Shattered – The second part of Destined to meet

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A new person

In America, California:

Beep beep


"Stupid alarm clock, I'm awake…Naruto…I hate you for buying this damn alarm clock!" Green eyes lit up, big green orbs, almost like jades. Pale arms pushing her body up, a nice slim body, perfect fit for every guy. As she walked to her washroom she faces herself in the mirror, pink hair. Her hair was up to her back, long and healthy. She smiled to herself.

"Ah time for school" The girl smiled, with her gorgeous smile. She took a sip of tap water and spat it out; she inserted the tooth brush into her mouth and started to brush it.

She spat the substance out and looked at herself once again, smiling to herself to see how clean her teeth were. With that she hit the showers, and then did her hair.

The beautiful pink haired stepped out of the washroom, wearing leggings and a doll dress that was pink also, on her waist she let a wide black belt wrap her waist, making it look like she was wearing a two piece. She also wore high boots with a point in the front. Her hair had curly like goldy locks'. (I hope you guys know how she looked…NICE)

She was then walking to her other friend's room to get him to wake up.

"hey, Naruto wake up" She said lightly shaking him…no looked at the clock…Damn…she was going to be late for school, the professor is going to KILL her!

"NARUTO WAKE UP! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE DUMMY!" Pink haired girl shaking her friend yelled, she couldn't take it anymore…she took ice cubes and ran it down the back of Naruto's shirt.

His eyes shot up and danced around the apartment while the beautiful university student stared and laughed…

"hehe that's what you get for not waking up!"

"Ne sakura chan, that was harsh" Naruto said, he had blond hair, and sea blue eyes, built and tall. Yeah sakura was alive…

"humph! Don't even talk about harsh; you get me late every freaking day Naruto! I get detentions" Sakura frowned, Naruto sighed and quickly change or else the pink haired girl will wring his neck and murder him and probably eat him for dinner…?


Naruto stepped out of the washroom, in front of him was sakura waiting impatiently. Naruto wore a white shirt, half way buttoned and baggy black jeans; hair was left messy and spiky the new style.

"Finally!" Sakura said

"Alright lets go" Naruto said


"Sakura!" Tina waved at her and hugged Sakura, and then gave Sakura a peck on the cheek.

"Tina! How was your know with your new guy"

"Glad you asked I had fun, you?" Tina asked, she had blond hair and she was Spanish

"um, me and naruto went out to some party that Naruto's friend had and I had fun…"

"That's great! Speaking of it, where's Naruto?"

"oh, the loser went somewhere, I guess searching for some hot girl?"

"I thought he was still with his girlfriend" Tina asked

"ah who know, aright lets go to class"



Chattering in the classroom

"Alright class, settle down this isn't high school, it's a University, I can just not teach you…" The professor said, but as soon as he said that there was dead silence, I mean if he left and didn't teach the students would be screwed over.

"Okay class, I will assign you a job which you will be following for 4 weeks, you will then have an assignment, which is to write an essay and tell me what you have learned" Mr. Lee said.

"An assignment already?" Sakura whispered to her friend Michelle who was beside her.

"This means that you don't need to go to school for that period of time, but everyday you will be writing a journal, for this week you will have the responsibility to find your location to work, and meet your boss and learn what you have to do. Next week will be your official working period. After this you will be writing 3 essays on how it has affected you, what you learned and will you pick this path to learn." The professor explained, while sakura felt as if she wanted to scream and jump out of the window…so much damn work!

"Alright, I'll be handing them to you right now, open the envelope and there you will know what job you will be working for, I didn't just randomly pick your job, theses were the results from the test I gave you last week, and these jobs are your resulting job, that would most likely match you."

He started to give them out, soon he handed it out, and students were discussing about what they had.

"Hey, sakura what did you get?" Michelle asked her

Sakura hid her's and looked over to the sheet micelle was holding

"What do you have?"

"But I asked you first"


"Shut up sakura!"

"Fine! I have to go to the uchiha company"

"Oh my god! That's great sakura! Why do you look so upset then?"

"Well naruto doesn't exactly like it I don't know why…like whenever its on television, he'd turn off the TV or the news paper he'd throw it….I don't know why"

"Oh that sucks…so what are you going to do? Switch it?"

"Hell no! This is a good opportunity to learn, so I just won't tell him"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah…what's wrong…it can't be that bad if he found out one day… I hope" As you can tell sakura didn't have any affect on the work Uchiha, well that's because she had forgotten her memory… Like mentioned in the Destined to meet 2 previews.

"So how are you going to get a ride the and look for the damn company?" Michelle asked, very concerned for Sakura

"Will you calm yourself? Don't worry, I got my ways" Sakura smiled.


Japan, Tokyo…

A tall man, mature looking was standing in front of his private jet. He was wearing a black suit; he was a young looking man that was already a CEO. He had black orbs and black hair. His hair was spiked up naturally…His emotions were still cold, but less of that Player attitude he had. He had found the right person, after 'that' incident.

"Sasuke kun, don't forget to call me when you're there" A girl with black hair said, she was beautiful, innocent….Sweet

The spiky black haired man smiled, a real smiled and kissed his Fiancé's forehead

"Don't worry, I'll call you…if I didn't I'd miss you" She blushed, he smirked and hugged her

"Be safe!" She cried… he wiped her tears off with his thumb and walked to the private jet.

He turned back once again and waved to his soon to be wife.


"took you long enough Sasuke" Shikamaru said, he was a grown up now, still thinking things are troublesome…but not as much, Ino sat beside Shikamaru her soon to be husband.

"hn." Sasuke took a seat and poured him self some red wine, sitting there himself staring outside the window, engines didn't start yet.

