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"Ron! Hand me that book, will you," Harry asked impatiently, stretching out his hand.

"Sure, sure," he mumbled while ruffling through his book bag. It hand been over a week since their little fallout with Hermione and things were relatively back to normal. A bit tense, but normal nevertheless. Whenever Malfoy was around, Harry and Ron made a point to either ignore him or avoid him out of respect for Hermione.

Though every thing seemed at peace on the surface, it wasn't underneath. Every night Ron would complain in their dorm, swearing he was going to do this or that to Malfoy. Harry had become unusually quiet, not speaking unless necessary or spoken to, while Hermione was hardly ever found anymore, and when spotted was usually with Malfoy. Hardly any of the three friends spoke to each other for fear that the strange peace they had achieved would snap and chaos would ensue.

"Ron! Just hand it over," Harry snapped. It was Ginny's birthday, her sixteenth. To celebrate, Harry had decided to throw her a surprise party. "Ron! Please!" Nowadays, whenever Harry spoke, it was usually to snap at someone.

"Hang on!" Ron muttered, pulling out a book. "Here." He handed it over to Harry who flipped it open to a certain page. When he was sure Harry wasn't going to snap anymore, Ron asked, "Have you thought of foods yet?" Harry looked up.

"Dobby!" he called out. After a few seconds, a loud snap was heard and Dobby appeared in front of them.

"Young master!" he squeaked, bowing until his nose brushed the floor. "What is your need?"

"Do you think you could supply some snacks?" Harry asked. Dobby nodded enthusiastically and grinned.

"Of course, Harry Potter, sir!"

Ron took over as Harry returned to the book. "We need you to supply snacks from seven to about twelve tonight if that is possible."

"Very possible sir!"

"Great!" Ron said with a thin smile. "That will be all." With another bow, Dobby disapparated. Ron stared at the place Dobby had been until the rustle of a page being turned interrupted his thoughts. "Did you find the spell?" he asked.

Harry grunted and turned another page. "It's in here somewhere," he muttered. "Ah! How to conjure balloons." Harry handed the book to Ron, who took out his wand.

"Ok, it says here to wave your wand like this," Ron paused to practice the movement. "A sort of snap then a fluid stroke." Ron repeated the motion. "And the incantation is Lurify." Harry nodded and waved is wand without speaking. Now proficient enough in nonverbal spells, he could cast almost any spells without opening his mouth. "Ok, on the count of three. One, two, three!" Ron snapped his want too hard and it flew across the common room. Harry on the other hand successfully completed the spell, but instead of regular balloons, water balloons appeared above Ron's head. After hovering for a few second, the balloons began their descent, ending with a splat.

Ron lifted up his arms, his sleeves soaking wet and hanging off of him. "Thanks," he said sarcastically after spitting out a mouthful of water.

"You need a shower anyway," Harry said nonchalantly, beginning the movement again.

Ron jumped up. "Let me move first," he said, inching away. Harry remained silent as Ron made his way across the common room, searching for his wand. When he was a sufficient length away, Harry waved his wand again. This time, he muttered, "Lurify." Yet again, water balloons were conjured in mid air, and once again, they appeared above Ron's head. Staring at the balloons that were still hovering, Harry quickly called out, "Ron!"

"What?" Just as he asked the question, the balloons once again fell, soaking him to the core. Luckily, no one was in the common room at that time of day. "I see." He shook his head like a dog and picked up his wand.

"It would seem that the balloons are attracted to you, Ronald." George and Fred appeared from the boys' dorm with mischief smiles.

"You!" Ron pointed at them. "This is your fault," he muttered.

"Might as well be." The twins chorused.

"Look, if you're not going to help, please don't interfere," Harry said tiredly.

The twins looked at each other ands shrugged. "Who said we weren't going to help?" In unison, they swept their wands across the room. "We were just having a bit of fun!" Magically, steamers, balloons, and presents appeared, decorating the room. "We want Ginny to have a great birthday, too!" With a last rustle, the steamers settled, the room lavishly decorated.

"Thanks, guys," Harry said, standing up. He grabbed the open book and shoved it back into his backpack. "Hey Ron, let's go get some dinner."

"Sure Harry," he said, glaring at the twins. "Right after I change."

"No need little bro!" With another flick of the wand, Ron's robe dried. "No off you go!"

"Come on Ron." Without a glance back, Harry walked out of the common room. Ron followed in a faster pace until he caught up with Harry.

"If we don't hurry, we're gonna miss supper." Ron picked up his pace and started jogging. Harry followed his lead until the reached the Great Hall. Entering, they saw Ginny. They made their way through the crowd until they reached her.

"Hey Ginny." Harry leaned down for a kiss.

"Where have you two been?" she asked.

Ron and Harry looked at each other. "Around," they chorused, sitting on either side of Ginny. She pouted and looked at Harry.

"What aren't you telling me?" she demanded, catching their shifty looks.

"Nothing," Harry denied.

Ginny tugged at his sleeves, "Tell me!"

"Tell you what?" Hermione appeared across from them and took a seat.

"Nothing," Harry muttered as Ron just grunted.

"They have a secret they won't tell me," Ginny explained, pouting at Harry. Though the red head disliked the point that Hermione was dating Draco as much as her brother and boyfriend, she accepted the fact. In her eyes, it was up to brunette to make her own decisions, whether wrong or right, no matter how much Harry and Ron try to influence her. True, she also hated Draco and was worried for Hermione, but there was nothing she could do about it and this was a fact that she accepted, unlike the two stubborn headed idiots sitting next to her.

"Unless…," she turned from Ron to Harry, then back. "You two…" She pointed at both of them.

"What! No! We haven't been doing anything!" Harry stressed, afraid Ginny hit the jackpot.

"You're cheating on me!"

"No! It's not what you … What?"

"With Ron, nevertheless!!"

"Wait! No! What are you talking about?!" Harry looked completely frazzled and was more animated than he had been in a while.

"I knew it!" Tears sprung in Ginny's eyes as she looked away. "How could I have not known?"

Ron, who had been stuffing his face with food, stopped and stared at Ginny, mouth wide open and filled with food. "Whafda toh hfia meiwaj?'

"And with my brother?"

Harry glanced at Hermione who was amused, wide eyed. "Now, now Ginny. You know I who'd never. Besides, I can do better than Ron."

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed through his mouth full of food/

"But that means-that means," Ginny cradled her face in her hand and started sobbing, "there is someone else isn't there? I knew it. Where else would you spend all that time away from me with? Is it Seamus, or maybe Dean? I don't understand," Ginny wailed.

"No it's not…" Harry was literally pulling his hair out as Ginny continued her tirade. "I can explain…I can!"

"Then explain!"

"You see…ah…well…I got nothing."

"So it is true!" Ginny wailed again.

"No, no, no." Harry sighed. This was going to take a while.


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