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After being given a tour of the Great Fox, I learned that I was the only new Smasher. The Great Fox made many stops on the way to the Smash Mansion. The first stop confused me beyond belief. We had just gone through a huge freakin' hole in space, and we were still on Earth. After asking Fox about this he just laughed; he always seems to laugh when I have questions. "You think your version of Earth is the only version of Earth?" was all he said.

After landing, we were soon met with another self-driving limosine. If I hadn't been used to strange plot twists by this point, I would have fainted: the passenger was Harry Potter. Even for those of you who aren't fans, I really don't think I need to tell you what he looks like: he looks exactly like he does in the movies, okay? Appartantly, he seemed to recognize me too. Fox learned that quickly when he tried to introduce us.

Okay, I'm going to rush though the introductions here so we can get to the good stuff. We went to two other worlds on our way back to the Smash Mansion, and I met three more people, but I'd never heard of them, so it wasn't as strange. One of them was a...little person named Joe, with a small knife as his only weapon (or so I thought), and a big muscular guy that wasn't too smart named Lenny and another guy named George who was another midgit, I mean...little person, riding on his shoulders who was alot smarter. They would all become closer than brothers to me.

When we arrived at the Smash Mansion, our first challenge began. After we were introduced to all the Smashers, our test started. "To join the smashers, you will have to last five minutes in the simulator with one of the veteran smashers. Any questions?" Master Hand asked. "Will we get to choose our opponents?" asked Harry,"cause if we do I call Jigglypuff!" Damn it, I was going to call Jigglypuff! Why does he get the easiest opponent? I thought. "No, and...no." That was the only question that was asked. He put all the Smashers' names in a hat and drew four pieces of paper. I got to fight Wario, and I don't like Wario, so that made me happy. I would tell you who all the other smashers fought, but I'd rather give you the details of my fight with Wario.

After collecting my sword, Wasp (which I didn't name by the way), I headed to the simulator. The simulator is kind of like the Matrix, except that you don't have any abilities in the simulator that you don't have in real life, and the injuries aren't real either. One minute I was sitting in a chair, the next minute I was in the pokemon stadium. I saw Wario standing in front of me, smirking stupidly. "Too bad you have to fight the greatest Smasher in existence, or you might have made it," he said "as it is you're about to have your ass kicked in ways that you will never be able to counter, even if you knew my fighting style exactly which you..." I cut him of by saying "Do, in fact, which is really the only good thing that came out of playing 'WarioLand3'; that game sucked!" That got him pissed.

He did he his main attack in Wario Land 3 & 4: the shoulder charge attack. As he charged forward with more power that he could have had in his entire body, I started to feel the adrenaline run through my vains. There was no sound as the huge figure sped towards me with enough power to knock me out of the stadium. He was only 9 feet away, then 7feet, 5 feet, 3 feet, 1 foot, then..."BLIZZAGA!" Wario was frozen solid, and sliding backward rapidly. He almost slid off the edge of the arena, but the ice shattered, and he started to get up. I ran at him and started slashing him with Wasp, when he punched me in the face hard enough to knock me several feet away. "Wa-ha-ha-ha, I win, you lose oh yeah, I'm bad..." he was so excited that he didn't notice the bright light forming over his head, didn't realize that everything besides him seemed to go dark, and hadn't heard me say..."ULTIMA!". Boy did he feel the explosion though! He was crushed by the explosion, but Wario can't be killed that way, and instead turned into "Flat Wario". I wasted no time laughing at his predicament, and instead used the time to collect pokeballs (in the pokemon stadium they're pretty much lying around), and throw them at Wario. He recovered from the explosion quickly with an angry look on his face and charged. About this time the pokeballs started landing. Right when he was about to hit me he was... BURNED, ELECTROCUTED, THRASHED,SKYTHED, PUSHED, WHACKED, THROWN, PIMP-SLAPPED, SOAKED, ELECTROCUTED AGAIN, BLINDED, BLOWN AROUND, PIMPSLAPPED PSYCHICLY BY MEW,ADMINISTERED ATOMIC WEDGIES(mew again) and so on and so forth, until I was down to my last two pokeballs. I allowed mew to finish his final atomic wedgie, and drop Wario's battered form to the ground before throwing my last pokeballs at him. I didn't give him time to recover, or regenerate, though. The pokeball landed in front of him. He cowered in terror. Out came...magikarp?! He suddenly gained a boost of confidence as he kicked the weak pokemon away. "That was your last pokemon?" he said, laughing like an idiot. "Next to last," I said. He turned around to notice that there was a glowing Voltorb right behind him. The explosion blew him miles away. I was back in the chair again. I was now a Smasher.


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