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"Sharingan" -talking

"Sharingan" - thoughts and Flashbacks

"YURI!" -Kyuubi


Prologue: Failure

"I've failed...everything I've worked for has all been for nothing...I couldn't stop my best friend…I couldn't keep my promise…I couldn't keep my nindo." A blonde teen laid on his bed in his apartment, tears trailing down his whisker marked cheeks. The betrayal of his best friend Uchiha Sasuke hit him hard, but not being able to stop him and keep his promise to Sakura was even harder to bear. Staring at the ceiling of his apartment his mind retold the events that took place right after his unsuccessful return from his mission. His thoughts once again fell on a pink haired kunoichi. The look of disappointment on her face when he came back from the retrieval mission empty handed shattered him.


Naruto wakes up to the sights of a white room and a smell of disinfectant, he looks around to find himself a hospital bed, with Shizune looking over him.


She looks up and smiles at Naruto stirring from his slumber, rising from her seat she quickly does a check-up, finding everything stable she looks at Naruto and smiles. He gives his own foxy grin back to her, then it quickly fades as memories of the failed retrieval comes back to him, this sudden change didn't go unnoticed by Shizune.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong?"

"...Sasuke...I've failed him...Sakura-chan...I've failed her..."

Shizune was about to say something but was interrupted when a door opened and revealed a kunoichi with pink hair. Haruno Sakura entered the room and laid her eyes on Naruto whose face was downcast. Not wasting time she walks up to him and asks a question that devastates the blonde.

"Naruto, where's Sasuke-kun?"

Naruto doesn't reply, his eyes are covered by his unruly hair hides as not to show the tears ready to fall.

"Where's Sasuke-kun? Naruto answer me."

The said blonde remained silent, his fist clenching his bed sheets and his body shaking. Seeing this cherry blossom kunoichi received her answer.

"...He's not here...is he?" she choked.

Hot tears ran down her face.

"You didn't bring him back did you?"

Still Naruto doesn't reply.

"You...you failed...you failed me...you broke your promise. I can't believe you Naruto! You dobe! You're nothing but a failure!!""

Shizune not liking what she heard turns to her and yells "That's enough Sakura!"

Naruto turns his head and sees the crying face of Sakura, the look of disappointment and hurt on her facade was killing him.


But she didn't hear any of it as she ran out of the room crying, turning the heads of doctors and nurses as she runs by.

Shizune casts a worried look at Naruto, but his facade was hidden by his hair. Then suddenly hot tears rolled down his cheeks, his body shaking even more and his knuckles turning white as his fist tightens.

"Neechan...am I a failure. I am aren't I...nothing but a-"

He was interrupted by a slap from Shizune, bringing him out of his sobbing state. The teen rubbed his left cheek and stared at Shizune who began to tear up.

"Don't you ever say that, don't you dare say that you're a failure, because you're not. You tried your hardest and that's all anyone can ask of you."

The medic nin wraps her arms around the blonde cradling him as they cry together.

End Flashback

The memory of that day was burned in his memory, it was the first time he's tasted failure, and its bitterness was lingering in his mouth. As he replayed the memory in his head he suddenly felt an emotion that he didn't think he could have against his teammates an emotion only reserved for his enemies...the feeling of anger.

Anger and hatred…all from that one incident.

As he once again played the memory in his mind on the events of the hospital his mind began to work a mile a minute replaying all the details.

It was that incident in the hospital that showed him how foolish he was and his teammates. Sasuke was nothing but a fool out for power and used everything as a stepping stone to achieve his goal of killing Itachi. Sakura was a fool who can only see things at face value, who uses everyone as a stepping stone to achieve her goal of getting Sasuke.

He rose from his bed and entered his bathroom and washed the dried tears from his face. As he stared at the flowing water in his sink he came to a realization. He too, was a fool…a fool that thought that Sakura was his world, a fool that was naïve of his former best friend's motives, a fool for not realizing that he was just being used by the two people of his team, he gave them everything he could give and yet received nothing from them, no praise nor compassion, he was being played a fool by the ones he thought of as two of his precious people.

Precious people…

Sandaime-ojiisan, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, Kakashi, Team 8, Team 10, Team Gai, the Konohamuru Corps, the Sand Siblings…

They were his precious people, right? They wouldn't hurt him like Sakura and Sasuke did, right?

…They wouldn't…would they?

The blonde couldn't help but give a sad smile as he watched his reflection through the flowing water of his sink. "One betrayal from Sasuke-teme…one betrayal from Sakura…and here I am questioning my loyalty and trusts of others…pitiful."

Clenching his fists as anger sparked once again, he wasn't just angry, he was furious.

Furious at Sasuke for leaving.

Furious at Sakura for her selfishness and narrow mind.

