Title: The tale of Mîm – as it could have been

Author: Dís Thráinsdotter

Rating: M overall, this chapter K

Summary: The children of Melian and the Kings hear a promised tale.

A/N: Sequel to "A tale about friendship"

Disclaimer: I don't own either Middle Earth or it's inhabitants, Melian and her family are mine though.

Chapter 1, Discussions and Feasts

Three months had passed since "the children of Melian" as they were called in Dale had heard the tale about their motherline. They were very proud to hear about their family background and did all they could to prove themselves worthy of the names their mother had given them. They learned as much about their chosen crafts as they could and also practised with their weapons.

One day the kings of Dale, Erebor and Mirkwood had a meeting when they discussed trade between the realms among other things. Finally they spoke about the coming celebrations of King Bard's birthday and the presents that could be expected then. "I think it is a good time to ask Melian to read from the book she mentioned" king Dáin said and the others agreed with him. They decided to write a letter to Melian, asking her to bring the book and read it's tale to all who would be in the Hall of Feasts. Bard told the others that he looked forward to hearing the tale, not to mention to see the book.

When Melian received the letter she told her children that they would be hearing a tale that showed how it could have been had some things been different. "I used to like this tale better than the true story as a child because this tale has a happier ending" she said to them. The children thought that the feast would become even better when the tale was included and all looked forward to the day they would finally hear it.

The day of the feast dawned brightly and everyone gathered on the square before the Great Hall. Everyone brought gifts to the king that was placed on long tables for all to see and talk about. Each was received by the king personally and the giver was thanked. It was clear to everyone that king Bard was well loved by his people and their gifts were treated equally to the ones given by other Kings and rulers.

When they entered the Hall of Feasts, there were tables and chairs for everyone. The tables were soon laden with food and drink and everyone made merry, there were many songs sung and tales told but everyone waited for the tale that Melian would be telling them. Hearing a tale that had been written by two Dwarves and a Man wasn't something that happened every day. Not to mention that the book had been saved from the destruction of Esgaroth when Smaug attacked the town, that made it even more special. When King Bard gave a sign, Melian rose from her place and went to the pulpit where she placed the book. It was very old and had to be treated with care but it was also beautiful, with patterns on the cover that showed the skill of the writers. Then she started to read the foreword to them.

"This book has been written by us; Thorin and Frerin, sons of Thráin and Boromir son of Huor as a gift to Melian daughter of Huor on her birthday. We hope that she will like this gift that we have made together." The foreword was signed by each of them and there was also a comment added by the receiver of the book. Everyone who listened was amazed; here they found the reason why Morwen the healer and her daughter Melian spent more time in Erebor than they did in Dale. Then she gently turned the page and started to read the tale.