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Past times won´t die

Chapter one: Uncle Blueberry

A pale eyed woman looked a picture in her hand. There he was. The man tha she had loved with her whole heart. And he had broken her heart. Tears started falling down her cheeks as she thought about him. She wiped them away. She thought she had alredy cried enough. She didn´t want to shed anymore tears because of him. Uchiha Sasuke. They had been dating for over eight months and everything seemed to be just fine. They both loved each other. Or that´s what she thought. It all changed when one day Sasuke came to her, looking cold and distand.


Hinata was reading a book when someone knocked on her door. She was suprised and happy when she saw her boyfriend Sasuke behind the door.

"Sasuke!" She said happily and tried to hug him, but he just pushed her away. Hinata looked at him with a stunned expression.

"Sasuke? What´s wrong?" She whispered and became worried when Sasuke looked at her with lifeless eyes.

"I´m breaking up with you." He said and looked directly in her eyes. Hinata repeated his words in her mind. He was breaking up with her? No. She couldn´t believe what he had just said.

"W-What?" Hinata stuttered. Her whole body was shaking now and she felt tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes.

"You heard me. It´s over." Sasuke said again and he turned away to leave.

"W-Why?" Hinata managed to say. It felt like someone had just slapped her on her face and like a cold hand was squeezing her heart.

"Because I´m in love with someone else." Was all he said before walking away from her, form her life. Tears were now falling freely down her cheeks. She couldn´t understand. They had been happy, right? She buried her face in her hands and started sobbing helplessly.

End of flashback

It had been two weeks and Hinata had been crying almost the whole time. She hoped it would be just a bad dream. But it wasn´t. It was cruel reality. Sasuke had left her because of another woman. She lifted her eyes away from his picture. She should get over him already. He clearly wasn´t worth of her time. But it was so hard to forget. After all, he had been the first man she had ever loved so much.


Sasuke clenched his fist as he looked the moon on the sky. The moon had always reminded him of Hinata. The woman he loved more than anything. He still loved her, even though he had broken up with her. He hated himself because of that. He had hurt her. He knew that. The look on her face when he said those cold words to her. It had ripped his heart in to a small pieces. It took all his willpower not to take her in his arms and apologize for saying such stupid things.

Two weeks. Two fucking weeks without her and Sasuke was already going insane. He needed her more than air.

Sasuke had his reasons why he left her. It was because of his job. Sasuke was a detective and he had put many criminals in jail. He had a lot of enemies. He didn´t want even think about what they could do if they got their hands on Hinata. Sasuke left her because he thought it was the best way to keep her safe. Even though he hated the idea of her being in the arms of another male. But it was okay, as long as Hinata would be happy and safe. She couldn´t be that with him.

Damn it hurt to let her go. Sasuke couldn´t help but let a single tear fall down his cheek. He knew the pain would disappear eventually. Or that´s what he hoped.

Sasuke thought about the words he had said to her.

"Because I´m in love with someone else." Were his last words to her. Like hell he could love someone else like he had loved Hinata. Then why did he say those hurtful words? Why didn´t he tell her the real reason why he left her?

Because she could have made him to change his mind.

Sasuke punched the tree near him.

"I´m such a shit." He whispered to himself.

Did it make any sense? He hurt her because he wanted to protect her? It sounded crazy.

Sasuke frowned when his cell phone rang.

"What now?" He asked with a bored tone.

"Sasuke, come quickly. Uncle Blueberry attacked again. Two bodies were found behind the old garage near the park." Sasuke´s partner, Naruto explained quickly.

"Are you sure it was the Uncle Blueberry?" Sasuke asked.

"Positive. The victims´ mouths were full of blueberries and they didn´t have their eyeballs. And they had several cuts on their body. It´s quite a mess..." It really was Uncle Blueberry. He always put blueberries in his victim´s mouth and he always removed their eyeballs. And the worst part was that he send those eyeballs to someone who was a close relative of the victim. Pretty disgusting.

Uncle Blueberry was the smartest and the most ferocious murderer Sasuke had ever met. Uncle Blueberry always tortured his victims before he slowly killed them. Sasuke had been trying to find him for four months. Many times he had almost caught him, but Uncle Blueberry was always a one step ahead of him.

During those four months, Uncle Blueberry had already killed fifteen persons. Well, now seventeen. And it seemed like he picked his victims randomly.

"I´m coming." Sasuke said and hung up. He didn´t had time to think about his past. He had to find that madman, before he killed more innocent people.

"Just wait, you bastard, I will get you and you´ll get your punsihment."


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