But most importantly he was furious at himself, for his failure and for being naive. Gritting his teeth at his conclusion, he raised his right fist and slammed it at the bathroom mirror shattering it. Bringing his right hand to his face he saw his knuckles bleeding and his fingers trembling.


Red charka begun to mend his wounds.

"…never again…"

The torn flesh was melding together.

"…I will …"

The wounds disappeared and showed flawless flesh as he clenched his right hand to a fist.

"…make sure that this will never happen again, that I will not let any more of my precious people suffer ever again."

Determination could be seen in his face as his "mask of smiles" had begun to crumble. He then stared at his reflection through his shattered mirror and received a shock that would change his life as a ninja.

His reflection was normal but one thing stood out, his eyes. Instead of his cerulean blue his reflection showed crimson eyes, not that of the Kyuubi's…this was different. Instead of slits the eyes had two spinning tomoe marks. The sight of those eyes made him lose his words...these were the eyes that Konoha praised so dearly...the accursed doujutsu that was the cause of his pain. One word left his gaping mouth.



Naruto was mad, no he was beyond mad, he was pissed. The blonde teen was slumped against the West gate of Konoha waiting for Jiraiya for the training trip he was told by the said pervert that he would be trained under his tutelage for a duration of 2-3 years. Though the mention of training did sound enticing, waiting for the pervert at midnight who was already late by two hours was testing his patience. Not that he had much patience to begin with mind you. Staring at the night sky his mind wandered back to the conversation he had with Kyuubi about the Sharingan.


Reeling from his shock upon seeing him having the Sharingan our blonde hero quickly dashes out his bathroom.

"Ramen…need ramen…"

Quickly heating up a cup of miso ramen Naruto settles himself down on, slurping ramen while his mind tries to make sense of things. Minutes pass, and after finishing his fourth cup of ramen he had begun to settle down.

"Okay…okay…here I am, Uzumaki Naruto, with the Sharingan…kuso…this doesn't make sense! I'm an Uchiha? I'm related to Sasuke-teme?!"

After a good half an hour of rhetorical questions and cursing, the blonde nin relaxes himself...before bursting out in frustration...again.

"Kuso! Why did this have to be so complicated!" he yelled as he raised his fist to the ceiling. Frustration etching in to him he slams his palms with enough force that

broke part of his table. Taking out a good chunk of the said table...which isn't exactly cheap.

"AHH! Good going Naruto no baka!" slapping himself for his stupidity. That's when he smelled blood, looking at his left palm he notices a cut that was caused by most likely by wooden splinters. Crimson charka emerged once again healing the injury and that's where an idea hit him.

The Kyuubi…surely he would have answers…right? Having nothing to lose he sits on his bed and loosens himself up before calming his mind into meditation. Feeling himself fall into darkness he opens his eyes. Everything was dark and damp, a sewer like passage laid before him. Naruto looks around, and feels a presence drawing him forward.


After walking for minutes he spies a dark prison with a paper in the middle with the kanji for "seal". Before he was able to take another step a powerful voice stopped the

blonde in his tracks.

"Who enters my domain?" Kyuubi's voice echoed and rumbled around the area as a silhouette of a giant fox face enters Naruto's view.

Of course our blonde dynamite being the Number One Suprising Ninja doesn't disappoint us with his reaction, having a good look at the fox before him our idiotic nin says something completely idiotic.

"Uhh...me duh!"

Idiotic indeed, by normal shinobi standards.

Looking at the fox, Naruto could've sworn he saw the kitsune sweat drop in his cage. Stepping closer to the cage he locks eyes with the fox.

"Look, I came here to ask a question."

"And would that question be related to the fact that you have the Sharingan?" the fox retorted.

"You...you knew?!" being taken aback.

"Kit, I'm sealed in YOUR body, I live in YOUR body, I heal YOUR body. So I should be able to know what's going on in YOUR body."

"Then you should be able to tell me why I have the Sharingan!" anxiety clear in his voice. Unconsciously activating the sharingan and locking eyes with the Kyuubi.

"Why do I have it? Why now of all times? Am I an Uchiha? Am I really related to Sasuke-teme?! Wait if I have it, does it mean I'm related to Itachi-teme too?!"

"SILENCE" Kyuubi roared, "If you don't already know having the Sharingan means you are of Uchiha descent. From what I can gather from your DNA it came from your mother."

Hearing the word mother Naruto looses his anxiety and the Sharingan withdraws, quickly he asks in a hopeful tone, "You know my parents?"

Seeing the change of emotion the fox gives a quick reply, "I am not liable to say."

"WHAT?! What do you mean your not liable to say?!" anger clearly seen on him as once again his Sharingan appeared and spinning franticly.

