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Summary: There's a part of his story that most people forgot. A young girl named Dianna. She was the only one who understood him. His little sister.

This is her story.

A/N Mostly based on the movie. However, the things that aren't in the movie will probably be from a book I read. It was a children's version of the book... (kind of sad, but I haven't found the Leroux version yet). Anyway... I seriously hope this fic is better than the summary. 'Cuz that was bad. Anyway, I'm going to change some things.


I hate him. After everything, he just went off and left me. Now I'm stuck with them. Half of them pity me. They keep talking about how horrible it must have been, what a poor child I am. Am I alright? Did he do anything to me? That's okay, I'm safe now, poor dear. Ha. They don't know a thing about me. Or him.

The rest think I'm going to go berserk and kill everyone in sight. They think I'm going to end up just how they think he was. Oh, and I suppose they just assumed that Bouqet is dead? Did they check for a pulse, or did they just bury him? What about Piangi? I know he wasn't a killer, I just know it... Raoul's the worst. I think he'd like nothing better than to just kill me where I stand. Yes, no one who knew him can survive. Except Christine, of course.

Christine avoids me at all costs. If she sees me, she runs. I know why, too. She knew him more than the rest. She saw glimpses of the person I knew, and she knows what was taken from me. And I know she's the one responsible for it. I don;t know what I'd say to her if she took the time to talk to me, but I know it wouldn't be pleasant. Everything was fine until Christine came along. Then thing started to get mixed up. I guess it's partially his fault. But if she hadn't done things the way she did, none of this would've happened...

You're probably confused, aren't you? Well, I knew Erik. The phantom. People were always afraid of him for some reason, but I never was. I knew him since I was small, and I could see past his face. It's hard to imagine that people were afraid of him just for that, in the beginning at least. Life didn't treat him as nicely as it did me. I guess that's how he ended up here, as a ghost of the Opera Populaire.

The owners were afraid of him, because he could do magic. He made it seem like he really was a ghost, and when someone didn't do as he asked, he made sure that they were sorry. Some people were hurt, I suppose. But what else was he supposed to do? No one outside excepted him, so he had to find his own way to live.

Then he met Christine. I guess he loved her, but she didn't really love him back. Sometimes she did, but she loved Raoul more. It really tore him apart, and he left... but you knew that part of the story, didn't you? No one bothers to include me, though. Here's my role in this play.

He's not as heartless as he seems, you know.

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