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Paris. It was a new start for us as Ron and I began our new lives as husband and wife: happily ever after…ok well Ron and I still had some little fights to work out (like the argument over the fact that he wanted to paint the bedroom bright orange with the Chudley Cannons logo on it and I didn't) and right now I was stuck in our flat (literally) but things were looking…well they were looking better than ever!

The past couple weeks had been hectic. I was a nervous wreck and trying to get through a wedding. I managed too, only tripping on the sand after I said, "I do". Most people overlooked that because I fell into Ron's arms and we got our first kiss as a married couple. We left for the honeymoon the day after the wedding and despite the sunburns we had a really great week in the Bahamas.

Now we were in Paris! Last night was our first official night and Ron left this morning for work at seven. I was left with an empty flat and a credit card with no limit to buy furniture for it. Jacques thought we should pick out the furniture on our own. I was ok with that…and the limitless credit card.

My first stop this morning had been to this quaint little bookshop that was a few streets away from us. I picked up a decorating book...the only one in English...and then settled down at a café to pick out a color scheme.

I picked out a set of colors that were associated with autumn. It was supposed to be natural. Then the book suggested that I pick out a specific kind of furniture. So I went and purchased furniture that went together nicely with the color scheme.

I was already to wave my wand to paint the walls and then the furniture would be delivered. My plan worked out halfway. I painted the walls in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, spare bedroom, bathroom, the hallway, and the little office area that was in between the living room and the kitchen. Each room had a combination of some of the autumn colors. The paint came out nicely. Then the deliverymen showed up. Unfortunately the French that I knew wasn't enough to communicate to them where everything was supposed to go. By the time they left and I had given them a generous tip in Euros, the furniture was all over the place. I was actually laying on the bed that I had bought for us… in the living room. In an effort to find where I had dropped my wand, I had gotten stuck on the bed that was surrounded by a large bureau with a mirror, wardrobe, some bookshelves and an entertainment center. I'm not even sure how I got in there but at least when I fell from the bookshelves towards the ground, I had the mattress to land on.

Just when I was ready to give up and call my husband (I love saying that) to come rescue me, I spotted my wand near the foot of the bureau. It only cost me a bump on the head but I got it and then I was able to at least sort things into the right room. I tried to without breaking everything but one table didn't make it whole.

Now that the furniture was together, I had to unpack all (there was a lot) of the boxes. Ron had laughed at me for labeling the boxes living room, bathroom, kitchen…etc. but it had actually made things a hell of a lot easier for me.

The living room was painted a color called Creme Sickle Orange. We had a wooden entertainment center that was beautiful mahogany and it held our new TV, DVD player, and stereo system. On the shelves that were attached to it I put our DVD collection, a few leather bound books that were just for show and some of the pictures that we had. Facing the TV was a light brown leather couch and to the left of that was the matching oversized chair. I chose a mahogany coffee table that sat in front of the couch and had some magazines on it. Since the living room was so big I was able to put the dining room table and chairs in there (off to the back and under the new chandelier I bought.) There was plenty of room for it to be a living room/dining room combo so the room didn't look empty but it wasn't overcrowded either. I unpacked the remainder of the paintings, photos and knickknacks that we had in our previous living room and placed them in the right places in our new living room.

Next I was onto a different room. The living room was the main room of the flat. There was a spiral staircase in the corner that led up to the small bedroom otherwise known as the guest room. Behind the dinning room table was the entrance to the small office area, which in turn led to the kitchen. The other entryway in the living room that was to the right of the entertainment center, led to the hallway, which had three doorways in it. One was the door to get in and out of the flat, one was to the bathroom and the other was to the bigger bedroom that belonged to Ron and I. That was our flat.

I worked diligently, moving from room to room and unpacking our things. I went from the office to the kitchen and then the kitchen to the guest room...and so on.

It took a while but finally I was on the last room (the bedroom). The bed (that had been tricky to get down the hallway) was against the wall directly across from the door. I painted the walls in the bedroom a creamy color that was just the lightest shade of brown The bureau and the wardrobe went in the room along with two side tables that went on either end of the bed and a chest for storage that was at the foot of the bed. Now all I had to do was unpack the six or seven…actually the nine boxes that were in here.

There were the usual ones as I opened the first couple of boxes: clothes, bed linens, lamps for the side tables…all the basic stuff that was in our old room. I then came across a few boxes marked closet. Remembering that I had packed by magic and didn't look through things, I sat down to see what Ron and I had stored in the back of our closet.