Kyuubi taken by surprise of the second sudden appearance of the blazing Sharingan quickly releases a massive pulse of killing intent, Naruto feeling this suddenly drops to his knees but his eyes still retained the Sharingan which was focused on the fox.

"Talk to that perverted sennin, he should be able to answer your question. Now go, I'm tired from lending you a good amount of my chakra during your little escapade with that Uchiha. A woman does need her sleep" That being said, Kyuubi retreats further down to her cage.

Naruto sweat drops at this, "A woman...sleep...Kyuubi...riiigghhhttt."

End Flashback

"Ero-sennin..." Naruto mused as he stared at the cloudless night sky. After another half hour he spied two figures emerging from the dark streets of Konoha. A blonde woman with large breasts that would make a watermelon jealous and a silver haired man with a helmet that has the kanji for "oil" with the summoning scroll for frogs strapped on his back horizontally. "Che. about time!"

"Maa, maa Naruto" as Jiraiya waves his hands in dismissal, "We would have gotten here sooner if Mune-chan (Breast-chan) here didn't invite me for sake."

A spike in killer intent from Tsunade was all it took to stop the sannin from his spot, his skin considerably paling as he slowly turns his head to the direction of the killing intent.

"JIRAIYA!!" veins clearly pulsing on her forehead as she slowly walks towards him, a dark aura surrounding the blonde hokage.

"Tsunade, calm down, I didn't mean-YAAAAHHH"

Jiraiya suddenly flew to the skies at speeds that would make Gai jealous, his form quickly disappearing from view until all that was left was a twinkle in the sky. Naruto paled at the sight, even with the time he spent with Tsunade watching her titanic strength in action was still a sight to behold. The Godaime then held up five fingers, which confused Naruto until she began a count down.


A small twinkle in the sky reappeared.


The form of a person suddenly came into view.


A girlish shriek could be faintly heard as the silhouette of the sannin became noticeable.


Jiraiya's face was now visible as was the tears coming down his face, and the girlish shrieks became banshee wails and strings of curses.


A crash could be heard throughout the streets, surprisingly though the population remained asleep. Dust was coming from a crater from where Jiraiya fell, the sounds of bones crunching emanating from the hole along with groans of pain. Ignoring this Tsunade walks to Naruto who gulped at the sight. Wrapping her arms around the other blonde Tsunade leans to his ears, "I'll be seeing you gaki, don't let this pervert get to you or you'll end up like him, understand?" she says in a sickly sweet voice.

Naruto couldn't help but nod vigorously, although not being drawn to the ways of the pervert while in the company of a SUPER-pervert was a bit tougher than the path to Hokage at the moment. Composing himself for a moment Naruto looks up at Tsunade's worried face.

"Better be ready for me baa-chan, when I return I'll take of your seat of Hokage before you know it!" Naruto gave his foxy grin to Tsunade who smiled in return.

"Alright baka-gaki enough with the goodbyes, let's go!" Jiraiya yelled as he walked out of the crater surprisingly healed and unscathed. Tsunade casts a glare at the sannin that makes him pale once again.

"Jiraiya" Tsunade said in an icy voice, "I warn you just like I did Naruto, turn him into a pervert and I'll ensure that you would never be able reproduce."

Jiraiya was sweating bullets as he felt the temperature in the temperature suddenly drop upon hearing those words. "U-Understood Mune-chan."

The Gama Sennin suddenly grabbed Naruto's right arm and used Shunshin before Tsunade was able to either grab him and tear him apart for his insult or grab him and use him for experimental medical jutsus, either case would've resulted in doom for his reproductive organs.

After two hours of tree hopping they came near the Fire/Wind country border. Jiraiya stops and motions Naruto to a clearing, "We set up camp here, set up the tents while I go for food."

Before Jiraiya could take a step Naruto grabs his right shoulder with a tight grip. "Matte…Ero-sennin…matte."

Seeing the downcast face of the blonde made him worry. "What's wrong Naruto?"

Silence, Naruto stayed there, gripping Jiraiya's shoulder tighter. The sannin wasn't able to comprehend his problem because his face was emotionless and his eyes were covered by his blonde locks.

"Ero-sennin…I want…" his already tight grip became tighter that Jiraiya begun to wince.

"What do you want gaki?" worry and curiosity in the perverts voice. He was met with silence once again but was broken by a gust of wind that blew through the trees as Naruto slowly raises his head to Jiraiya.

"I want…answers." His eyes opened and revealed his two tomoe Sharingan. Jiraiya's eyes widened and his mouth agape. "And I expect it right now." giving a tone of finality.

As Jiraiya looks at Naruto who's Sharingan was blazing, one thought came to the Gama Sennin.

­'Well shit'

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