Disclaimer: I own the OC of this story, but all SSB characters belong to their respective owners. This is just a fanfic, so don't whine about it. I also don't own "The Matrix Online" If you try to sue me, I'll see you in court.

I hope you enjoy my story, It's my first. Please R&R. It's a SSB fanfic, about a dude called spidey 3000, who has travelled to other worlds, and is now a legend on Earth, though noone except a choice few know who he really is. He is kind of a badass version of me, and has special abilities. If you don't quite understand what he is, he's kind of like a super hero: nobody knows how he got his powers, or his secret identity. I hope to use this OC in later stories, and maybe explain his origins. On with the story...


It takes guts to be a smasher; one man was about to learn that very well. That man was me, Spidey3000. On Earth you may have heard that name on SciFi investigates. You may have heard of the mysterious Spidey3000, the dude that kicks ass online, and kills terrorist, the rumors that I am a secret agent armed with top secret weapons. Well, I don't, though I do kick lots of terrorist ass, and I have some pretty cool powers (and weapons). However, this story is not about how my legend began (though that is a good story); it's about my trip to the Smash Mansion.

So, I guess I should start with the letter. I got it in the mail around the time the Spidey3000 legend was beginning, a week after a group of terrorists planning on attacking the Whitehouse was foiled by a mysterious man called Spidey3000. They had know idea how he had known about their plan. Since then I've never stumbled upon a terrorist meeting in "The Matrix Online", though since then I have decided to get good at multiple online videogames, which I used to suck at.

I was just looking through the mail, thinking about my girlfriend Quistis(I can use her name because she's from another world), when I noticed a letter that stood out. I felt compelled to drop all the other letters and read it, without even looking at the return address. There was nothing special about it in appearance, but I knew that I had to trust my instincts, because I knew that the compulsion that I felt must have meant that it was very important. So, I opened it, and was shocked, honored and confused.

It said:

"Dear Mr. McPelley,

I know about your...secret online name. I won't mention it in this letter, since I don't see any since in ruining a man who seems to have the makings of a great hero. Don't worry, I won't blackmail you. In fact, I would like to make an offer. I would be honored if you would want to become a member of the Super Smash Bros. I understand if you don't think you're up to the task, being a smasher is more than just tournaments, and hanging out. It also requires a tremendous amount of courage to fight evil. I will also understand if you choose to go into denial that I even exist. However, I know about certain experiances you've had that have made you challenge you're very concept of reality, and been to places that you thought were fiction, so I hope you have opened have an open mind. My brother, Crazy, is saying that he's going to beat you as bad in real life as he did in the videogame, without my help. Not that that should influence your decision (he also said you were a sissy girl). Take a look at the lines at the bottom of the paper.

Sincerly, Master Hand

If you check this line, nothing will happen, and this letter will disapear tomarrow, so you can believe whatever you want. Crazy Hand will continue to call you a sissy girl.

If you check this line, your journey to the Smash Mansion will begin. You won't even need to remail this letter.

Without a second though I checked the bottom line. I suddenly felt an undeniable urge to go outside. There was a limo waiting for me. Without thinking, I walked towards it. The door opened and I got inside. It was completely empty. The door closed on it's own, and suddently the car started moving.


I spent the next few hours of wondering where the hell I was going, and wondering how the hell noone noticed a self-driving limosine. It seemed to have a computer controlling it, which was also programed to serve the passenger with food and fine wine. However, after the novelty wore off I got kind of boring. I fell asleep.

I woke up in some kind of cargo hold. There, right in front of me, was the first Smasher I met in my entire life: Fox McCloud. I could only stare. "So, your finally awake," he said "I guess we can start training you to become a Smasher." All I could do was nod and stare, until I realized something very important. "Crap, I forgot my weapons!" He just laughed. "Well, then I'm glad we put your stuff in the limo ahead of time." I suddenly felt very stupid for not noticing that my stuff was missing before I left. "You must have been pretty damned sure I was gonna sign the paper," was all I could say. He told me that we would arrive at the Smash Mansion in several hours. "Welcome to the Great Fox."

Well, that was my first chapter, of my first story. In the next chapter, ass will be kicked. You will also find out about the special abilities I told you about. However, right now, you'll just have to live with the cliff-hanger.