Matt.

"She said she felt a little sick last night, but I had lunch with her today, she was fine." He said helplessly, no clue what do.

"I'm sure she's fine, probably just overworking herself." Cheryl tried to convince both of them, as Matt just sat by Emily, holding her hand.

Twenty minutes later the ambulance was screaming and flashing its way toward the hospital, a very anxious Matt rubbing circles on top of Emily's hand. He sat that way for the duration of the trip, never taking his eyes off her, his brain generating every horrible thing that could be wrong with her. He knew something was off with her lately, he should have made her see a doctor. Why didn't he force her to talk to him? Why didn't he just tell her that he was worried about her?

They pulled into the loading area of the hospital after a ride that lasted forever, and Matt was soon brushed away by the doctors who took her away to examine. As far as triage goes, unconscious people move to the front of the line and get their own room. So he sat and waited, his legs jumping up and down even as he sat, his palms so sweaty it felt like he'd just dipped them into water.

Lia arrived after about five minutes, dragging Duff with her. She'd seen the paramedics from the analysis room and immediately went out to see what happened. She was surprised to see Matt sitting on the floor by Emily, who almost looked like she was sleeping. She'd called Duff and told him they were going to the hospital, and Duff, knowing a good thing when he had one, chose not to argue with her, and instead met her right away.

Now the two sat down by Matt, who looked like he might explode if a doctor didn't come out to talk to him. Matt continued dancing in his seat, running his hands through his hair, playing with a rubber band he'd acquired at some point, anything to keep himself busy. When a doctor finally came of the room, he jumped out of his seat so fast he nearly fell over.

"Agent Flannery?" The doctor asked.

"Yeah, uh is she okay?"

"She's awake and seems to be unharmed. I'm going to run a few blood tests, and hopefully we'll figure this out soon." He explained.

"What do you think is wrong with her?" Matt asked, almost timidly.

"It's hard to say, but like I said the blood tests should tell us." He smiled encouragingly at Matt.

"Can I see her?"

"Go right ahead in, the nurse is just drawing blood." He nodded toward the door, before leaving the group.

Matt turned toward his friends as if to ask if they were coming.

"Go ahead Matt, we'll be there in a few minutes. I want to call Cheryl." Lia told him, grabbing Duff and heading off to find a phone.

Matt walked in the room to find a very bored Emily watching the nurse suck blood from her right arm, but when she saw Matt walk in she smiled. He waited awkwardly at the end of the bed until the nurse finished taking blood, and left, nodding at Matt. Matt walked over to the side of the bed, and leaned over kissing Emily, long and sweet, before letting them both up for air, resting his forehead against hers.

"You scared the hell out of me." He told her softly.

"What happened, I don't really remember." She confessed.

"Wait, you remember the meeting right?" He, he pulled back from her, suddenly concerned, amnesia?

"Yes, and I remember getting up to leave, and that's it."

"You just fainted." He stated bluntly.

"Oh." The puzzled expression on her face told Matt that this was as awkward for her as it was for him.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine," she shrugged, certainly not like she needed to be in a hospital.

He gave her a look that said he didn't quite believe her.

"I swear Matt, I feel fine. I'd really just like to get out of here," she told him honestly.

"Emily, you fainted. I held you limp and unconscious in my arms; we aren't leaving this hospital until they tell me why." The fear in his eyes showed Emily just how worried he'd been. She grabbed his hand and put it over her heart, simultaneously bringing him closer to her, his face inches from hers.

"You feel that? The nurse even commented on how healthy it sounds. Stop worrying so much." She used a teasing tone on the last part, trying to keep the mood light.

"Never," he told her, his eyes filled with conviction. "When I saw you fall I nearly panicked. When I saw you were unconscious my heart was beating so fast I could hear it in my ears like I was in an auditorium full of drums. And, when I saw them race in here with you on the gurney I almost stopped breathing."

She gave him a sad smile, and sitting on the edge of the bed, wrapped her arms around him, hoping to reassure him that she was alright. He responded similarly, pulling her tightly to him and inhaling her hair.

They sat like that for the next twenty minutes, until Lia and Duff shyly poked their heads in, hoping they didn't interrupt anything. They broke apart, Emily shimming back on the bed, pretending to be the good patient that she wasn't, while Matt scooted back into his chair, running a had through his hair.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Lia asked giving her a quick hug.

"I was just telling Matt that I feel fine, and would love to get out of here." Emily told her with a smile, hoping to allay her friend's worries.

"Well you better get comfortable in that bed, getting blood tests done in ERs takes forever." Lia announced.

Lia proved to be right, another hour passed and Cheryl joined them, giving Emily the same concerned look everybody else had, and threatening her with paperwork if she tried to come in tomorrow.

Another hour later Frank showed up, giving the group a curious look, as they all showed the same shoot-me-I'm-so-bored expression. Emily had tried to get them to leave, insisting she'd be fine, but Lia wouldn't leave, so neither would Duff, and Cheryl wasn't moving until the doctor came back with results.

Finally after another hour and forty-five minutes, just as Lia was threatening to start truth or dare, the doctor came back in, looking way to cheerful to be an ER doctor.

"Hello, my your quite popular Ms. Lehman. I've got your test results back…if you'd all excuse us for a few moments?" He asked the group.

When all but Matt had left, the doctor gave Emily a quick questioning look, confirming he was staying before addressing them.

"It isn't so often that I get to give good news. The blood tests confirmed my first suspicions, you're pregnant." He told her beaming.

Emily knew if she'd been standing she would be flat on her butt after that, she couldn't think, she just stared at the doctor in complete shock.

Matt could feel his mouth open and close several times, as if he was trying to mimic a fish. His palms began to sweat and he could feel his head spinning.

"Uh I can see this has come as a bit of a surprise for you both. I'm not sure how many weeks you are yet, but I have another doctor coming for a consult. Patricia Reener is an excellent OB/GYN, and she's going to examine you briefly before we discharge you. You'll of course need to make an appointment with your own doctor as soon as possible." He looked at the couple, waiting for the barrage of questions that usually accompanied a diagnosis.

They just continued to watch him with expressions that surpassed "a deer caught in headlights" and became "a deer two milliseconds before being squished by a tractor-trailer".

"Uh…I'm having a nurse prepare some pamplets for you and pregnancy, labor, and such…should I have her also include some on adoption?" He asked, and when they didn't respond, "and termination, there are several clinics in the area-"

It was Matt who cut him off, "No, no, I don't believe that will be necessary." He looked at Emily, who nodded vigorously in agreement.

"Okay then, I'll leave you two for a minute. Would you like me to send all your friends back in?" He asked them, giving both a worried look. Emily nodded, it was now or in ten minutes.

This one was a little longer than its predeccesors so I have one more part to finish before the story is done. Hope you all enjoyed, and thanks for reading and reviewing. And I gotta say, April 6th? Fox is killing me with these constant delays!