The first box was holding even more boxes. I took out a small rectangular one with flowers surrounding it. Opening it up, I saw several small books were incased in this box that was the size of a shoebox. It took me a second but I realized that these books were my diaries from my first five years at Hogwarts. Torn between reading the diaries and seeing what else was left in the boxes I pulled out another small box that held all of the essays that I had done well on…which was just about every one considering I spent hours on them. There were five photo albums left. I took them out and each one had a label: first year, second year, and so on until fifth year. There were pictures inside each one of Ron, Harry, and I. Some were with Ginny but those were the later years.

I peered again in the empty box for more but I had emptied it out. Slowly, it came back to me as I remembered each summer when I would come home and put together all of these photo albums to remember Hogwarts. They stopped after fifth year because I had been so preoccupied with Ron that I never had a chance to finish. Mum must have given them to me when we first moved and I left them in the back of the closet.

I reached for the next box to uncover other treasures that I had when I heard a voice from somewhere in the flat.

"Whoa! What happened in here?" I smiled. My husband was home.

"In here sweetie!" I called. He followed my voice and found me spread out on the floor amongst the boxes and photo albums.

"Hey." He said, smiling and throwing his briefcase and coat down on the bed that I had just made with the white sheets and burnt orange comforter. He loosened the tie around his neck and kicked off his shoes. I was too excited about my discovery to scold him for that. There would be time for it later.

"Look at this." I said. Ron knelt down next to me and took a look at the photo albums.

"What's this?" He asked, planting a kiss on my cheek and falling into a sitting position with the photo album from first year in his hands.

"I kept all of this stuff from Hogwarts." I said.

"And you found it here? In Paris?" Ron joked with that goofy smile on his face.

"It was in the back of our closet at the old place." I informed him. "I think mum must have given them to me when we first moved in." Ron chuckled, looking through the photo albums.

"Thank god all of my stuff is tucked safely away in my closet at the Burrow." He said.

I smiled mischievously. The last time I had opened his closet at the Burrow to put our things away it was completely empty. Molly must have had the same idea as mum.

"Really?" I asked him. I opened the next box to discover an old set of Hogwarts robes that smelt old…and they were because they were Ron's from first year. Ron jumped toward the box in surprise and pulled it towards him.

"We can burn this later." He said. I laughed.

"Oh come on." I said, laughing. "There is nothing so embarrassing that you can't share with your wife." Ron's face softened. I knew if I pulled the wife card he would give in.

"It's nothing special." Ron said. "It's just stupid stuff from my past. You've probably seen everything in here."

"Yeah but it's your stupid stuff." I said. Ron couldn't seem to reason with that logic. He put the box in front of us and pulled out a handful of old robes. Underneath was a pile of stuff, some of it was similar to mine but it was in there Ron Style: messy. I pulled out some old photos, old Quidditch magazines, and some old essays. It was the same stuff I had minus the diaries. We emptied out all of the photos and then at the bottom there was an old shoebox.

"Don't laugh." Ron said when he pulled out the box and lifted the lid. Inside were some papers, pictures, and a few objects that I didn't recognize…at first. "I kept all this stuff because I cared." He informed me. "There are a few things of Harry's too but most of the stuff is yours."

I understood when I took the box and opened it up. Notes that I had written Ron long ago about the three of us meeting in the common room after class to go over whatever we were learning in the next lesson, the homework planner that I had gotten him when we were fifteen, the mirror from when we were twelve, a candid picture of the two of us fighting that Harry had snapped, some Quidditch reminiscence, and then there were some notes that Harry and Ron wrote during class depicting how truly boring it was. I smiled as he picked up the mirror.

"I took this out of the hospital wing after Professor McGonagall told us what happened. I just wanted to keep it to remind myself that you were smart enough to figure out what it was that you would come out of this alive. And I promised myself that if you didn't make it out of it ok, Malfoy would pay." Ron said. He turned the mirror over in his hand and then looked at me. His expression looked as if he was waiting for me to laugh. Instead I kissed him and rested my hand on his.

"That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard." I said. "I can't believe you kept all of this. I knew you actually cared, I just didn't know how sweet and thoughtful you were back then." A blush rose in Ron's cheeks but he smiled proudly.

Ron and I spent the next hour going through the remaining two boxes of our past, one was his stuffed with pictures, school work, and old robes and the other one was mine with school work, and other memories. I slid my box of diaries under the bed, planning to look at them later on. Perhaps they would help me with writing my books.

"Now why don't you give me a tour of our…château?" Ron suggested.

