Muggle Summer, Wizard's Fall
a revised, revisited, and ridiculously long HHr fanfic by canoncansodoff

Preface to the 10th Anniversary Edition

A really long time ago, I revised and condensed the first thirty-something chapters of this story mid-stream, and posted the revised version on another website (as well as a google doc). Subsequent chapters were posted on both sites in parallel, up to (and including) the confrontation at Carlisle in the chapter titled "Ringa Pakia." That chapter was uploaded almost eight years ago, and there's been nothing added since then (despite the many, many PMs and requests that I do so).

So now I'm old enough to start worrying about bucket lists. Completing this story has been on that list for a while, and the muse has finally come round to kick me in the arse. So I'm writing again, and decided that I really should have the best version of this story posted on the website where most readers read it. This process will shed roughly 20,000 words, and maybe a few chapters, and the mechanics might get messy. Apologies in advance if this transition isn't seamless.

Work on the first new chapter in eight years has led me to go back and tweak a thing or two. Nothing major, but it will help foreshadow what happens next. Don't think that this will be a big continuity issue, especially since I'm expecting many of my old readers to go back and start from chapter 1 (or chapter 2, as ffn counts them).

Author's Introduction

This story starts about an hour after Dumbledore's funeral at the end of Harry Potter's Sixth Year, and that year is 2006 (which is when I started to write this story). Pushed-up timelines allowed me not to worry so much about what technology was available where and when. The irony is that it's taken me so long to complete this story that I'm struggling to recall what is tech-appropriate for 2006.

Given its premise, this story necessarily involves some characters that have real-life counterparts. While I strive for passing resemblances and parallel timelines that tease out "what ifs", these characters are obviously not real, and I'm not intending to portray them as such. Caveat emptor, and all that.

Apologies to any new readers whose patience I've testing with this overly long note.


canoncansodoff, November 2017