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AN: This chapter is John-centric and shorter than I would have liked but its an update where there hasn't been one in a very long time. Enjoy.

After a hasty breakfast John hustled the kids back to his room and all but barricaded the door to bar entry or exit by anyone that wasn't him.

"C'mon dad you can't just leave us in here!" Sam exclaimed pounding on the door.

"Can and will Sammy. Can and will." John replied, walking hastily into there room next door. He wanted a chance to really look over the place and find out if he could glean any more than waht they'd told him about their current brand of crazy.

Before opening the door to the room John pulled on a pair of thick worn black leather gloves usually favored by cattlemen; there was no sense in accidently turning this curse on himself as well. Turning the knob cautiously, John first noted the pile of dirty clothes in the corner near the bathroom. Easily discerning the ones from the night before from the rest, John grabbed a garbage bag from the wastbasket and carefully bagged the dust coated clothes for further investigation. Next he went over the bedding looking for any remnants of plate dust. He also didn't want some poor unsuspecting maid to get de-aged while stripping the beds.

A few more minutes and John left the room, gingerly carrying the bag of clothes and the rest of the uncontaminated hunting gear.

Sam had given up trying to bang down the door by the time John was finished loading their things in his truck. He had a problem and he knew it.

What was he going to do with the kids? Sure, he could handle the run down the museum to try and find the scraps of plate left behind the night before, he already had his excuse to get past personel and escape route planned. But he was hesitant to leave them alone even for a few short minutes, hour tops, his pragmatic side assured him. John didn't like knowing what he was looking at, didn't deal well with not having any and all information up front. He didn't relish the learning experience like Sam did. No, John was uneasy with the unknown and after all this time, there wasn't a lot that was still unknown to him in the business.

Leaving them meant leaving something to chance. He couldn't even trust that they'd be there when he got back. No lock was going to hold them in forever, persistent little pricks that they were.

Only one option then, John thought with a sigh. He dug out his phone and made the call. Two rings later and he didn't bother with greetings.

"Bobby, I need a favor."