"Mais Ouí." I replied. "But first…" I pointed to his coat, briefcase, and shoes. He smiled.

"Bien sûr." He said. Ron picked up everything that he left and I instructed him where to put them.

"Now," I said, "Let's begin the tour."

I led Ron through the coffee colored hallway. We stopped at the bathroom, which I had chosen to paint white. It had other white accents that I had found while shopping like towels and toothbrush holders. I even put in a white vase with a simple white flower. It looked pretty damn good from where I was standing.

"Nice." Ron said nodding approvingly. I smiled glad that my husband approved even though there weren't Chudley Cannons anywhere.

I led him into the living room now and practically had to pull him off of the leather couch and show him the office. Bookshelves lined the cinnamon walls and then there was a desk with a simple desk lamp and a comfortable chair. I had set it up with Ron's things knowing that he could put more use to it than I could.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Love it." Ron corrected. "In fact, I wish I had some work to do." I laughed upon hearing something that would never leave his mouth on normal circumstances.

We were on to the kitchen next. It was a small area, only for cooking but I managed to get a small breakfast table for two in there. When we had arrived there had already been appliances there. There was a steel stove that was attached to a counter and steel cabinets above it. Next to the stove was a fridge that matched the steel theme and across from that was a set of steel cabinets underneath the sink. The walls in here were painted a shade of toast and I had only added the dishware that was given to us in the cabinets and our wedding china in the lower cabinets.

Ron reached to open the refrigerator and frowned when he found nothing in it.

"I saved the best for the both of us." I informed him. "We can both grow grocery shopping." Ron smiled. I could see by the look in his face that he was imagining the cookies, and other French sweets that he could sneak when I wasn't looking. Boy, was he in for a big surprise when I told him that we were both eating healthy from now on.

Ron changed from his work clothes into a pair of jeans and a black sweater that I had gotten him for Christmas. I pulled on my black coat and grabbed my purse as I waited for him to get his coat on.

We left our apartment and traipsed down the stairs to the Paris city. Our apartment was over a florist that was in a really nice part of the city…as Jacques told us but in my experience with the city from this morning, it was all an amazing city.

Upon arriving at the supermarket Ron spotted a whole aisle of cookies and even when I said no, tried to sneak it past me. But no, I was sticking to my word. Fresh fruits and vegetables, salad ingredients, everything that I needed to make several meals that I had discovered in a healthy cookbook.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" Ron asked as we walked back towards our flat, carrying three full grocery bags. "People usually do stuff on Fridays in Paris right?" He held two of the paper bags in one arm and then bit into an apple with his other hand, trying not to drop anything (I had told him that the apple was much better for him than the donuts he wanted; he claimed that it didn't taste better).

"Did you want to do something?" I asked. I had really just wanted to spend the night in, make dinner for Ron, and then crash on the couch with a movie in. But if Ron wanted to go out then I guess I could rearrange the plans.

"No, I was just thinking that eventually we should find out where the good bars and clubs were around here so that we know if we ever did want to go out." Ron bit into the apple again and nearly lost his grip on one of the bags.

"How about I make you dinner tonight and then we'll pop in a movie and tomorrow we'll go club hopping?" I smiled at Ron, even liking the idea myself. It could be fun to hit all of the popular spots in Paris. At least when Harry and Ginny came to visit we would have somewhere to take them.

"Alright." Ron said. He bit into the apple once more before it fell to the ground when the bags shifted. "Listen, hon, I'm sorry I have to work tomorrow since it's a Saturday and all but this is just a one time thing because I haven't been there more than a day."

"It's no big deal." I lied. "I was planning on getting my book going again anyways." That was another lie. I didn't know what I was going to do tomorrow after I sent the finished copy of the first one back to London for publishing. I wasn't even starting the next one until March. I had to do something about getting busy during the day.

That would be tomorrow's task, I decided. Because now we were reaching the apartment and I had a healthy meal to cook.

As Ron and I put the groceries away he told me about his day at the office. He explained about his office and all of the people who were working for him to get everything started. As I was reaching to take the cookbook out of a cabinet Ron swept me off my feet (literally) and kissed me. Our lips melted together for a few seconds before we broke apart.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"For being my always caring wife even if I don't really want to eat healthy food." He answered. I laughed as he lifted me higher in his arms. "You know, people in France don't usually eat until eight?" Ron said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yep, and it's only six-thirty." He said. I dropped the cookbook on the counter as Ron put me down and we kissed again.

Marriage was really working out for the both of us.