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Smile, Though You're Heart Is Breaking

To My Love:

As I stand here holding this little bundle of joy

A tear runs down my face because I know

That no matter how I pray, you'll never hear her laughter

My love you gave the greatest gift to me the day she was born

Our love came together and we lived a life of laughter and love

When you came to me and told me we were going to be parents

I didn't if I wanted to be a father or not

You changed my mind as you laid my hand on your stomach and I felt the baby kick for the first time

You even had me talking to your belly and soon I was doing it on my own

Telling our unborn child stories about our lives together

Then came the day you said, it's time and I freaked out

Then the doctor's said the babies fine, but that you were having a stroke

So today I brought our daughter to see you and hoped that maybe it would help to make you want to come back to us

I will never give up hope that you might come home

Then my prayers were answered when I got the call that said come quickly to the hospital

When I walked into your room with our daughter, there you sat with tears in your eyes

I walked over and you looked into my eyes and you stumbled but you got out "baby?"

I sat beside you and laid her into your arms and she smiled up at you and we both cried

It's been three weeks and today you're coming home to us

You told me that you heard me calling to you to come home and I cried

Today is the best day of our lives, we're together with our daughter.