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Past times won´t die

Chapter seven: It can´t be


Hinata had no idea how long she had been sitting there, thinking how bad her situation was. It felt so surreal. She had been living with a murderer, and during that time, she never even thought that Shikamaru would be a murderer. Hinata felt stupid. She had blindly trusted him. No wonder she was in that kind of situation.

Hinata lifted her eyes to look around her apartment. Soon she would leave this place, and probably never come back. She allowed her eyes to wander until she noticed her cell phone on the top of the drawer. Silently she got up and reached for it.

"This might be my chance to call help..." She thought and held her phone tightly. "But he will hear me if I start talking... I´ll send a textmessage to Sasuke..." She decided and looked over her shoulder to the door of her bedroom. She could hear Shikamaru moving inside the room.

Hinata turned her attention back to her cell phone and started writing. She was almost done, when the phone was snatched from her hand. Her eyes widened and slowly she turned around. She gulped nervously as she was now face to face with angry looking Shikamaru.

"You really can´t accept your fate..." He murmured and threw her cell phone to the wall. He grabbed Hinata´s throat and pushed her against the wall.

"I warned you." Shikamaru hissed and pressed his hand harder against Hinata´s throat. She shut her eyes. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. She tried to remove his hand, but he was simply too strong.

"P-Please... l-let g-go..." Hinata whispered and tried to get air to her lungs. Her vision started to blur. Shikamaru threw her on the floor. He was really getting mad now.

"This would have been so much easier if I you didn´t try to struggle so much." He said and walked to his room, coming back soon with a knife.

"I guess I just have to torture you, until you start cooperating with me." He stated and crouched next to Hinata, bringing a cold tip of the knife on her throat. Hinata was frozen in fear as she laid on the cold floor.

"When I killed, I usually finished them of by cutting their throats." Shikamaru whispered and slowly moved the knife to Hinata´s arms. "But before I killed, I always tortured my victims by cutting their arms, legs, everything. It felt so amazing when they looked at me with pure horror in their eyes. That´s why I cut them off and sent them to somebody close to the victim. I wanted them too see the horror in those eyes." He slowly drew the knife across her arm, causing Hinata to scream in pain. Shikamaru put his hand over her mouth.

"Shh, we don´t want to wake up the neighbors now, do we?" He was about to cut her other arm too, but before he was able to do so, the door of Hinata´s apartment flew open. Shikamaru turned around with o shocked look. In the doorway were standing Sasuke, Sakon, Naruto and several other police officers.

"How..." Shikamaru choked out as he was handcuffed by two of the officers. Hinata stared them in relief and started to sob uncontrollaby.

"Nara Shikamaru, you are under arrest because of several murders." Naruto stated with a serious tone and started to drag Shikamaru out of the apartment. Sasuke had rushed to Hinata´s side and was now cradling her in his arms.

"It´s okay now, Hinata... It´s okay..." He whispered to her ear and held her close. Her tears were soaking his shirt, but he didn´t give a shit about that. All that mattered was that the mystery of Uncle Blueberry was finally solved and he wsa holding Hinata in his arms again.

"H-How d-did y-you f-find o-out..?" Hinata said between the sobs.

"I´ll explain everything later. Now we have to get you in to the hospital." Sasuke replied gently and carried Hinata out of the apartment.


Sasuke watched silently as the nurse took care of Hinata´s wounds. He wanted to hit himself. He knew it was his fault that she was hurt. He practically drove Hinata to the arms of a murderer. If Sasuke hadn´t left her, Hinata would have never met Shikamaru, or if she had, Sasuke would have been there to protect her and Shikamaru woudn´t have been able to touch her.

Naruto was right, he indeed was an idiot.

"S-Sasuke?" He heard Hinata say. He turned his eyes to look at her. She looked so exhausted. "Could y-you n-now e-explain h-how d-did you k-know t-to c-come t-to m-my apartment?" Hinata asked quietly and looked on the ground.

"Your neighbor, that Sakon called us." Sasuke said as he stood up and walked to sit next to her. Hinata stared at Sasuke with a surprised look.