Ino smiled she remembered when he was so hurt it was hard for everyone after the 'Sakura' incident, sasuke was even colder he'd beat the shit out of everyone in his way, after that he became colder than ever, he talked to no one…he left his friends he became the utmost scariest person in the school, he'd hurt every girl he saw, he'd play them, cheat on them and cared less. He tried hiding pain it wasn't any help.

Until that day,

He met a new girl, Annie she had long black hair sweet. The first time he met her she hated him, for being so jerky…how they met? Well she worked as a waitress, and what happened? She accidentally poured slush on him, he was pissed but the words he called her pissed her off, she swore and smacked him. The first to smack him…soon, they began to talk more…and soon they were boyfriend and girlfriend. And soon they became engaged after Sasuke turned into the CEO. The ice Sakura had melted rebuilt into something colder, but this girl had finally reached him too.

Soon he became the same Sasuke as before; more mature…he was faithful to Annie…everyone called Annie the lucky star. She was engaged to the heartthrob of the world, she was happy and so was he, but somewhere in his heart had an empty space, the whole group had an empty space, they would try their best to be happy, but somehow it's different.

"Some reason I have a weird feeling about this trip, something weird and just shocking" tenten said to her soon to be husband, Neji.

Neji staring out of the window looked at the hazel eyes "who knows, let's hope it'll turn out to be something good" Neji spoke

"…right" Tenten said softly soon everyone was quiet just because it's been a few years since the accident occurred; none of them would really laugh or be happy. They all grew mature, no more stupid joke and in their hearts they'll always remember her, and they would all have hope in searching for Naruto.

It was soon quiet as the engine started they soon were up in the air, in the clouds.

sniff sniff

"Ino, what's wrong why are you crying all of the sudden?" Shikamaru said in a worried tone, Tenten and Hinata walked over and asked what's wrong too.

Ino looked at them, it was quiet and she smiled.

"I'm happy…" Ino said to them

They all gave her a confused look.

"I'm happy because right now I feel so close to Sakura, I feel like she's here, giving us a visit" Ino said looking out the window, it was full of clouds almost like heaven.

The whole group froze, Neji, Shikamaru, Tenten, Hinata, and the last person Sasuke, he froze a bit and looked outside, realizing the clouds floating easily he looked for a minute and closed the blinds for the window he was beside. It was too much pain.

Tenten and Hinata looked outside also, from inside the plane the clouds moving nicely

"You're right I feel like I'm close to her right now, Sakura we're visiting you" Tenten said and smiled…


Pink haired girl waited outside of the University, looking at her watch getting impatient..

"Naruto! What took you so long?! I've been waiting for hours!" Sakura said when he finally reached, he gave a sleek grin.

"Sorry Sakura, I was having a bit of lecture for talking during class" Naruto said laughing nervously.

"Come one let's go out and eat I'm hungry" Sakura said to Naruto, holding his hand and ran to the plaza in front of them.


"ah it's so nice and warm in here! I love it!" Sakura said holding her steaming cup of tea in her pair of hands.

Naruto smiled at Sakura he was happy that Sakura was a cheerful person now, no more crying about that person… She was cheerful again and stronger…

"don't smile at me randomly loser it scares the shit out of me!" Sakura said waving her hand in front of Naruto.

"hehe fine, what do you want to eat?" Naruto asked looking at the menu

"um, I think I'm just getting a plate of lasagna you?" Sakura asked looking at a body figure holding

" I guess I'll get the same" Naruto said


"GOD I'M SO FULL URGGH" Sakura said now complaining that she ate too much.

"Your fault Haruno Sakura" Naruto said pointing a finger like he was saying a fact, sakura just rolled her eyes.


They were inside the apartment and 11:30 pm already, Naruto turned on the television, and Sakura sitting beside him…

'It is said that Uchiha Sasuke, CEO of -…" Sakura didn't even get to see the CEO's face and it was already cut off, the channel was cut off to something else. Sakura could swear she saw Naruto stiffen up a bit, she really didn't understand why.

"Ne, Naruto why'd you switching the channel so quickly?"

"He-he there's um some show I really wanted to watch really bad so I wanted to you know switch the channel"

"You're lying, I know you are…if that's true then why'd you hesitate?" Sakura trying to get some information..

"Alright fine fine! I'm just so jealous of him, he's so hot and like you might ditch me for him…" Naruto said obviously lying, what a lame excuse…but it seem like sakura fell for it.

"oh you're such a loser Naruto!" Sakura said laughing, soon Naruto laughed too.

It was then quiet for a second…

"ne, Naruto…how was I in the passed? I'm always wondering" Sakura asked, those words got Naruto to freeze and hesitate a bit.


"Hm…how should I say this…well you were a good girl and more hm…quiet then now" Sakura gave an angry look and Naruto laughed.

"Where did I used to live?" Sakura asked


"Really?! I've always wanted to go there and visit but I used to live there?! Wow I'm RAD! How'd I know you?"

"ne sakura chan…why are you all of the sudden asking me these questions?"

"I don't know I just want to ask…I'm always wondering and never asking so I guess today will be the day I find out right?"

"Yea…well I knew you when you were in America, and we planned to move to Japan with others, and we did…we were like brothers and sisters"

"Just like now Naruto?"

"Yeah I guess you can say that…"

"Ne…naruto…." Sakura looked down not wanting to ask

"What is it?"

"Did I love someone a lot?" Sakura asked looking into Naruto's eyes.

He was shocked and surprised she'd ask that…he knew this day would happen.

"…well a lot of guys would ask you out, but you'd just turn them down, so no you really didn't truly like anyone"

"oh…wow, I had such a boring life…"

"it's alright"

Naruto looked at Sakura, but she was already fast asleep that damn quick! He got up and carried her to her bed and tucked her in…

How much longer will I last until she finds out?

With that he left her room and got ready for bed also.