I have decided to keep writing. The name of this chapter reflects the battle in it. Harry vs. Mewtwo is going to be the best fight so far in this story. I can see that I have 15 hardcore fans who hit the second chapter. I have one really hardcore fan that actually wrote a review for both. If you like this story or dislike it, tell me why.

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Harry had the extreme misfortune of fighting against Mewtwo. He would definately need his wand for this one, and a miracle. He sat into his chair, as did Mewtwo. I watched the fight on a T.V screen that showed the battle from several angles at once. It was about the odds of a million to one, but I figured Harry had a chance if he hit mewtwo with his most detrimental spells, then ran in slashing with the with his sword, he might have a chance.

He pointed his wand at Mewtwo and yelled "Sectumsempra!" That idiot! What the heck is that going to do? A few little cuts isn't going to bring down Mewtwo. Why not use Stupify? Mewtwo didn't have his shield up, and the spell made a bloody gash on his face.

Mewtwo was pissed now. Harry soon learned the meaning of atomic wedgies, when he was telekineticly picked up by his underwear, lifted several feet in the air, lit on fire, and thrown back down. I would not have gotten up after that, but Harry had been hurt worse than that. He got up, brushed himself off, tucked the charred remains of his underwear back in, pulled out his wand, and yelled "Eat this!" He fired an unknown spell at Mewtwo, causing the king of pokemon to become covered in boils. Now Mewtwo was really pissed. It showed when he hit Harry with thunder, then got him wet using waterfall, then used Thunderbolt to really light him up.

It would take more than that to defeat the "boy who lived". He got up again, launched yet another spell at Mewtwo, this time however, it simply bounced off his shield without doing damage. Mewtwo used his psychic powers to beat Harry into the ground. He wasn't going to go down that easy.

Once again, he got up, but this time he didn't have a chance to attack. Mewtwo lashed out with his powers. Harry was lit on fire, frozen, electrocuted, and beaten until he stayed down. Harry was sent to the ground once again, burnt and beaten, his scar bleeding, his glasses laying at his broken at his feet, but still not ready to give up yet. No one expected him to get up after that. Mewtwo had all but won the battle. However, he still had his wand, and he still had one spell he had not tried. "Let's see you block the spell that made Voldemort crumble!" he yelled as he sat up. "Arvadak Adava" a beam of light came out of Harry's wand. Mewtwo tried to block it with his shield, but his shield simply disapeared. When the moment it hit Mewtwo, the fight was over. The screen went blank, and Harry and Mewtwo were taken out of their chair.

Harry Potter was now a smasher


The chapters are gonna get longer than that in the future, but this in this arc, I'm keepin' em short and sweet. I said you'd find out the real name of the character in this chapter so, I guess I'll just tell you now: it's Daniel McPelley. I didn't see any place to put it in the chapter, so I put it in the author's note. enjoy.