"S-Sakon? B-But w-why?"

"He had seen you running away and Shikamaru chasing after you. He also said that he had seen Shikamaru walking home with two eyeballs in a plastic container." Sasuke explained and pulled Hinata to sit on his lap. She gasped in surprise.

"A-Ano S-Sasuke, w-what a-are y-you d-doing?" Hinata asked and tried to get up, but Sasuke held her firmly around her waist. He buried his head to her hair.

"I´m sorry." He said in a husky tone. Hinata blushed furiously.

"D-Don´t b-be, it wasn´t your f-fault..." Sasuke only shook his head.

"No... If I hadn´t left you, you wouldn´t have gotten into a danger.." Sasuke said and inhaled her scent. God he had missed her. Hinata´s face saddened as she heard those words.

"I-It´s... O-Okay... Y-You fell in love with a-another. It w-was only n-normal f-for you t-to leave me..." Sasuke´s head jerked up when she said that. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

"There wasn´t anybody else... I didn´t leave you because of another woman.." Hinata stared at him in shock.

"B-But you said..."

"I lied." Sasuke cut her off. The sad look returned to Hinata´s face, hurting Sasuke´s heart. He hated it when Hinata was sad.

"T-Tell me the truth. W-Why did you leave me?"

"I thought that would have been the best thing. I thought I would endanger your life when you were my girlfriend." Hinata looked at him with a confused expression.

"W-Why did you think that?" Sasuke sighed and rested his head against her shoulder.

"You know I have caught many criminals and because of that I have many enemies. I though that someday they might use you against me. I didn´t want you to get hurt because of me." Sasuke started. "Leaving you was the hardest and stupidest decision in my whole life. I never stopped loving you." Sasuke moved his head again to look at her.

"I still love you, Hinata. Could we... try to be a couple again?" Sasuke asked, hoping that she would say yes. To his horror Hinata turned her head away from him.

"She is going to say no... I´m going to lose her for good..."

"W-When y-you said y-you were in love with another... I-It.. hurt. I thought I wasn´t good enough for you..." Hinata whisered quietly, still not looking at Sasuke. Again he felt like slapping himself. He opened his mouth to say something, but Hinata continued talking.

"I-I l-love you too Sasuke, b-but w-what if someday you really fall in l-love with another woman? I d-don´t think I could handle t-that pain again..." Sasuke felt something wet drop on his hand. Hinata was crying.

"Oh, Hinata, I would never leave you for another woman. Please forgive me for lying to you. You have no idea how much it hurt to say that to you and watch how I broke your heart." Sauske said and buried his head again to her hair.

"I f-forgive to you... A-And I t-think w-we could try to be a c-couple again..." She said and looked a t Sasuke with a small smile. Sasuke´s eyes lit up, and he pulled Hinata in to a passionate kiss.

"I´m never going to leave you again..." He whispered and hugged her tightly against his chest.


After a few months, Sasuke moved to live with Hinata. Shikamaru was in jail and life was getting back to normal again.


Hinata was alone in their apartment. Sasuke had gone to work for a couple of hours and would be back soon. Hinata had just finished reading her book when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Hinata answered and placed the book back to the bookshelf.

"Well well. How are you?" Asked a deep male´s voice from the other end. Hinata didn´t recognize the voice.

"A-Ano, who is this?" She asked politely.

"Who do you think this is?" Asked the voice. Hinata frowned.

"C-Could you just tell me who you are?"

"You know very well who I am." The voice replied. "You almost got away from me, didn´t you?" Hinata´s eyes widened and she almost dropped the phone.

"Oh m-my God... Y-You can´t be..!" She whispered and the man on the other end laughed cruelly.

"Yes yes, my love. It´s me..."


AN: Yeah, this is where the story ends. I told you the ending would be fucked up. When I first started writing this, I knew I would end it like this. I actually got inspired by one of the songs of Sonata Arctica. Well, thanks for the readers, and thanks for those who reviewed!