Title: The tale of Mîm – as it could have been

Author: Dís Thráinsdotter

Rating: M overall, this chapter K+

Summary: The children of Melian and the Kings hear a promised tale.

A/N: Sequel to "A tale about friendship"

Disclaimer: I don't own either Middle Earth or it's inhabitants, Melian and her family are mine though.

Chapter 4, Surprises.

When the food and healing herbs Beleg had brought with him had been placed in the storage rooms there was still one item on the table, something that looked like a heap of cloth. Looking at Túrin Beleg told him that his Lord had sent something to remind the Man that he was more than the leader of a small band. Then he removed the cloth and revealed a helm that made father truly astonished. The helm had a dragon as its crest and runes of protection were written on it.

"How on earth did the helm of Azaghal end up in Doriath?" father asked when he had found his voice again. After all, the helm was known to us. We knew that the Lord of Gabilgatol had received it and the dragon on the crest was Glaurung, the father of dragons.

"A good question," Beleg answered, "and the answer is a long tale. Lord Azaghal was travelling to Beleriand when he and his people were attacked by Orcs who were waiting for travellers." Father growled and the rest of us nodded in agreement, as such attacks happened often.

"Fortunately for Lord Azaghal and his people" Beleg continued "Lord Maedhros and a group of his warriors were looking for Orcs and they came to that place. When all Orcs had been slain Lord Maedhros was given this helm as a sign of the gratitude they felt. The Orcs had taken them at unawares and had been a large group so they had been in great danger."

"A good thing that they had been slain" one of the Outlaws commented and Beleg agreed with him.

Then Beleg said "Lord Maedhros admired the helm as it was well made by a skilled smith. He decided that his cousin, Lord Fingon, needed the helm more than he did. He was living closer to Angband after all, and had to fight all the foul creatures that came from the foul thought of Morgoth. But he found that he could not wear the helm so he gave it to Hador Lorindol, the Lord of Dor-Lomin at that time." One by one the outlaws looked at Lord Túrin who suddenly became pale.

"What is it?" Father asked worriedly and Lord Túrin said to the outlaws

"When we first met I asked you to call me Neithan, and you did." They nodded and said that they had supposed he had his reasons not to give his real name and had therefore not asked what that might be. Then Túrin continued and said

"Part of the reason was that it was the way I felt at the time, part of it was that I didn't want my whereabouts to get known in Doriath. I feared that the King would want me brought in chains if he knew where I was because I had killed one of the King's Servants."

Beleg smiled and said "had you but staid you would have heard Nellas describe the meeting between you and Saeros, among other things that he was waiting for you and was armed. Not that it did him much good, he had never used weapons and you had trained from childhood to be a warrior. I told you that last time we met but you did not believe me."

Father noticed that one of the outlaws blushed when that meeting was mentioned and asked the Man what happened. "We met badly" the outlaw said "and Lord Beleg could say quite sharp things about the way we received him. In fact, some of us treated him very badly." Beleg smiled at the man and said he thought it good that he could admit that but he reminded the man about the fact that they had been nervous and waiting for their chieftain.

Then Túrin looked at his men and said "the fact is that Hador Lorindol is my great grandfather and I am Túrin son of Húrin." The outlaws from Dor-Lomin knelt before him and one of them remembered having seen Lord Húrin as a child and also the Lady Morwen whom Túrin did resemble. The man wondered what could have happened to them.

"I do not know" Turin said. "Father went with his host to fight in the Nirnaed and few of them returned home. Father was not among them but none knew what had happened to him." The outlaws nodded in agreement when they heard that. Then Túrin said sadly "then the Easterlings came and one of their chieftains came to our house. Mom met him and apparently she scared him badly because he only stayed for a short time and he never returned to us. But that autumn I was sent to Doriath. Mom thought she could use the fact that she is a kinswoman of Beren Onehand to see me safe in that realm. For a time Lord Thingol sent messengers to my mother and I had word from her. One of the items she sent was this helm and my foster father said it was very valuable and would aid me in the future but I did not believe him at the time. But suddenly the messengers did not return and I have not heard anything about her for years." Beleg confirmed that he had met Túrin and the men his mother had sent with him and had seen them safely to Menegroth and that Túrin had become the Kings own foster son.

Then Beleg continued "my Lord asked me to bring you back to him. He felt that you needed to be reminded that you are not only the chieftain of this band of men; you are in fact the rightful Lord of Dor-Lomin unless your father is still alive. You need to come back with me" but Túrin shook his head and said he could not leave the peoples who live in this area unaided. Beleg did not like that but Túrin convinced him to stay and help us all.

With the aid of Beleg, not to mention the food and healing herbs he had brought, all the men who had been ill recovered. When the winter had become mild enough to allow travel, our Melian´s father came to us to see how we all fared. He was astonished to see the Dragonhelm, as we all called it, but he saw it as fitting that the rightful lord should have it. Aratar, father, Beleg and Túrin sat discussing how the Orcs and other enemies were to be fought and what Morgoth´s plans could possibly be. The only thing we knew was that the Enemy in Angband would reveal his plans when he was ready and that was most probably at a time when we were not. As soon as spring came and the mountain passes opened the foes would come down them into Beleriand and we would need to be prepared for them.