Hi!!! This is my first Harry Potter fic, though it's not my first fanfic. I can't take credit for this story though. This story is my best friend's idea. Every aspect is suggested and reviewed by her before I post it up. She actually began the story, though it was in a different format. She wrote it as a play, so I took it made it into the story format and finished the story. Hope you like it!


"Hello Ginny," Harry said to Ginny as he entered the common room.

"Hi Harry," she greeted back, pulling him in for a quick peck. Ron cleared his throat and pretended to ignore them. He stared at the chart in front of him and turned it to the side.

"How do you do this?" he whined, trying to figure out which side was up.

"Oh give it here Ron," Hermione sighed. "I'll help you do it."

"Thank you," he said gratefully as she pulled the chart away. She just hummed her acknowledgement as she started to fill out the chart, her quill scratching against the paper.

"What would you do with out me?" she muttered, shaking her head.

"We'd fail," Harry and Ron chorused.

"I suppose I can see that," Ginny said with a grin. "You two failing Snape's potion class and getting kicked off of the Quidditch team."

"Not funny Ginny," Ron said seriously.

"Besides," Harry added, "McGonagall would never let Snape do that."

"That's true," Ginny nodded. She had settled herself next to Harry, her head on his shoulder as he slowly stroked her hair. Ron was ignored that motion by watching Hermione do his homework.

"Finished," she announced, rolling up the parchment.

"Already?" Ron asked in disbelief.

"Ron," she said impatiently, "I, unlike you, actually listen in class, and I, unlike you, actually realize that the line which says 'name' in front of it indicates that that is the top of the page." Ron looked hurt for a moment, but that passed.

"That's why you're here,' he said brightly.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Yes, that is the exact reason I am here," she said sarcastically.

"I would love to stay and chat," Harry spoke up suddenly, "but I have some things I need to do." He turned to Ginny. "Come on. There's something I want to show you." She smiled and slid her arm around his.

"Lead the way."

"Play nice now, you two," Ron called out after them, winking at Harry. Ginny laughed.

"It's Ok Daddy. Harry's a nice boy and he'll take care of me," she said in a baby voice.

"That's how all men seem, sweetheart," Ron said, jumping into the role.

"Don't worry, daddy. I can take care of myself."

"I know that dear," he said, lowering the pitch of his voice. "I just don't want to see you get hurt. And you son!" He turned to Harry. "If you hurt on hair on my baby girls head, I will make sure you will never be able to reproduce again."

'Yes sir!" Harry said seriously before cracking up. This caused Ginny and Ron to collapse into a fit of laughter, too. "Where are you going?" he asked when Hermione stood up.

"Oh! I'm headed to the library. I need a book for an extra credit Transfiguration project," she told them distractedly as she kept glancing at the clock.

"Well, be careful, alright?" Harry said concerned. "The Slytherins seem to be worst this year than any year before. And you know how Malfoy runs the gang of them. You wouldn't want to bump into him alone."

"Erm…well…" Hermione hesitated.


"No, of course not," she said quickly. "I wouldn't want to run into Draco." They all shot her a questioning look.

"Since when did you call that greasy haired prick by his first name," Ron asked curiously. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"It's really more polite to call him by his first name rather than his last," she said in a faltering voice.

"Are you alright, Hermione?" Harry was giving her a strange look. "You're not acting like yourself. First, you helped Ronald with his homework which you vowed you would never do again and now you're worried about your manners in front of Malfoy? He should be the one that should watch his manners. Did you really forget how many times he had insulted you?"

"Of course I haven't," Hermione answered in a hurt tone. "It's nothing. I just feel guilty about never giving him a chance. That's all."

"Hermione," Ran said patiently. "Creeps like Malfoy don't deserve a chance."

"I - oh never mind. There's no point in talking with you two about this. I'm heading to the library now," she informed then in a cool voice. "Maybe I'll see you in the Great Hall later." With a forced smile, she stood up and climbed out the portrait hole. Harry and Ron exchanged glances, seeing how she reacted to what they had said. Usually, she would agree with them, but today, she acted hurt by what they said about Malfoy.

"What did you want to show me?" Ginny asked, trying to break the silence.

"Oh! I forgot." Harry shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Shall we?" He lifted his arm and Ginny hooked her arm through.

"We shall." she nodded.

"Be back before lunch," Ron called out to then in a bored voice.

"We'll be back when we're back," Harry said with a smile. "I'm dating your sister Ron, not trying to murder her in our dorm."

"Really Ron! Just because you can't get a girlfriend…" He started to turn red.

"Ginny…," Ron said in a warning tone. Harry and Ginny started backing up as Ron advanced, completely red.

"Haha did I say that?" Ginny asked. "What I really meant was girls are falling all over themselves to get to know you."

"I thought so." Harry shook his head. Sometimes he wondered why he knew those two.

"Come on Ginny. We've got about five minutes until lunch, and you know Ron here will blow a gasket if we don't return in four minutes," Harry joked. With a wave, Harry and Ginny went up the stairs into his room.

"Ginny, you know how your birthday is in three days?" Harry asked as soon as he closed the door behind him.

"Uh-huh," she answered, sitting on his bed and leaning against the bedpost.

"Well, I got you something." Harry reached under is pillow and pulled out a box. "Happy Early Birthday Ginny!" he said, handing it to her.

"Shouldn't you give this to me on my birthday though?" she asked, her fingers itching to take the box and open it.

"Don't worry," he told her, smiling softly, "I have another present for you." Ginny blushed under Harry's gentle gaze.

"Well since you insist," she said, a pleasant pink. She took the box and ripped off the wrapping paper, revealing a blue velvet box.

"Open it," Harry encouraged softly. She slowly pulled the box open, gasping when she saw what was inside. Inside was a necklace. It had a small emerald rose on it. The chain going through had a delicate pattern of leaves, also dotted with emeralds. Coming own from the flowered was a dew drop shaped emerald, completing the necklace's elegant look.

"Oh my!" Ginny gasped, fingering the necklace.

"Do you like it?" Harry questioned, watching her expression.

"I absolutely adore it," she nearly shouted, hugging Harry. He broke into a huge grin, pleased with her reaction.

"Let me help you put it on," he said, pulling the necklace out. Ginny turned her back to him and lifted her hair. Harry strung it around her neck and closed the clasp. The emeralds stood out from her pale skin and brought out her equally green eyes. It also complemented her hair. She hugged him again, this time not letting go.

"I love you Harry," she whispered. Harry raised her chin.

"And I love you, too." He bent down and brushed his lips across hers. Ginny leaned into him and laid her head on his shoulder. She hummed her content as Harry stroked her hair. For the moment, everything was perfect.


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